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  1. Highly doubt that. Agree with most of the points made here, but given her CV, she can kick a ball. Don’t get me wrong: she would have provided precisely zero help to the return coverage, but that probably was the point. Put the ball exactly here, avoid the biggest return threats. She did her job as asked, I’m guessing. That’s probably the strategic blunder here: should have let her give it her best grunt, let the chips fall where they may.
  2. You should catch his live act sometime. Totally worth the cover plus two drink minimum. 🤘
  3. I would agree that it isn’t pure vertical, but bank never broke 90? So a pitch/sliceback?
  4. -80 degrees C (colder than dry ice) is not your standard refrigeration obstacle.
  5. Pulls pin and tosses ad hominem grenade. Walks out. Right...Good talk, Russ.
  6. Pretty sure they don’t have ejection seats; bailout only. Glad they all made it!
  7. The FO’s incompetence and the CA’s competence intersected well below the available recovery window in this circumstance. FO made an input well outside reasonable expectation, so much so that it produced a startle effect in the CA, fatally delaying the attempted recovery on his part. An antidote could have been a timely and assertive “MY AIRCRAFT” from the CA, but given the data, even that is left to doubt; regardless, no such declaration was recorded on the CVR.
  8. Reason #369 why I’m so glad to no longer be traveling with the circus. ...small j vs big J? WTaF? The very definition of dodging valid feedback.
  9. In 3y the regionals will be back to picking up .mil with R-ATP mins. If you can sprint to an EP qual, you could potentially go straight to a major.
  10. Don’t think that’s normally a thing in the case of injuries and no fatalities.
  11. I might be wrong on this (second hand rumor) but I think it was implemented in some form in the RPA world. Funding to go flying at the local FBO I’d heard. Correct me if I’m wrong here.
  12. Or, hear me out now, these protests are being organized and participated in by people who have lost their income by excessive response to the threat, while those with a recession proof stream of income write op-Ed’s about “dark money” (which makes me think Soros actually...).
  13. So was Welsh. Lots of hopes were high. And he decided to front load a RIF and then cash in all of his chips trying to park the A-10.
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