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  1. A new Nuke deal to replace the JCPOA, that we shit-canned, might do the trick/stop the pain? We could call this new Nuke deal the U-MOPPOA (Unilateral-Massive Ordnance Penetrator Plan Of Action). Heck, i'll bet we could even get the Senate to ratify this Nuke Deal:<) The trigger for the U-MOPPOA to go into the hot/ship-it mode TBD?
  2. IMHO, for now everyone should take a chill pill because there's way to many villains/groups that could've potentially pulled off these attacks (with Iranians at the top of the list), for a wide variety of stupid reasons. Hopefully our leadership will wait until solid evidence is collected/analyzed/double-triple checked/etc - before we start another war. Note; In my career I was personally involved (hands on/did the demo work/etc) with boarding/sinking/recovering a number of ships/vessels. These vessels/ships ranged in size from a 100 ft Korean Junk/Ghost Vessel (blasted this one to pieces in the Yellow Sea) to ships over 400ft. For now (just for fun), I'm going to blame these Limpet Mine attacks on some off-the-wall "AOC Inspired" - Green New Deal/Global Warming Activist Group (they don't like oil/tankers/etc), at least until we get some of that "Solid Evidence":<) The only 4 recorded/verified Limpet Mine attacks/campaigns over the past 40 years or so were actually carried out by France, Activist Groups, or Tamil Sea Tigers, and Israel. See below; - Group 1; French intel folks sunk the Raindow Warrior with 2 Limpet Mines. - Group 2; Activist Group/s sunk half the Spanish Whaling fleet in only six months using Limpet Mines. - Group 3; Tamil Sea Tiger Divers sunk the Sri Lankan Navy M/V Invincible logistics ship (loaded with munitions) with a single Limpet Mine. - Group 4; Israel sunk the 389 foot PLO ship called the Sol Phryne in 1988 with a Limpet Mine. Also, they're the only country in the middle-east AO that has a loooong history of using Limpet Mines to sink numerous commercial/military - ships/vessels belonging to the PLO, Egypt, etc.
  3. I figure we have 6 plus more years of this stuff (based on the 1980's - Tanker War Model) before POTUS takes action against Iran:<) Just a few tidbits on the Tanker War. Here's a short rundown on the yearly total attacks against commercial shipping transiting the Persian Gulf AO before President Reagan finally took action; Notes; this list includes 72 NATO member countries commercial ships hit/attacked (including a few US Commercial ships) and 81 other commercial ships hit/attacked belonging to countries the USA has mutual defense treaties with. 1. 1981; 5 ships hit/attacked; President Reagan starts his first term; 2. 1982; 22 ships hit/attacked; 3. 1983; 16 ships hit/attacked; 4. 1984; 71 ships hit/attacked; 5. 1985; 47 ships hit/attacked; President Reagan starts his second term as POTUS; 6. 1986; 111 ships hit/attacked; 7, 1987; 179 ships hit/attacked; 24 July 1987 Operation Earnest Will starts and President Reagan finally starts taking action against Iran, 2 1/2 years into his second term.
  4. Ellen M. Lord = Senate confirmed position. I'm not sure if the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment is one of them SES positions? The weasel(s) that ratted out this Distinguished General probably are some of them SESes (Turds/Idiots) that are worthy of being yelled at and kicked to the curb for these minor league - BS accusations. https://dod.defense.gov/About/Biographies/Biography-View/Article/1281505/ellen-m-lord/
  5. The Air Force's highest-ranking woman fighter pilot has been fired from running the office that oversees top secret programs: https://www.businessinsider.com/dawn-dunlop-air-force-woman-fighter-pilot-fired-secret-office-2019-6
  6. FYI; Mueller will be speaking live today at 11:00 AM ET.
  7. VIDEO: F-16 goes down moments before it crashes into building | ABC7
  8. Or replace/swap-out those "fictitious:<)" assets? IMHO, when it comes to B-XX mod 3/4 (12?) assets, that are covered under the US (NATO) Nuke Sharing Arrangements - Turkey currently rates no higher then a stash of BDU-38's (A.K.A B-61 Reusable - Practice Bomb's).
  9. Another one bites the dust (related to the recent urinating incident/firings) ; https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/04/13/california-air-national-guard-removes-commander-over-threats-against-whistleblowers.html
  10. This sounds like a "possible" case of the F-16 running into a ricocheted projectile (20mm round) during a typical air to ground strafing run on one of their local training ranges/targets? Low level - strafing/rocket attacks/bomb drops/etc can be risky business.
  11. IMHO, AOC does have one redeeming quality "She has nice (.) (.)" - Check. I'm still trying to determine the exact make/model AOC is "STACKED" with - "(o)(o) or { O }{ O } or (Q)(Q) or ( - )( - ) or ( o Y o ), - etc/TBD: Eventually, I foresee and epic catfight developing between AOC A.K.A. (o) (o) and Nancy A.K.A \o/\o/ (Grandma Tatas) - for control of the Democrats agenda.
  12. Here's a couple things to check that may give you some legal leverage on the property (your house splitting negotiations/Florida AO); Check your Florida - County Property Appraiser website and see "owner information (Grantee/Deed info)". If you are listed as the sole owner - you have a chance/if the house is listed in both your names - you're toast. Same goes for who's name is on the mortgage/loan documents and did all the funds used to purchase the house come from your personal account or a joint account. FYI, For folks just getting married (newlyweds/particularly military members) - a good realtor "hopefully" will give the purchaser (GI) of a new house a wink wink nod nod on this subject and steer you in the right direction. I got divorced in Florida (Okaloosa County), I had a great realtor (friend) that provided this savvy advice when I purchased our house, and when the smoke cleared I got 100% ownership of the home and the X didn't get a penny (note; no kids were involved).
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