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  1. [emoji1787] You know some folks who would? So like your buddies that talk about how much $ they'd need/want to "slob a knob," weird. But yes I agree that all you mention is bad juju. If that's what you're saying.
  2. Good for you to give him a different perspective than the marketing he's bombarded with. Plus it's just a better shave, WAY less expensive, and doesn't take too much additional time.
  3. Well, your world. Good to know there are perfect people out there like you, sure you must be proud.
  4. I hear FY17 take rate is under 40%. Can anyone confirm?
  5. So Chick-fil-A must love fags!
  6. Perfect opportunity to cash out with a 26% drop today. http://investorplace.com/2017/06/rite-aid-corporation-rad-stock-screwed/
  7. Because he claims to be staying. I could give two shits about the overall take rate. They'll likely nudge up and the Fingers' of the AF will pat themselves on the back while the rest of us just shake our heads.
  8. Well shit, that sucks for the rest of us still on AD.
  9. God ing dammit I'm getting sick of these douchey Chang-like trolls on this forum!
  10. So they would crash slightly less often with passengers on board? Keep dreaming, but it's never gonna happen in our lifetimes.
  11. You should change the 8-1 indices to TEXAN and the 2 to II in order to fully complete the theme.
  12. No, no, no, no, no, please God never.
  13. Both of those statements are bullshit. Someone's going to get shitfaced on a mission? Think about a professional athelete who does something stupid in his/her off-time. They usually get a fine or suspension but their ability or judgment on the field or court or whatever isn't called into question. And the whole team doesn't have to wear diapers.
  14. You bet I have, and many times I've busted out the crayons. But the times when I've been told to do things to or directly affecting my subordinates I draw the line. That's my decision, and if my boss (or boss's boss, etc) disagrees with my choice then they can have me replaced. Yet to happen, but maybe it would if I were in PJs shoes.
  15. I completely disagree, in fact it shows a lack of leadership and courage if he didn't have the will to push back to "someone on high." Instead he's made it clear to ALL his people that he doesn't trust them to be responsible. Not something that subordinates respect or make them want to follow.
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