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  1. waveshaper

    Space Force

    Report to Congress on How to Create a U.S. Space Force (finally, some "official" details covering this Space Force stuff); https://fas.org/sgp/crs/natsec/IF10950.pdf
  2. waveshaper

    The Next President is...

    Dang, even Steven Tyler/Aerosmith have turned on the POTUS. Steven Tyler sends Trump cease-and-desist letter over playing Aerosmith songs at rallies; http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/08/22/steven-tyler-sends-trump-cease-and-desist-letter-over-playing-aerosmith-songs-at-rallies.html :<) Here's a few potentially befitting songs to replace these Aerosmith tunes with, at future campaign rallies, if this downward spiral continues much longer. Hopefully these new campaign rallies songs will cheer up the growing list of indicted/convicted members of the 2016 campaign/White House staff :<) My #1 Choice; Folsom Prison Blues; My #2 Choice; Jailhouse Rock;
  3. waveshaper

    The Next President is...

    The former Director of the CIA is a great example of how this "top dog" security clearance game is played. He was fired in 2012, didn't lose his security clearance, and continued advising the White House/Intel Community from 2012 to 2016. The co-conspirator in this scandal, Lieutenant Colonel Paula Broadwell, lost her Security Clearance and in February 2013 the Army revoked Broadwell's promotion to lieutenant colonel, etc, etc.
  4. waveshaper


    IMHO, the situation/relationship was probably worse back when Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974 and we had two NATO member countries fighting each other. I think this was the only time that NATO countries went to war with each other since NATO formed. Also, the Turks have played this Russian/USSR fear/game card before by shutting down some of our USSR monitoring sites in Turkey during the heyday of the Cold War. Here's just a few highlights from that timeframe; - US reaction; After the hostilities of 1974, the United States applied an arms embargo on Turkey in 1975. The embargo on Turkey was lifted after 3 plus years by President Carter/Congress. - Turkeys response to the US Arms Embargo; Turkey suspended the use of some Key US/NATO bases in Turkey. Turkey finally permitted the United States to reopen its four strategic intelligence installations for monitoring Soviet military activities that were shut down for over three years in retaliation for the U.S. arms embargo against Turkey. This only happened after the US Congress caved and repealed the ban on the sale of U.S. arms to Turkey. Turkeys currencies woes (Turkish Lira); This is absolutely nothing new. The Turkish Lira (First Turkish Lira) had a history of sucking/devaluation. Anyone that was ever stationed in/deployed to Turkey in the 70's, 80's 90's, and early 2000's knows this firsthand. Heck, I even had a MSgt that worked for me at Incirlik (it was his second tour to Turkey) in the mid-1990's that would sometimes use Turkish Lira to wipe his ass (when he did this he would never flush so everyone could see his dasturdly deed). He was station at Incirlik the first time in the mid 1980's and he hoarded a bunch of Turkish Lira that he never unloaded. When he came back for his second tour in the mid 1990's he brought all his worthless Turkish Lira with him just to use as shit paper.  - First Turkish Lira - US Dollar Valuations; The Guinness Book of Records ranked the Turkish lira as the world's least valuable currency in 1995 and 1996, and again from 1999 to 2004. 1966 – 1 U.S. dollar = 9 Turkish lira 1980 – 1 U.S. dollar = 90 Turkish lira 1988 – 1 U.S. dollar = 1,300 Turkish lira 1995 – 1 U.S. dollar = 45,000 Turkish lira 2001 – 1 U.S. dollar = 1,650,000 Turkish lira - Second/New Turkish Lira - US Dollar Valuations (2005 to present); Basically in 2005 the USD to TRY was 1.35 after revaluation and today its about 6.5 to 7. https://www.poundsterlinglive.com/bank-of-england-spot/historical-spot-exchange-rates/usd/USD-to-TRY
  5. waveshaper

    Seattle airliner stolen and crashed

    Yep, IMHO that would fall under the category of "Suicide by NORAD" and most likely it would be justified/legal (example; see suicide by cop).
  6. waveshaper

    Space Force

    Here's a chance to vote on the new Space Force Logo; Personally, I wish they would use the old USSPACECOM Patch. The original USSPACECOM, which was a Combatant Command back in the day, had a lifespan of 17 years (1985 - 2002). If our leadership is really serious - then maybe this new version of a Space Force/Space Command will last longer then 17 years this round. http://time.com/5363058/donald-trump-campaign-space-force-logo/
  7. waveshaper


    Here's the latest tit-for-tat. The list of names of those wanted by these Turks on Incirlik AB range from the Wing King/other Officers/Enlisted (see article for Names/Rank). https://www.military.com/daily-news/2018/08/08/turkish-lawyers-seek-arrest-us-service-members-incirlik-air-base.html https://www.newsweek.com/turkey-wants-arrest-american-troops-ties-terrorist-group-1065017?piano_t=1
  8. waveshaper

    The Next President is...

    IMHO, there's one winning strategy that we've mastered over the last 17 years in places like the Quagmire of Empires, Iraq, etc; See "Pyrrhic Victory" for more details. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrrhic_victory
  9. This is how my old ass envisions this President Trump/Putin - Russia/USSR - ploy/crap going down:<) Credit for this post (repost) goes to Azimuth, he posted something similar back in March of 2014.
  10. waveshaper

    Elon Musk & Tesla EVs

    IMHO, it never hurts to try an advance rescue/recovery/resupply technologies on planet earth and in space. Also, with this new "Space Force" evolving it's just a matter of time before a few "Major Tom's" will find themselves in some dicey situation. Major Tom sends his regards to folks like Mr. Musk and the new Space Force:<)
  11. waveshaper

    Elon Musk & Tesla EVs

    This rescue was initially projected to take up to 4 months. I'll give "Mr. Unreliable Musk" some credit for jumping through some hoops to make the following happen/todays latest news on this subject; After considering a "bouncy castle air tube" that the kids might be able to wriggle through to safety, Musk and his team settled on the idea of building a kid-sized submarine, equipped with external air tanks. A foot-wide liquid oxygen transfer tube, originally built for SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, would serve as the hull. The contraption went through dive-pool tests at Palisades Charter High School in Los Angeles and was sent on a 17-hour flight to Thailand. The crisis could be resolved without having to resort to SpaceX’s mini-sub, and without further fatalities, which everyone agrees would be good news. But in today’s tweets, Musk made clear that he wouldn’t consider the effort wasted even if it doesn’t come into play in the flooded Thai cave. The concept could come in handy for future underwater rescues on Earth, or rescues in the vacuum of space. In any case, it’s instructive to see how the crowdsourced engineering exercise unfolded over the course of just a couple of days.
  12. waveshaper

    What is right with the Air Force

    IMHO, the BX/Commissary reserved parking spots are primarily utilized by entitled spouses (typically older/large ladies). I haven't personally witnessed this same phenomena with the reserved parking spots at the GYM?
  13. waveshaper

    The Next President is...

    IMHO:<) it might be time to finally legalize all this political opposition research crap and let the DNC/RNC run their own show. They should put a opposition branch of zealot Democrats and a opposition branch of zealot Republicans in the: FBI, Justice Department, Intel Community, State Department, Media, DoD, FISA Court, etc, etc. These folks would be legally authorized to; collude/conspire with whomever they want, hire and embed spies (both foreign and domestic) in each others campaigns, get automatic approval for FISA warrants/phone taps/email thefts etc, conduct cyber attacks, pay for play, etc, etc. The kicker; No programs/materials can be classified, no redactions, and all material/info must be publically released by the opposition media branch NLT 7 days after its been collected. Also, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" will become a new law and violators of this law will be prosecuted. If the violator spills the beans and hires a lawyer it will be treated similar to how we penalize hate crimes, with triple the jail time/fines for the violator and the shyster lawyer. Key point; Fully informed voters = diligent judge, jury, executioners during our election cycles. Downside; The DNC has an advantage over the RNC when it comes to filling their FBI branch billets with tested/experienced folks because all they have to do is rehire all the top dogs that just got fired:<) Sent from Outlook
  14. waveshaper

    The Next President is...

    The Libya situation was a little different then the Iran JCPOA deal (See NPT below). It seems that getting the Senate to ratify these US Nuke agreements helps the overall success rate of said treaties/agreements; Here's a list of most of the US Nuke Treaties/agreements since we started negotiating this stuff with the main focus on Senate ratification; Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (prohibited Nuke detonations in these environments - space/atmosphere/underwater ); Ratified by the Senate in Sept 1963. Seabed Arms Control Treaty (No emplacement of Nukes on Sea-Bed/Ocean Floor and in the subsoil); Ratified by the Senate in 1972. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT); Ratified by the Senate and went into effect in 1970. In 2003 Libya agreed to the NPT protocols and dismantled its Nuke program with US/UK/IAEA assistance and verification. ABM Treaty (US/USSR); Ratified by the Senate in 1972. SALT 1 (US/USSR) Ratified by the Senate in 1972. Threshold Test Ban Treaty; Interesting, it was signed by the President in 1974 but didn't go into effect until the Senate finally ratified the TTBT in 1990. SALT 11 was never officially ratified by the Senate but it was signed by President Carter in 1979. The Senate didn't ratify SALT 11 because of the Soviet/Afghan War. In 1982, President Reagan abandoned/CNXed SALT 11 and undertook a new path by initiating the START talks/negotiations with the USSR. START-1; Ratified by the Senate. START-11; Ratified by the Senate. Comprehensive Nuclear-Test Ban Treaty; The Senate still hasn't ratified this UN Treaty. SORT; Ratified by the Senate. NEW START; Ratified by the Senate. JPCOA; "Never ratified by Senate". See SALT 11/President Reagans actions.
  15. waveshaper

    Space Corps Good or Bad?

    This is how the original USSPACECOM was organized back in the day. USSPACECOM also functioned as the Commander in Chief of the binational U.S.-Canadian NORAD (CINCNORAD). Excerpt; USSPACECOM, with headquarters at Peterson AFB Colorado, is a functional combatant command with an AOR which encompasses the entire world. Space Command oversees three service specific commands: Army Space Command (USARSPACE), Naval Space Command (NAVSPACECOM) and Air Force Space Command (AFSPACECOM). It also includes one functional component (SPACEAF) and Joint Task Force Cheyenne Mountain Operations (JTF-CM). The command was activated 23 September, 1985 to consolidate all military space efforts under the direction of one commander-in-chief. USSPACECOM