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  1. Somewhere, there is an O who should be supervising his/her Es. Let’s make sure the root cause analysis doesn’t stop at the wrong level.
  2. As a former flight test guy, I’m appalled that anyone would have thought the MCAS system as designed was a good idea. If Boeing doesn’t get their shit together rapidly, they will be out of business in a very short timeframe. The rampant FOD problems and the design decisions on the 737, KC-46 and 787 paint a terrible picture. Not or a fan of the NYT, but received this from a friend this morning. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/20/business/boeing-dreamliner-production-problems.html
  3. Networked data is GREAT provided you have unrestricted access to the full EM spectrum because you’re fighting cavemen. Being able to do this would require the AF to prioritize EW. https://www.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1816024/air-force-announces-electronic-warfare-electromagnetic-spectrum-superiority-ent/
  4. And it shows. A cyber CC got fired in Germany this year for behavior that was baffling. I dont understand how some of these people develop such an overdeveloped sense of entitlement. Cyber is one of the only communities that share a problem with the pilot world: high training/entry requirements, and a robust market outside the military willing to pay for talent. The thrash incurred moving people from DCO, to OCO to Enterprise and back to Comm Flight just drives more to industry.
  5. I would not be the first in your squadron to press to test.
  6. Marijuana “investments” could impact your clearance. I can’t wait for one fund manager with the TSP program to buy into some reefer company and take out the entire USAF.
  7. First jet is scheduled for rollout and presentation at McConnell this Friday.
  8. I’m at McConnell, and they have been waiting eagerly, most of this year, for the arrival of the KC-46. They’ve even got MOB1 stickers all over. Nothing has been announced publicly that they would have a jet imminently.
  9. Seen on the Chive. She’s probably just not near any Cyber dudes and had to settle 😁
  10. Not required. Female Army O-6s don’t make rank based on anything present company would list as desireable Recommend off dry, switches safe, RTB with full load.
  11. Raising the handles “lights the fuse” more or less. Putting the pins back doesn’t prevent anything. Odds are if it didn’t go, it probably won’t...maybe. Do you feel lucky? Military firefighters know what to cut to safe the seat, but I doubt the folks at Midland had that info.
  12. The part of the story that hasn’t been addressed yet is, after landing, and after shutdown, some poor bastard had to unstrap from, AND dismount a seat, that MIGHT still be about to go. “Nope, I’m good, I’m gonna just sit here, head back, elbows in, visor down until sometime next week. At least it will stay cool now that it’s a convertible.”
  13. ENJJPT made me a navigator. Avoid like the plague. YMMV.
  14. Just read this yesterday. I think it belongs here https://warontherocks.com/2018/05/a-call-for-senior-officer-reform-in-the-air-force-an-insiders-perspective/
  15. *Calculus Spelling should be a concern for your 5 year old. 😉
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