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  1. I put my paperwork in Sep and it was paid out in late Nov. I was the only guy eligible in my sq which was bullshit but whatever. While I was waiting to get paid out I asked a guy in my sq who just came back from a stat tour to ask the POC at NGB who is responsible for these bonuses to see if he could get any info but no luck. They just said to follow up with the base FSS POC that handles these bonuses which is the recruiter that processed my bonus paperwork. In the end I just waited 3 months until the recruiter called me back with news that the bonus would pay out 1 week later. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. For some reason it just got turned off at my sq. Other units still getting the DSG bonus? I’m kinda pissed because I have less than a year of eligibility left. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. How do they know when it will pay out? I’d go down range for that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I failed depth perception at MEPS. Didn’t even know at the time. Passed at FC1 and was never even an issue after that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. If you have to join a C-17 unit and they don’t want you maybe Try joining the unit in a less competitive position and get a UPT slot with waiver from within?
  6. Probably could live on base since there's lots of openings lately but why would you want to? Call the hickam housing office to check availability. Traffic is still shitty on H1/H2. Dont expect it to get any better even if they finish the rail
  7. Even if you did find a job that allowed you to do some flying I'd fully expect the bait and switch. They have no spare manning on staff to let you go fly. Everyone else there would be bitter seeing you go on a "vacation" outside the office all the time. They want your ass at the bottom of the boat rowing like a good staff officer.
  8. i had to wait about 4 months for SAF/PC to review my app. nobody could give me an update
  9. Approved. 6 months PCS ADSC, recommended approval at all levels with intent to hire letter. 15 Weeks at SAF/PC. They emailed me as soon as it went through. I appreciate all the info. Now to wait for the 1288 to finish routing and the guard to gain me.
  10. any recent approvals? AFPC is now saying 8-12 weeks at SAF/PC.. after 12 weeks I'm guessing they will just say 12-16 weeks and stop calling
  11. Mine has been at SAF/PC since 18 Apr.. AFPC is telling me expect 6-8 weeks at SAF/PC but I feel like that's just a guess.
  12. Congrats!! How long was your app at SAF/PC? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I wonder.. if you get non-vold to AFPAK and and failed every part of the training what would they do with you? I guess you could also fail your PT test a few times too.
  14. Total Force board? WTH? is this just another layer of bureaucracy at AFPC? I wonder if they are just going to rubberstamp the functional's recommendation or look at some other factors... how frustrating
  15. anyone get an approval lately? Looking to see how long I should expect my app to sit with SAF.
  16. Drive that lemon into the ground. Tell her to start saving so she can buy a replacement cash. Paying interest is for chumps.
  17. I'm not a contracting officer but I have participated in the process. From what I've seen, LookieRookie nailed it. Companies know how to game the system and it's a race to the bottom for the lowest cost technically acceptable contracts. Company owners make a shitload of profit, workers get paid peanuts and/or are under-qualified and the service to the AF sucks balls. They get away with it because the contracting officers reps don't want to write the company up because they are too busy with their other additional duties and the contracting officer doesn't want to deal with the pissed company fighting a bad rating.
  18. AFPC removed my ADSC for C-17 IP Requal so you should be good. I just cited their own regs and it worked like a charm.
  19. so i just got word that I got selected for IDE. Anyone know where the rules are posted for accepting school, 7 day opt, etc? I read PSDM 16-10 but I couldn't figure out if I could see which school I got then decide to 7-day opt after if I didn't want it. I'm guessing no.
  20. So if your ADSC date (PCS OCONUS 3 year) coincides with your DEROS, when can you apply for palace chase? I heard you can only get out 6 months early from your ADSC/DEROS and will need to apply for PC 6 months prior to your proposed separation. Hard to believe you can't get out any earlier than 6 months just because your are OCONUS. True statement?
  21. The part that involves pulling a trigger is rewarding.. the other 99.999% of the shit you have to do makes you want to separate from the AF ASAP.
  22. That pretty much describes all of Hawaii. It's island life brah. Just make sure you find a place with a decent yard. The windward side is nice because it stays a little bit cooler than the leeward side due to the trade winds. Also keep traffic in mind. You can take the H3 from Kailua/K-bay which makes for about a 30 min commute to/from Hickam. If you try to live Eva/Kapolei/Hawaii Kai/N. Shore you're looking at an hour+ commute each way. Mililani is central to everything and has much more affordable housing.
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