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  1. MT near


    Ever get any news on the bonus or consecutive vlpad tours?
  2. MT near

    Upcoming Boards

    104th Fighter Squadron of the Maryland ANG is hiring. A-10 UPT board will be held in Sept 2018. Apps due 30 June 2018. Meet and Greet on Friday June 1st for all interested applicants. Please RSVP asap and request more info from. Maj Jon "CLIFFY" Alberts Jonathon.r.alberts.mil@mail.mil 410-918-6647
  3. MT near

    Upcoming Boards

    The 104th Fighter Squadron of the Maryland ANG will be holding an A-10C UPT hiring board this September 2017. Applications for this position will be due NLT 30 June 2017. We are also planning a "Meet and Greet" on 5 May at 1600. We will have this in our Operations building and any pilot applicants are welcome to attend. For details on both events please email: Jonathon.r.alberts.mil@mail.mil Good luck!
  4. The 104th Fighter Squadron of the Maryland ANG will be holding an A-10 UPT hiring board on Aug 20 2016. Applications will be due NLT 15 July 2016. Please email Jonathon.r.alberts.mil@mail.mil for all of the applications details and paperwork.
  5. MT near

    Upcoming Boards

    175th/104thFS Maryland ANG A-10 Apps due NLT 20 Nov 2014. Hiring board on Jan 10 2015. Jonathon.alberts.1@ang.af.mil for details and application requirements.
  6. MT near

    Why Not the B-1 Instead of the A-10?

    Funny shit. Who wants to be in the front of the line to fly an overpriced POS that doesnt do anything well at all? The USAF is fucked and anyone who doesnt think so is clueless.
  7. MT near

    Taxes, the Deficit/Debt, and the Fiscal Cliff

    Do you do anything else other than post opinions on baseops?
  8. Get a good degree and fly on the side. Dont study aviation.
  9. MT near

    Columbus AFB Information

    Italian- the green olive. South of base on the right hand side. Its excellent. Also go to United Deli. Its east of columbus in a shitty gas station. The best fkn sandwhich in town. Hands down.
  10. MT near

    Gun Talk

    Anyone have or shoot a Tikka T3?
  11. MT near

    F-35C makes first Catapult launch

    Did it get a CCIP yet?
  12. MT near

    AF gets its 1st F-35

    Yeah I can see that thing working. Who comes up with that idea? Last I heard from the fighter demo lab in DC was they have zero plans for a ccip.
  13. MT near

    AF gets its 1st F-35

    Did it get a ccip pipper yet?
  14. Who notified the press is my question? How would they even find this out?
  15. How does this even get to the press in the first place?