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  1. http://code7700.com/1979_fix-to-fix.htm
  2. "Satellite images of bases in Iraq before and after Iranian missile attack": Click on white circle in center of image/move mouse left or right, etc. https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/2020/01/08/see-satellite-images-of-iraq-bases-before-and-after-iranian-missile-attack/2848890001/
  3. "#Breaking First footage of the Ukrainian airplane while on fire falling near #Tehran"
  4. This stampede stuff is normal pregame prep for the Hajj. IMHO, Iran will field a team that's going to be hard to outdo during the upcoming 2020 Hajj - main stampede event A.K.A. "The Stoning of the Devil".
  5. This Fed Repo and Reverse Repo stuff is way to complicated for my pay grade (old ass) but it seems that all the Fed Repo Operations crashed at the beginning of the 2008 financial crisis (Sept 2008). - Some history (2001 until the crash in 2008); Fed Admits Failure of ‘Plan A’ to Control Money Market Rates, Shifts Back to Repos (which was ‘Plan A’ till 2008); https://wolfstreet.com/2019/09/20/fed-admits-plan-a-of-controlling-money-market-rates-fails-shifts-to-plan-b-repos-which-was-plan-a-till-2008/ - Repo and Reverse Repo Agreements; https://www.newyorkfed.org/markets/domestic-market-operations/monetary-policy-implementation/repo-reverse-repo-agreements
  6. Here's an old/odd tidbit; In the aftermath of the attacks on 9/11 "documents/records searched - indicated three of the hijackers "falsely" had the addresses on their driver’s licenses listed as being at NAS Pensacola, Radford Boulevard (this is the road where foreign-military trainees are billeted)."
  7. "Fired Air Force Academy Commandant Plans to File Complaint:" "The former commandant of cadets at the Air Force Academy intends to file an Article 138 redress of wrongs complaint under the Uniform Code of Military Justice in coming weeks to remedy her removal from the position, according to her lawyer." "The IG noted that between June 2017 and November 2018, six out of 19 trips that Goodwin took had instances of improper use of taxpayer dollars while renting cars or booking airfare, and included layovers or stops to conduct personal business during official work trips. The unnecessary expenses totaled $5,367, according to the IG. Youngner said Goodwin has since reimbursed the government, and said it was up to her staff -- "who let her down" -- to make wise financial choices, including travel." https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/12/04/fired-air-force-academy-commandant-plans-file-complaint.html
  8. Same here; On a return trip from a deployment we got dropped off/stuck at Dover AFB. There were 4 enlisted troops that didn't have a GTC so I put all 4 (5 including mine) of their commercial airline tickets on my GTC. Dover transportation gave all of us a lift to the Philadelphia Airport free of charge and everyone made it back to their home station with no other issues. I explained this to my local finance boss, submitted my travel voucher, and everything was paid with zero problems.
  9. Whoever came up with this idea will probably be getting a huge Christmas bonus. https://triblive.com/lifestyles/food-drink/pbr-offering-epic-99-pack-of-beer/ "The limited edition family pack was being sold by a Minnesota distributor for $59.99 and they couldn’t keep it in stock. It’s available in 15 states, including Pennsylvania, in limited quantities. The PBR rep could not provide specific locations for where the 99 pack is sold in the state.
  10. "Praying for him and his family" Here's some info from Friday - via my local grapevine/I live in Mary Esther (take with a serious grain of salt but it does sound plausible): "His emergency parachute somehow accidentally deployed while he was standing near the aircraft ramp. He was then pulled out of the plane and possibly injured in the process. After he landed in the water he was seen alive and looked to be treading water. They are trained to immediately remove their gear so not to impede swimming or treading water. His gear was recovered by search teams, but he has not been found. He has 2 children."
  11. Update on this particular piece of the U.S. Withdraw From Syria Policy/Puzzle (When/Status = TBD); IMHO, we will probably not use Incirlik or Guam this round. Most likely these Kurd refugees will fly directly from Iraqi Kurdistan to the USA and I wouldn't be surprised if Erbil is used as the main airport hub for the movement of these folks. "Bill introduced to give special immigrant visas to Kurds who helped US in Syria:" https://thehill.com/policy/defense/468046-dem-introduces-bipartisan-bill-to-give-kurds-who-helped-us-in-syria-special "A Democratic congressman, with support from a bipartisan group of co-sponsors, has introduced a bill to provide special immigrant visas to Syrian Kurds who partnered with the United States in the fight against ISIS." "The bill would give special immigrant status to Kurds and other Syrians who partnered with the U.S. government in Syria, as well as their spouses and children. It would authorize 4,000 special immigrant visas for qualifying Syrians per year."
  12. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Killed or Captured in US Raid in Syria/Northwestern Idlib Province (Take with a grain of salt);
  13. "Groundhog Day" and I have absolutely no clue what the answer is to this Turk/Kurd dilemma. Turks invading Kurdish Turf (Syria/Iraq)/US Caught in the Middle/Permanent Turkish Bases on Kurdish Turf (Syria- see west of the Euphrates River/Iraqi Kurdistan to many to count)/Safe Zones/Safe Corridors/ etc, etc - has been going on for decades. I imagine this is what Northeast Syria will look like in a few years (some of these Turkish bases have been in Iraqi Kurdistan for decades); https://iraq.liveuamap.com/en/2018/13-february-there-are-14-turkish-military-bases-and-4-turkish Short history on some of this crap; Here's a few examples of the large scale operations/invasions the Turks have conducted in Iraq and Syria since 1991 (Note; there's to many small Turkish operations/incursions/etc to count, basically they have been ongoing almost continuously since 1984); 1. Operation "Shit" Sandwich; 1992/US Forces were on the ground in Iraqi Kurdistan. https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1992-11-09-mn-162-story.html 2. Operation Steel; 1995/US Forces were on the ground in Iraqi Kurdistan. 35,000 Turkish troops invaded Northern Iraq. 3. Operation Hammer; 1997/No US Forces were on the ground because Clinton pulled US Forces out of Iraqi Kurdistan in 1996 (Note; this was the largest Turkish invasion of Iraqi turf since the Ottoman Turks invaded Iraq in 1533); Up to 50,000 Turkish Forces invaded Northern Iraq. 4. Operation Dawn; 1997/No US Forces on the ground; 15,000 Turkish Forces invaded Northern Iraq. 5. Operation Sun; 2007/8 - US Forces on the ground in Northern Iraq; Lots of Turkish airstrikes against Kurdish targets in Northern Iraq followed by lots more airstrike in 2008 and a Cross-Border invasion by 10,000 Turkish Armed Forces into Northern Iraq. 6. 2011; US Forces were still in Northern Iraq at this time but preparing to withdraw; Lots of Turkish airstrikes against Kurdish targets in Northern Iraq. The first six days of air raids, the Turkish Air Force attacked 132 PKK targets in northern Iraq which hit 73 shelters, eight stores and nine anti-aircraft positions. In addition to the 132 PKK locations targeted by the Turkish Air Force, 349 targets in Qandil, Hakurk, Avasin-Basyan, Zap and Metina regions were destroyed by artillery fire. 7. Operation Claw; Started on 28 May 2019 and it's still ongoing today and yes we have US Forces on the ground. 8. Turkish Operations/Invasions in Northern Syria (you can look them up and yes US Forces have been on the ground in Northern Syria during all these Turkish invasions); Operation Euphrates Shield (2016/2017), Operation Olive Branch (2018), and now (today/2019) Operation Peace Spring.
  14. The Kurds are actually finally getting their act together. Heck, in 2015 they actually set a record when they had more Pesh killed fighting ISIS then Kurdish women terminated via honor killing. Also, they're working on getting their FGM stats down but sadly they're still the top dog in the AO when it comes to permanently modifying vaginas. " Honor Killings in Iraqi Kurdistan; 2008 the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) stated that honor killings are a serious concern in Iraq, particularly in Iraqi Kurdistan. The Free Women's Organization of Kurdistan (FWOK) released a statement on International Women's Day 2015 noting that 6,082 women were killed (victims of honor killings or enforced suicide – mostly self-immolation or hanging) during the past year in Iraqi Kurdistan, which is almost equal to the number of the Peshmerga martyred fighting Islamic State (IS)."
  15. Air Force Concludes Investigation into Aircrew Trump Resort Stays; ""The [investigation] will show that the policies or procedures we had in place for both using civil airfields and lodging, and the crews [decisions] aligned with [current] policy," Gen. Maryanne Miller, head of Air Mobility Command, told Military.com Wednesday." "Miller continued, "There was no violation of anything. There was nothing that was out of alignment with all of that; and we even looked at the perception side of things, and the crews just did exactly what they were supposed to do." "If you look at Prestwick and you look at the rules for lodging that our crews abide by, 77% of the crews stayed right around there," Miller said during an interview here. The Air Force reviewed records and travel vouchers between 2015 and 2019. Another 17% stayed near Glasgow, about 30 miles away; and 6% of other crews stayed at the Trump Turnberry Luxury Collection Resort, roughly 20 miles away, she said." https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/10/10/air-force-concludes-investigation-aircrew-trump-resort-stays.html
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