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  1. Ok, so i understand there is info about rushing units and what not. But i am trying to rush units that seem to hire from within. The reason for going this route is due to the fact that i don't have the flexibility of moving around and i am also running out of time age wise without needing an age waiver. Currently i am 28 and about to turn 29 in a month time isn't on my side. Also i just relocated and bought a condo about 10 months ago due to my wife's job, so the intent is to have about a 400 mile radius of travel and apply to all within that radius. Not super keen on driving 6 hours a few times a month but i am really trying to do what i can to join the reserve or the guard. I was curious if anyone could provide P.O.C. or help me connect with the right people within the 400 mile radius of Nashville, TN. Im really trying to go after a C-17 unit, that is my preference but can deal with a C-130 unit as a last resort. I applied to the Jackson MS unit back when they had boards but didn't get an invite, Memphis hasn't hired since 2016 and they are my preferred unit of choice travel wise, and there is a unit in Dayton, OH at wright patt. There is one more C-17 unit within my bubble but i can't remember where it was off the top of my head. For C-130 units, there is a unit here in nashville, one in Louisville Ky, Dobbins AFB, Maxwell AFB, and Charlotte NC which i think are in the process of transferring to C-17's not sure if this is accurate or not. Could anyone shed light on how i can break the ice with these units and work my way in with no prior military experience. Still constantly working on how i can market myself with little flight experience and no military background other than having a father who served in the army and a grandfather who served in the navy. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. I wish i would have started this journey earlier, but thats life.
  2. That would be dope, very much appreciated man. Not sure if there is a way to PM someone through this forum, if not let me know and i can give you my personal email address
  3. A little bit about me. I have always wanted to join the Reserves or ANG as a pilot. Growing up i never thought it to be possible since i was trying to chase after a career in architecture. Well after some conversation with a friend of mine from high school who is a C-5 pilot and a flight instructor for the Air Force he told me i still have a chance. Currently i am in the process of taking may ARE exams to become a licensed architect while doing all necessary items to obtain a flying position with the Reserves or ANG as a C-17 or C-130 pilot. I would like advice on how to increase my chances for such a position in a competitive market even with a pilot shortage. I feel i am also at a huge disadvantage because i am going up against guys who are enlisted or comissioned and chasing after positions within their squadrons. I was told to try to rush squadrons but feel that it doesn't really work nor do i know best practices/where to start with that. I am 28 and will turn 29 during the summer, i have about 22 hours towards my PPL while trying to budget to finish it. Its just hard to spend so much money on a "possibility" thats not guaranteed and its also hard to explain that to the wife when finances are tight due to the recent move and purchase of a condo. I have heard of individuals being picked up of the street in my similar situation so i feel there is hope. I just need to know what to do to market myself as far as experience, leadership, work ethic and whatever else that's appealing to a pilot candidate for the Air Force. Also I will be retaking my AFOQT/TBAS tests within the next couple of months for better scores. I have had a whirlwind of a time dealing with recruiters and testing controllers. Recruiters tell me that they will not do anything to help me until i get my PPL, and how adornment they are about civilians not being picked up unless they have a ppl, and test controllers tell me i need to go through recruiters. Fortunately i found a test controller who is willing to help me achieve my dream. This guy has gone above and beyond to help me when others have not. I relocated to Nashville TN from columbus Ohio, and when i am ready to retake my test, i will make the 6 hour road trip to test with him seeing as how there are time frames of testing in the Nashville area for their cadets. All applications that i have submitted have been without a recruiter by my side guiding me on what to do. Any advice on how to increase my chances of trying to chase after a dream is greatly appreciated.
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