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  1. SuperWSO

    B-1 Landing at Midland

    Raising the handles “lights the fuse” more or less. Putting the pins back doesn’t prevent anything. Odds are if it didn’t go, it probably won’t...maybe. Do you feel lucky? Military firefighters know what to cut to safe the seat, but I doubt the folks at Midland had that info.
  2. SuperWSO

    B-1 Landing at Midland

    The part of the story that hasn’t been addressed yet is, after landing, and after shutdown, some poor bastard had to unstrap from, AND dismount a seat, that MIGHT still be about to go. “Nope, I’m good, I’m gonna just sit here, head back, elbows in, visor down until sometime next week. At least it will stay cool now that it’s a convertible.”
  3. SuperWSO

    ENJJPT or UPT for AFSOC?

    ENJJPT made me a navigator. Avoid like the plague. YMMV.
  4. Just read this yesterday. I think it belongs here https://warontherocks.com/2018/05/a-call-for-senior-officer-reform-in-the-air-force-an-insiders-perspective/
  5. SuperWSO

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    *Calculus Spelling should be a concern for your 5 year old. 😉
  6. SuperWSO

    That Cyber Thread

    Concur. AFPC works to make sure Cyber operators never build any continuity or experience. The flying community doesn’t send people for a tour in KC-135s followed by a tour in F-22s followed by an ISR platform, but it is fairly standard to flip 17D/S officers from a CPT squadron to a Comm Flight to work as an exec. 57IAS at Nellis gets first tour LTs operating as Aggressors. There should be some career lanes for OCO, DCO, Infrastructure, etc.
  7. SuperWSO

    B-21 Raider

    Comparison was to the F-111. If it can carry 24x JASSM or JDAM internally, I’ll withdraw that statement. If it is a 2 engine jet, it will probably carry less than the F-111.
  8. SuperWSO

    B-21 Raider

    Yes, but subsonic, internal carriage only, so less capable.
  9. SuperWSO

    B-21 Raider

    News update: B-21 is going to involve “complex trade-offs”. None of this is surprising until you figure out they are building what the article says is a 2 engine jet with less thrust, range and payload.
  10. SuperWSO

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    TLDR. Can anyone tell me if this update identifies ship collisions as a leading cause of falls? Fall prevention can be aided through rigorous clearing of your flight path (float path?)
  11. SuperWSO

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Don’t know how many have seen this, but just got the word that we will no longer be allowed to “tack on” an airman’s stripes when they get promoted. This behavior is considered hazing and will not be tolerated. By current standards, my high school was populated with war criminals. Anyway, sorry for the distraction, what were we talking about here?
  12. SuperWSO

    B-21 Raider

    Ok, I’ll admit I had to look that one up. For those that don’t go to Wikipedia... Theseus's paradox, is a thought experiment that raises the question of whether an object that has had all of its components replaced remains fundamentally ugly. If you need a stand-off platform, just stop the weird skin and materials MX on the B-2. The RCS will still be better than the other bombers, it’s nuke capable, gets good gas mileage and is younger than some of the people who work on it.
  13. SuperWSO

    B-21 Raider

    To be honest, I've been out of the bomber business too long to claim to be a bomber guy. These days, i'm an Intel/Cyber guy who used to fly bombers. To me, the the bottom line is that there is no way that the AF is better off retiring 1980s (B-1s) and 1990s (B-2) jets and retaining 1960s vintage aircraft. I know they already did it when they retired the KC-10 and kept the KC-135. You could also make an argument that the B-52 is still nuke capable and the B-1 isn't, but we've backed out of several other treaties, so I don't see that being a show stopper. The BUFF is an awesome airplane - my dad flew them up to about 1968 - but metal fatigue is going to have to catch up at some point before it hits 100 years of flying. There really isn't much data out there on proper operating procedures for 100 year old aircraft on a large scale. As for the B-1 being an MX nightmare, I started out flying Guard Bones and there were no problems. We had talented maintainers that made the jets operate they way they were designed. The AF decided they didn't need that capability. MX rates on the B-1 are the result of AF mismanagement. I'm also concerned that the design specifications for the B-21 were smaller than the B-2 with less payload and less range. If we retire the B-2 and keep the BUFF in a non-penetrator role, you will be making larger portions of the world "out of range" in a non-permissive fight. To me, the entire plan resembles the prior Air Force attempts to extort money from Congress by threatening to retire airframes like the A-10 because we just can't afford everything we want. By 2036, the B-1 will have had a good run, and so will the BUFF. The AF should keep the small number of B-2s we have longer than the B-52.
  14. SuperWSO

    B-21 Raider

    Surprised no one has commented on the news. 20 years ago, the joke was that when the last B-2 gets dropped off at DM, the crew will be picked up in a BUFF. That joke is apparently now the Bomber Roadmap. Ive officially lost all confidence in AF leaderships ability to make decisions. This and Enterprise IT as a Service (EITaaS). The AF has detected a slow sink rate and elected to push the stick to full forward.
  15. SuperWSO

    SNL Call Sign Skit

    I love the fact that “officials” felt this statement was necessary. https://www.military.com/undertheradar/2018/01/30/officials-clown-penis-not-realistic-callsign-pilots.html