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  1. waveshaper

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    How many aircraft has the USAF lost to ground attack since the Vietnam War? A look back at ground attacks on USAF Air Bases, Aircraft Destroyed/Damaged, Casualties, and Evolution of USAF Air Base Defense during the Vietnam War (1964-1973). - Total Attacks; 475. - Aircraft Destroyed/Damaged; US Aircraft Destroyed 75/US Aircraft Damaged 898 and RVN Aircraft Destroyed 25/RVN Aircraft Damaged 305. - Casualties; US Casualties KIA-155/WIA-1702 and RVN Casualties KIA-154/WIA 504. - Data from 10 USAF Air Bases; Bien Hoa (BH); Binh Thny (BT); Cam Ranh Bay (CBR): Da Nang (DN); Nha Trang (NT); Phan Rang (PR); Phu Cat (PC); Pleiku (PK); Tuy Hoa (TH); Tan Son Nhut (TSN). - Type of attacks: Standoff (m); Sapper (SAP); Standoff and Sapper Multi- Battalion (MBN); Sabotage (SAB); Automatic Weapons (AWP). https://media.defense.gov/2010/Sep/21/2001330253/-1/-1/0/AFD-100921-023.pdf
  2. waveshaper

    Russian Dry Dock Sinks

    This seems to be typical stuff that happens in the world of dry-docks. Heck, in the last few months/years we had the same thing happen a few times, including; dry-docks sinking, cutting big holes in the hull/flooding/damaging new U.S. Navy ships, etc. It normally takes the U.S. about 3 months to refloat a sunk/damaged dry-dock, I wouldn't be surprised if it takes the Russians longer to refloat their junk. .
  3. waveshaper

    The Next President is...

    Putting sticker all over a POV or up-armoring a POV or other crazy mods to a POV, etc - typically is a sign of a total nut job;
  4. waveshaper

    The Next President is...

    Just a wild, wild, guess on my part. Heck, it's hard to predict what President Trump will do in the next 24 hours. That being said, I've always believed the first female President would be a Republican and for me, Nikki fits the bill perfectly. I would advise the progressives to start stocking up on the these items now, because if Nikki or another Republican female wins in 2020 they will be flying off the shelves;
  5. waveshaper

    Hurricane Michael

    Here's a new video that (accidentally) shows four F-22's that were probably pulled out of a hanger or maybe the two hardened Flow-Through shelters (with doors) at Tyndall; Date video taken - 10/21/2018/Date video posted - 10/21/2018 at 21:07. https://www.dvidshub.net/video/634299/823rd-red-horse-squadron-repairs-roof
  6. waveshaper

    Hurricane Michael

    This F-22 odyssey to escape the wrath of Hurricane Michael has me scratching my head. This is an example "only"; Sooo, 33 out of 55 F-22s were flyable and evacuated to Wright Patterson AFB, which means 22 broke birds were left behind at Tyndall. That means 33 flyable F-22s arrived at Wright Patterson AFB. The next step in this odyssey was the F-22s relocated to Langley AFB. My two simple questions; How many broke Tyndall F-22s are now sitting at Wright Patterson AFB and how many made it to Langley AFB? How many Tyndall AFB F-22s that made it all the way to Langley AFB are now broke and how many are flyable? This has the potential to be the modern day - USAF equivalent of the "Trail of Tears" (In todays era - for the USAF/F-22 program - Tears = $$$$$$$$/to many broke birds.
  7. waveshaper

    The Next President is...

    IMHO, the Repubs will barely hold the house and it will be a tie in the Senate. My long term forecast for the 2020 Presidential election: President Trump won't run and at the end of the day we will finally have our first female President. It will be Dot (Nikki/Repub) versus Feather (Pocahontas/Dem), with Dot winning bigly (Even winning the Native American voting bloc):<)
  8. waveshaper

    Car loans and interest rates

    It was definitely much different back then. My first investment was in 1980 and it was in a 5 year CD at 15% APY (in the 1980's CD APY's were as high as 17%). The down side was mortgage rates/car loans/etc were as high as 18.5% during the 1980's (in 1981 the average rate was 17% and as high as 18.5%).
  9. waveshaper

    Car loans and interest rates

    LoL, I'm a Nazi when it comes to this stuff. The last interest payment I made on anything was in 1978 when I was 21 years old (that was my last car payment, which I paid off in full). This includes paying no interest on a credit card (I only have one credit card), cars/motorcycles, boats, homes (2ea), etc, etc. There's a certain comforting feeling that comes with not owing $$$$$ (crap) to anyone/any bank/business/etc. Also, I've have never personally seen my credit score or needed one for anything that I can think of.
  10. waveshaper

    Hurricane Michael

    One thing that surprised me about Eglin was why they didn't use all the existing Hardened Aircraft Shelters on the base/reservation to store stuff during hurricanes. I was stationed there 5 times in my career/lots of hurricanes/hurricane prep/evacuations of flyable aircraft and stuffing the broke birds/equipment in hangers, etc. Same fallible drill every time.
  11. waveshaper

    Hurricane Michael

    Good ole fashion - simple revetments (circular) seemed to work well at protecting stuff from wind damage at Tyndall during this hurricane. IMHO, the USAF should build a bunch of these "cheap" circular revetment sites for emergencies like hurricanes (smaller versions for 2 or 3 aircraft each). These sites should be dispersed around the airfield. Also, they would need to have numerous tie down points to secure the aircraft to the ground. These circular revetments sites shouldn't be placed anywhere near the main flight line/hangers/maintenance buildings/etc for obvious reasons. https://storms.ngs.noaa.gov/storms/michael/index.html#19/30.05647/-85.56911
  12. waveshaper

    Hurricane Michael

    If you dig a hole on Tyndall it will be below the water table and you better have a bunch of pumps working 24/7 to keep it pumped out. Also, there's a storm surge issue. - Excerpt; Groundwater is under confined table conditions and is found at depths ranging from 1 foot to 10 feet below land surface. The water table is relatively flat at Tyndall AFB but it fluctuates up to 5 feet in response to seasonal rainfall and tidal cycles. Surficial aquifer groundwater flow is regionally south towards the Gulf of Mexico; however, locally shallow groundwater flows toward nearby bayous, streams, and ditches. At site LF001 groundwater flows to the east-southeast. At Tyndall AFB the surficial aquifer system is not used as a water source and regionally is of minor importance as a water source. This aquifer is the most susceptible to contaminant impact and transport because it is both permeable and shallow.
  13. waveshaper

    Hurricane Michael

    Military bases being destroyed by hurricanes in the Florida AO seems to be a recurring problem (just ask Spain); Lets look at Homestead Army Airfield versus a Major Hurricane Round #1 (as just one example). - The 15 September 1945 the "Homestead Hurricane" completely destroyed Homestead Army Airfield and it was shut down/completely closed in December 1945 for about 9 years. Finally, In mid-1954, an advance party arrived at the old base to begin the clean-up effort, and on Feb. 8, 1955, the installation was reactivated as Homestead Air Force Base (HAFB). - This same hurricane also completely destroyed Richmond Naval Air Station which "WAS" located about 10 miles NNE of Homestead; Excerpt of a few key US Navy assets destroyed in the 1945 Homestead Hurricane; Destroyed - 25 blimps, 366 planes, 150 automobiles, etc etc. Photo from Richmond Naval Air Station;
  14. waveshaper

    Hurricane Michael

    Mexico Beach hurricane damage (IMHO, the wind damage on Tyndall should be about the same as Mexico Beach but there won't be as much storm surge damage on the base) ;