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  1. BFM this

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    You say that as though it isn’t a completely artificial construct, fabricated by insecure leadership. The way you say it, it’s as though you think it’s normal or something. It sounds...institutionalized. “[It’s a] Real policy that existed [...]”. Naw man, it wasn’t real. It was a policy, yes, but it was a figment nonetheless. A different perspective is that of the fifth monkey who just got into the cage, and there’s a banana up on that ladder. ...just sayin.
  2. BFM this

    Extension to Age Limit?

  3. BFM this

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    This post? I still see it.
  4. BFM this

    Latest Movies

    Have you heard of the 18X MOS?
  5. BFM this

    Future T-38 replacement?

  6. BFM this

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    18 years of child support vs. Extracting yourself from a toxic marriage that includes a child The difference is a small fortune. Not even close.
  7. BFM this

    Which Tablet, Which Software - GA Flying

    Wing-X pro is free for Mil and CFIs. I used ForeFlight for two years before switching to Wing-X for the savings. Little different, but I can’t say I’m missing FF.
  8. BFM this

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    None. The first phase of training would be 15 dual and 20 solo hours in a Husky. btw: the FTU is equipped with a fleet of Huskies...and the line for IPs is around the block. ...let me have my dreams dammit
  9. Active duty? As in not ANG or AFRC? Are you being told that you’ll have to go through UPT? So much intriguing in one post.
  10. Not to worry. With the new ADSC rule change, it makes up for it. #FixedTheGlitch
  11. BFM this

    Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    Cool jet and all, and the T38 companion was nice, but it sounded like some of the most boring single seat flying out there, aside from the .00001% actual mission nights.
  12. Most TAMI folks should meet R-ATP mins. They were selected with 400-500 MWS hours, probably flew another 100ish hours waiting to PCS, and it’s total time, so 200 UPT hours count. Oh yeah and it’s mil time, so + .3 a sortie! Knew one guy who got TAMId, then went on deployment before he left and ended up with 750 hours in his jet.
  13. Guess I’m not exactly the demographic you’re referring to since I long ago had the logbook to step right into 121, but... I also had some RPA stink, but would gladly take regional pay and QoL for a window seat. Never wanted to go. Gave my best when the “needs of the AF” said to. Would have separated within 3 years of retirement if the AF hadn’t PCSd me out. Pay is important, but it’s not everything. If the AF can get a little something out of someone while giving them their preferred path, that’s what good talent management looks like. It’s not all “give me exactly what I want with nothing in return.”