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  1. This is a pretty incredible graphic (from https://www.visualcapitalist.com/global-flight-capacity-coronavirus/ hopefully they update weekly). If you want to look on the bright side the China line suggests a pretty rapid recovery once we turn the corner. China is such a weird country I hate to extrapolate just from that datapoint but their air traffic and general industry is rapidly coming back online. Hard to say what this does for tourism travel over the next ~6 months even after the virus is "handled."
  2. I could have sworn there was already a discussion started on this somewhere buried in another thread but I can't seem to find it. Is anybody else starting to think this plane might never fly again? The fact that what Boeing keeps calling a simple software fix is now going for at least 16 months before recert by the FAA (assuming they don't delay it yet again this summer) doesn't inspire much confidence. Not to mention the other issues that keep cropping up in the news. Some of it I'm sure is not that unusual and is only newsworthy because of the grounding but it's a pretty bad look. I hear lots of people claiming they won't ever fly on a MAX but I don't really believe them. My guess is that if the plane does get back in service people will see a Southwest flight for $100 less than a Delta flight and buy the ticket without a second thought for what plane they might be flying on. Either way this seems like a disaster for Boeing and everybody working the 320neo program must be in a great mood these days.
  3. Just because you can doesn't mean you should! The old formula was rather clunky (25% * amount over the Fannie/Freddie max) but from a risk standpoint was probably not a bad way to go. I would feel very uncomfortable carrying a 100% LTV on a $1M+ home. I ended up putting down 25% even though the VA formula only required 9.5%. Also when I bought my house ~2 years ago they wanted to know how much of a downpayment I was bringing to the table when I made my offer on the house. If I had said $0 they likely would have gone with the other offer at the same price.
  4. In case there is any question about whether or not the whole system is fucking rigged. And yes I'm just bitter that my fund doesn't do anything that would get us free money from the Fed. "One potential solution is to lend cash directly to smaller banks, securities dealers and hedge funds" https://www.wsj.com/articles/hedge-funds-could-make-one-potential-fed-repo-market-fix-hard-to-stomach-11578997801?reflink=e2twmkts
  5. For those who prefer a picture. We spent about a year and a half trying to normalize monetary policy in this country, the markets tanked and the Fed cowards reversed course and slashed interest rates. And when that wasn't enough to get the stock market back to all time highs they decided to blow out the balance sheet again. In 3 short months plowing in so much liquidity they undid what took over a year and a half to sell off. But Jerome Powell assures us this isn't quantitative easing, nope definitely not QE4 going on, nothing to see here the markets are fine.
  6. Have you looked at any of the other FF kits? I love the looks and performance of the GTM but read bad things about the quality of the kit. I've also seriously considered the Type 65 Coupe. Now if I could just find the time...
  7. Just got back from watching Dark Waters for work. Not a bad movie if you like the lawyer drama type movies. It's a little less dramatic than the trailer portrays it. DuPont is so worried about the movie they released a 2 page rebuttal press release to their depiction in the film. That's a good endorsement in my book.
  8. Back in the V-10 era I went to the race at Indy twice. Yes your view isn't as good as watching on TV (although they did have some screens) but being there in person was a lot of fun. You can say the same thing of any sport really, the view of an NFL game on TV is much better than what you can actually see from in the stadium. And the Indy track was a shit track in a bad location with crappy weather. I really want to go to Austin as I'm sure the entire experience is much better.
  9. So US Bank basically lied to me or they have a corporate policy that they pretend is a legal requirement. The person on the phone told me "VA loans are considered government loans and government loans are required to have taxes and insurance escrowed." I put 30% down when I bought the house last year and my LTV today is ~67% so I more than clear any hurdle for risk I would think. It's not the end of the world but it is annoying to me.
  10. Maybe other people knew this but I just found out today that with a VA Loan you are required to use an escrow for your taxes and insurance. I've been getting annoyed with my bank constantly changing the escrow amounts and I would much rather just pay my bills myself. So I called to try and switch and they said government loans won't let you, the escrow is a requirement. Just a random annoyance I didn't know about for anybody shopping VA loans.
  11. Exhibit 2: Sebastian Vettel pre & post Red Bull. As much as I can't stand Hamilton he is a phenomenal driver. Even with the equipment advantage it's hard to argue with some of his come-from-behind results going from 15+ on the grid to winning.
  12. The best driver in Formula 1 turns 40 today.
  13. I know we've already moved on from Greta but a friend sent me this a bit ago.
  14. People I know have used Fundrise and one other and been happy. But it's all bull market investing so far and I tend to be skeptical. There are lots of professionals in real estate, there are lots of banks and non-bank lenders with money they will lend against quality projects. I don't see how there isn't a massive adverse selection problem with these crowdfunding systems. If the real estate was really that attractive why do they need to crowdsource it? It's not like this is a niche area of the market where traditional lenders won't lend money so you have to get creative. There is a multi-hundred billion dollar industry built around real estate development, renovating, leasing. I want to see how well all the rosy projections from these companies survive the next recession. If you wanted to sell me on crowdfunding in 2009 when nobody wanted to lend to anybody for anything it might be a different story but with $17 Trillion of negative yielding debt around the world you have a tough time convincing me that in today's market getting funding is holding back any sort of capital investment plan.
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