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  1. BFM this


    Maybe they’ve reformed since... My experience with First Command was them giving us their pitch as we started UPT. As I looked at their numbers, it was clear that they were only interested in soaking as many butter bars sitting with me in the room as possible. Compared to the vast selection of investment vehicles available in the world, the rates of commission and expense ratios that they were charging, amounted to a loan shark diversifying into the whole life insurance sector. Suddenly their uncanny ability to attract the talents of so many retired senior officers made a lot of sense.
  2. Depending on the circumstances surrounding this case, could be very ironic indeed. ...or a non sequitur
  3. Flying video...there's a twin otter there in the beginning.
  4. Likelihood of any bureaucrat making the connection between such a "job action" and the RLA...nil. TSA jobs program gotta be protected.
  5. Ironic pandering. Everything I’ve read indicates that the female student in question is straight pissed that leadership has taken it upon themselves to be offended on her behalf. ...can’t say that I would blame her.
  6. My wife could earn another 30% without breaking a sweat, or more if she cared to, but that extra in her paycheck pales in comparison to what my time on the road nets the household. Make no mistake, my work schedule effectively becomes HER work schedule. In the most acute example, if I’m going to work an OT day, she is effectively working a day of OT, with all of the associated life disruptions as well. So my schedule planning (especially OT) begins with her input. Our ethos is that while we may be intentionally derating her career, doing so allows us to hunt the big game with my schedule. We bid around the 14th of the month.
  7. Went back to reference my FDX.PC profile for some of the answers, but it’s gone. So at least I got that going for me.
  8. Their right or my right? ...nevermind
  9. As an aside, taking a page from your own tribe... Have you taken the time to visit an AD unit? Asked some questions, maybe shadowed someone to get an idea if the lifestyle would be a good fit for you?
  10. The AF doesn’t want to retain and/or bring on qualified folks nearly as much as they want to tell congress that they are struggling to retain and/or bring on qualified folks. Priorities, man, all about the priorities.
  11. You say that as though it isn’t a completely artificial construct, fabricated by insecure leadership. The way you say it, it’s as though you think it’s normal or something. It sounds...institutionalized. “[It’s a] Real policy that existed [...]”. Naw man, it wasn’t real. It was a policy, yes, but it was a figment nonetheless. A different perspective is that of the fifth monkey who just got into the cage, and there’s a banana up on that ladder. ...just sayin.
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