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  1. Another one bites the dust (related to the recent urinating incident/firings) ; https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/04/13/california-air-national-guard-removes-commander-over-threats-against-whistleblowers.html
  2. This sounds like a "possible" case of the F-16 running into a ricocheted projectile (20mm round) during a typical air to ground strafing run on one of their local training ranges/targets? Low level - strafing/rocket attacks/bomb drops/etc can be risky business.
  3. IMHO, AOC does have one redeeming quality "She has nice (.) (.)" - Check. I'm still trying to determine the exact make/model AOC is "STACKED" with - "(o)(o) or { O }{ O } or (Q)(Q) or ( - )( - ) or ( o Y o ), - etc/TBD: Eventually, I foresee and epic catfight developing between AOC A.K.A. (o) (o) and Nancy A.K.A \o/\o/ (Grandma Tatas) - for control of the Democrats agenda.
  4. Here's a couple things to check that may give you some legal leverage on the property (your house splitting negotiations/Florida AO); Check your Florida - County Property Appraiser website and see "owner information (Grantee/Deed info)". If you are listed as the sole owner - you have a chance/if the house is listed in both your names - you're toast. Same goes for who's name is on the mortgage/loan documents and did all the funds used to purchase the house come from your personal account or a joint account. FYI, For folks just getting married (newlyweds/particularly military members) - a good realtor "hopefully" will give the purchaser (GI) of a new house a wink wink nod nod on this subject and steer you in the right direction. I got divorced in Florida (Okaloosa County), I had a great realtor (friend) that provided this savvy advice when I purchased our house, and when the smoke cleared I got 100% ownership of the home and the X didn't get a penny (note; no kids were involved).
  5. Here's the latest info (IAF MIG-21 pilots version of events/Source - RT/grain of salt - caution applicable). Splits & barrel rolls: Media lays out minute-by-minute account of India & Pakistan’s aerial dogfight; https://www.rt.com/news/452973-india-pakistan-dogfight-report/
  6. If the info below is true, the PAF F-16 pilot was also a "Wing Commander" (0-5/RAF Rank Structure in the PAF ). Pilot of downed Pakistan Air Force F-16 Shahaz-ud-Din mistaken for Indian airman, lynched by mob; https://www.firstpost.com/india/pilot-of-downed-pakistan-air-force-f-16-shahaz-ud-din-lynched-by-nowshera-mob-that-mistook-him-for-indian-airman-6180091.html
  7. It's possible that the F-16 crash site is on Paki controlled turf and some of the AIM-120 missile debris landed on India controlled turf (That's if a PAF F-16 was actually shot down by a IAF MIG-21, "I have my doubts"). Also, there very well could've been numerous AIM-120 missiles fired in this little fight (TBD). This engagement happened near the Line of Control (on both sides of the LoC) that separates Paki controlled Kashmir (Azad Kashmir) from India controlled Kashmir (Jammu Kashmir). The IAF MIG-21 was shot down (ground air defense weapons or air-to-air weapons, TBD) on the Paki side of the LoC, the pilot (IAF Wing Commander) ejected over Paki controlled territory and is currently a POW.
  8. The rumor is one IAF MIG-21 was shot down and one PAF F-16 was shot down in this little air-to-air engagement? F-16 Was Used By Pakistan, IAF Displays AMRAAM Missile Part As Proof; All About The Evidence Presented by India (See Photos And Video): https://www.latestly.com/india/news/f-16-was-used-by-pakistan-iaf-displays-missile-part-as-proof-all-about-the-evidence-presented-by-india-see-photos-and-video-669605.html
  9. Here's my go to liberal source on US/Mexico border issues/immigration/abortion/socialism/taxes/etc;
  10. Yep. Excerpt; "On Jan. 29, 2019, Gen. Mike Holmes, commander of Air Combat Command, certified the new F-16 Viper Demonstration Team pilot and commander ahead of the 2019 season, at Joint Base Langley-Eustis. The final certification by the ACC Commander follows extensive training including four certifications, off-station training flights and more than 30 practice missions".
  11. https://www.facebook.com/ViperDemoTeam/ https://www.shaw.af.mil/Viper-Demo-Team/
  12. Sadly this is nothing new and hopefully the USSTRATCOM CC doesn't get shit-canned over this. I remember when USAF Chief of Staff General Dugan was fired in 1990 for what I considered an appropriate level of "smack talk". General Dugan got fired for stating the following/excerpt; "He stated that the U.S. military had plans to bomb Baghdad relentlessly and "decapitate" the Iraqi leadership by targeting Hussein personally, along with his family, his senior commanders, his palace guard and even his mistress."
  13. I would think we would be getting good at this abandoning the Kurds and withdrawing US forces from Kurdish turf by now but I have my doubts we have learned any lessons. The last time we did this "Emergency Evacuation" stuff in a Kurdish AO was circa 1996 in Iraqi Kurdistan and it was a complete cluster f#*k. Here's the Situation we faced in 1996 (my memory is a bit foggy but this is some of the stuff I remember from this fiasco); During the Iraq Kurdish Civil War (1994-1997) we had - the Peshmerga slaughtering Peshmerga, the Turk military/Kurds/Iranians/Saddam's legions all backing different Kurd factions/tribes that were slaughtering each other. The US Military was entangled (not by choice) with the Turk/Saddam backed KDP forces, the CIA (by choice IMHO) was supporting the Iranian backed PUK/PKK, and the State Department was stuck in the middle . Basically the situation in Northern Iraq was a complete mess. In late 1996 we finally said "Uncle", pulled the plug, and conducted an "Emergency Evacuation" of all our Forces/CIA/Diplomatic Personnel in Northern Iraq and the "Emergency Evacuation" of thousands of loyal Kurdish forces/key Kurdish leadership and their family members (Ref; Operation Pacific Haven/Operation Quick Transit I, II, III). I would recommend the following actions/preparations in the event something like a very short notice "emergency evacuation/get out of dodge order" is given to all our folk in Syria Rojava (Syria Kurdistan). Hopefully, this round, we don't make the same stupid mistakes we made in 1996; Develop an actual OPLAN, prep/train our forces on the ground in Syria, and this time give our troops a wee bit of heads-up before the "bug out" order is given so stuff like this doesn't happen again; Excerpt (1996); "What the Americans left behind when they pulled out of the Military Coordinating Center in the frontier town of Zakho is instructive--and sad. The detritus of international altruism gone awry included weapons, computers, a radio still turned on, HumVee all-terrain vehicles, a larger number of ordinary cars, maps, diverse sensitive documents and a small library of spy thriller novels." Dust off/update/Prep/train/review lessons learned/etc from Operation Pacific Haven/Operation Quick Transit I, II, III. Also prep Incirlik AB and Anderson AFB for a heavy influx of thousands of Kurd refugees/asylum seekers. Also, prep Little Kurdistan USA (Nashville) for this new/latest batch (Round 4) of potentially thousands of Kurdish refugees/asylum seekers (this should be the easiest task since Little Kurdistan USA has gotten pretty good at this stuff). etc, etc.
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