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  1. waveshaper

    STRATCOM Has a Sense of Humor, but No Balls

    Sadly this is nothing new and hopefully the USSTRATCOM CC doesn't get shit-canned over this. I remember when USAF Chief of Staff General Dugan was fired in 1990 for what I considered an appropriate level of "smack talk". General Dugan got fired for stating the following/excerpt; "He stated that the U.S. military had plans to bomb Baghdad relentlessly and "decapitate" the Iraqi leadership by targeting Hussein personally, along with his family, his senior commanders, his palace guard and even his mistress."
  2. waveshaper

    The Next President is...

    I would think we would be getting good at this abandoning the Kurds and withdrawing US forces from Kurdish turf by now but I have my doubts we have learned any lessons. The last time we did this "Emergency Evacuation" stuff in a Kurdish AO was circa 1996 in Iraqi Kurdistan and it was a complete cluster f#*k. Here's the Situation we faced in 1996 (my memory is a bit foggy but this is some of the stuff I remember from this fiasco); During the Iraq Kurdish Civil War (1994-1997) we had - the Peshmerga slaughtering Peshmerga, the Turk military/Kurds/Iranians/Saddam's legions all backing different Kurd factions/tribes that were slaughtering each other. The US Military was entangled (not by choice) with the Turk/Saddam backed KDP forces, the CIA (by choice IMHO) was supporting the Iranian backed PUK/PKK, and the State Department was stuck in the middle . Basically the situation in Northern Iraq was a complete mess. In late 1996 we finally said "Uncle", pulled the plug, and conducted an "Emergency Evacuation" of all our Forces/CIA/Diplomatic Personnel in Northern Iraq and the "Emergency Evacuation" of thousands of loyal Kurdish forces/key Kurdish leadership and their family members (Ref; Operation Pacific Haven/Operation Quick Transit I, II, III). I would recommend the following actions/preparations in the event something like a very short notice "emergency evacuation/get out of dodge order" is given to all our folk in Syria Rojava (Syria Kurdistan). Hopefully, this round, we don't make the same stupid mistakes we made in 1996; Develop an actual OPLAN, prep/train our forces on the ground in Syria, and this time give our troops a wee bit of heads-up before the "bug out" order is given so stuff like this doesn't happen again; Excerpt (1996); "What the Americans left behind when they pulled out of the Military Coordinating Center in the frontier town of Zakho is instructive--and sad. The detritus of international altruism gone awry included weapons, computers, a radio still turned on, HumVee all-terrain vehicles, a larger number of ordinary cars, maps, diverse sensitive documents and a small library of spy thriller novels." Dust off/update/Prep/train/review lessons learned/etc from Operation Pacific Haven/Operation Quick Transit I, II, III. Also prep Incirlik AB and Anderson AFB for a heavy influx of thousands of Kurd refugees/asylum seekers. Also, prep Little Kurdistan USA (Nashville) for this new/latest batch (Round 4) of potentially thousands of Kurdish refugees/asylum seekers (this should be the easiest task since Little Kurdistan USA has gotten pretty good at this stuff). etc, etc.
  3. waveshaper

    The Next President is...

    SecDef Mattis is taking the easy way out. It sure sounds like he might have plagiarized SecDef Hagel's 2014 resignation letter:<)
  4. waveshaper


    SBP is one benefit that's time sensitive and can be somewhat complicated; https://www.dfas.mil/retiredmilitary/provide/sbp.html https://www.dfas.mil/retiredmilitary/provide/sbp/change.html
  5. waveshaper

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Yep, it appears he was only the Deputy Commander of this crew. The actual Commander is the Pimp on the far left. Newson was among eight people arrested in three hours at the Radisson Hotel on Parkway Place in Marietta. (Booking photos via WSB-TV) Seven of the eight arrested were pimps and prostitutes, according to police.
  6. waveshaper

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    No male Airman Authorized/Eunuchs only - seems to be the direction the USAF is heading. If you can't pass this test "punch now".
  7. waveshaper

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Some updated CDI info on this "phenomenon [redacted] of drawing d---s everywhere," :<) "'D---s Everywhere': B-52 Squadron Known for Lewd Drawings on Deployment: Air Force" https://www.military.com/daily-news/2018/11/30/d-s-everywhere-b-52-squadron-known-lewd-drawings-deployment-air-force.html
  8. waveshaper

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    DoD would need to cleanse tons of current usage and past history to eliminate the number 69 and Phallic Symbols from the books. IMHO, 69% or more of the ordnance items we store, load, fly, drop everyday "in my perverted/simple mind" look like a penis and function like a penis. The US military (this goes for the rest of the world also) commonly utilizes #69 to ID these penis shaped ordnance items including; bombs, projectiles, rockets, nukes, etc. There are also a few other #69 designated items (components/equipment/etc) the US military has developed that are suitable for use in the traditional #69 sexual mode of operation like "the M-69 Vietnam era flak jacket with a M-69 gas mask (PRC gets credit for this item)". Here's just a few examples of ordnance/other stuff identified by #69 and there's tons more:<) GBU-69/B Small Glide Munition; The newest GBU in the USAF arsenal. M-69 Mortar W-69 Nuke Warhead which was the physics package contained in the AGM-69 SRAM (retired in 1993). The AGM-69 SRAM was carried by the B-52. If the USAF was still using the AGM-69 with W-69 Nuke Warhead - they'd be used as one of the primary nuke ordnance loads for the B-52's of the 69th Bomb Squadron. The PC crowd would have a fit with this type of Triple 69 (69/69/69) sexual/nuke/Phallic Symbolism. Today, I have no doubt, that this Triple 69 formation would be the first item on the chopping block at the upcoming New START negotiations. M-69 Incendiary Bomblet "Which Spewed Burning Gelatinized Gasoline That Stuck to its Targets"; General Lemay would be canned today for employing this Phallic Shaped/designated #69 weapon with such sexually explicit effects. I'll close with this tune that will eventually be banned from all US military installations due to its sexual genesis (although it would make a good theme song for units designated with #69); ""Summer of '69" and its lyrical meaning. Adams said the song was about sex and making love in the summertime. "69" is a reference to the sexual position, 69". https://youtu.be/9f06QZCVUHg?t=2
  9. waveshaper

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    There's a wee bit of good news about this precision strike mission "there were no civilian casualties". At this point, I would think that someone in leadership would order-up, a target specific, Battle/Bomb Damage Assessment. I would recommend that a team of gynaecologist be assigned this messy task. I would also advise the "target" to get a lawyer and take the 5th.
  10. waveshaper

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    What type ordnance was used on this mission? I imagine he was carrying a few of them brand "Spanking" new GBU-69 Lubricated Muffin Penetrators designed specifically for BC type missions. Hopefully the fuzing was set properly and functioned in the long-delay mode, generating some muffin induced tremors/a smoking hole. I would consider this mission a failure if the fuzing functioned in the instantaneous mode or worse yet - the premature mode or was a dud .
  11. waveshaper

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    When Booty Calls: Air Guard Commander Allegedly Used an F-16 for Romantic Getaway; https://www.military.com/daily-news/2018/11/28/when-booty-calls-air-guard-commander-allegedly-used-f-16-romantic-getaway.html How many operational "Booty Call" missions does it take before you're eligible for - one each - Air Medal? What's the criteria - Heroic or meritorious achievement and what type of device - V, BC, ?
  12. waveshaper

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    How many aircraft has the USAF lost to ground attack since the Vietnam War? A look back at ground attacks on USAF Air Bases, Aircraft Destroyed/Damaged, Casualties, and Evolution of USAF Air Base Defense during the Vietnam War (1964-1973). - Total Attacks; 475. - Aircraft Destroyed/Damaged; US Aircraft Destroyed 75/US Aircraft Damaged 898 and RVN Aircraft Destroyed 25/RVN Aircraft Damaged 305. - Casualties; US Casualties KIA-155/WIA-1702 and RVN Casualties KIA-154/WIA 504. - Data from 10 USAF Air Bases; Bien Hoa (BH); Binh Thny (BT); Cam Ranh Bay (CBR): Da Nang (DN); Nha Trang (NT); Phan Rang (PR); Phu Cat (PC); Pleiku (PK); Tuy Hoa (TH); Tan Son Nhut (TSN). - Type of attacks: Standoff (m); Sapper (SAP); Standoff and Sapper Multi- Battalion (MBN); Sabotage (SAB); Automatic Weapons (AWP). https://media.defense.gov/2010/Sep/21/2001330253/-1/-1/0/AFD-100921-023.pdf
  13. waveshaper

    Russian Dry Dock Sinks

    This seems to be typical stuff that happens in the world of dry-docks. Heck, in the last few months/years we had the same thing happen a few times, including; dry-docks sinking, cutting big holes in the hull/flooding/damaging new U.S. Navy ships, etc. It normally takes the U.S. about 3 months to refloat a sunk/damaged dry-dock, I wouldn't be surprised if it takes the Russians longer to refloat their junk. .
  14. waveshaper

    The Next President is...

    Putting sticker all over a POV or up-armoring a POV or other crazy mods to a POV, etc - typically is a sign of a total nut job;
  15. waveshaper

    The Next President is...

    Just a wild, wild, guess on my part. Heck, it's hard to predict what President Trump will do in the next 24 hours. That being said, I've always believed the first female President would be a Republican and for me, Nikki fits the bill perfectly. I would advise the progressives to start stocking up on the these items now, because if Nikki or another Republican female wins in 2020 they will be flying off the shelves;