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  1. Especially since they’ll already be trained on how to delegate getting ATIS
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    It appears there will be another volleyball montage...thank God!
  3. PCS’d out of Mildenhall 2 years ago. Best assignment of my career! “2” on AFsock’s recommendations. Either store or sell your nice vehicles and buy a beater! The side roads are brutal because they are built on farm/drained marshlands. I bought a reliable 7 year old car for $2K and sold it for the same when I left. If you’re a 135 guy you’ll be busy, but the missions are challenging and rewarding and mostly priority 1 and 2. Over my 4 years I did 4 “deployments” to locations where your family will want to come where you’ll be supporting French ops in AFRICOM. Enjoy! I’d swap places with you in a heartbeat!
  4. Now that’s a spread. Lots of diversity on the MAF side.
  5. Posted to the MAF Assignments & Mentoring FB page. 2-line PRFs are official for all boards covering after 16 Sep 19.
  6. I’m a career 135 guy who will (eventually) transition to the 46. FWIW, love “the tanker”, the mission, and all the places it’s taken me...but I’d give my left nut to fly tac LL in the Herc. That being said, it’s nice to have tons of ANG and decent basing options, go to nice locations, and cruise at M0.83
  7. It’s based solely on the year your pilot ADSC expires
  8. Any Viper drivers on here that can explain how it’s possible to shoot your own aircraft? https://www.foxnews.com/world/dutch-f-16-makes-emergency-landing-after-flying-into-its-own-gunfire-report
  9. And just like that deliveries are halted...again. https://www.airforcetimes.com/news/your-air-force/2019/04/02/air-force-again-halts-kc-46-deliveries-after-more-debris-found/
  10. “In Russia, you don’t flare jet...it flares you”
  11. Here’s a little tidbit about the bonus for tax season. If you take the lump sum upfront and also contribute to a Roth IRA throughout the year, the lump sum will bump your annual AGI above the threshold where you can contribute the full $5500/yr. If you don’t watch it carefully, you’ll contribute too much and will be subject to tax penalties.
  12. Which is unfortunate and IMO part of what’s wrong with the MAF “community”. I’ve been in both and like aspects of each one, but naming and roll calls would bring some much needed camaraderie and morale to a MAF community that needs it badly.
  13. Who needs a competent SECDEF like Mattis when you have a POTUS who says “I know more about ISIS than the generals do, believe me!” and ““[The generals] don’t know much because they’re not winning”? Sad day for the armed forces indeed
  14. $190 increase for O-4 w/dep at Langley
  15. 53 ADOs in a group...Was Oprah your Gp/CC? “Everyone gets to be an ADO!”
  16. KC-135. I thought this was more common. Apparently not.
  17. Not sure about other communities, but KC-135 IP’s are certified sim operators after graduating instructor school. This doesn’t sound like such a crazy idea to me.
  18. Can’t us tanker guys stick together and go back to the age-old practice of ripping C-17 drivers for landing gear up?
  19. Negative ghost rider. Currently Google Maps is the only one that allows you to download offline maps AFAIK. Apple Maps is nowhere near as good as Google Maps, but it’s getting better...slowly
  20. I prefer manually pinging G2 and the scheduling Lt to improve my schedule. Much more interactive that way.
  21. Not ostracized, it’s just seen as a moot point in the tanker. We aren’t maneuverable, don’t have defensive systems, and for that reason are rarely placed inside any threat ring. Honestly, the most tactical thing tanker drivers can do is to do a thorough mission plan and brief, understand the threats, STFU, stop trying to sound like an airline pilot, and stick to the EMCON.
  22. It looks like the folks overseas with an upcoming DEROS just got notified last week. They’re usually the first.
  23. Same ADSC. Once you opt to transfer it you can redistribute it as you see fit. If you have kids down the line and they are added to MilPDS, you can redistribute months to them with no additional ADSC.
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