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  1. BL: if you hear a rumor that bombers are going to start dropping to Tones, believe it when you see it. If you hear a rumor that RPAs are going to start dropping again. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  2. Finance Problems

    No. Depending on the community and RA involved, maybe. At a staff gig, going for cross country jaunt, my RA looked at me like broccoli just sprouted out of my forehead when I'd clicked that block. "Well don't you have a flight plan? Don't you know where you're going?" I gave it the ole college try to explain the concept of field hours, limited wx capability in a jet that has a number on the tail somewhere in the 60s, etc. The look I got back was what I'd expect if I asked my golden retriever to get me a 10mm socket. ...so, I just built the executed itinerary for "approval" once I got back.
  3. Promotion and PRF Information

    How many man hours do we waste on that one non-value added requirement: no white space. It's easily 95% of the effort that goes into those things. Plain English; articulate in two to three complete English sentences, why we should promote this officer. Done. Still room in the block? Yes; did you complete the thought and make the case? Then fuck it: done. I just saved the USAF 100,000 officer man-hours in the next year. Airmen's time. Oh, wait, we talk about Airmen's time, but it's calculated as valueless, so never mind.
  4. Promotion and PRF Information

    It was a .mil website. ...?
  5. What is right with the Air Force

    For the love of all that's holy: FUCK YES!!! If I never see another CCS, CCM, CCBS parking spot, it will be too soon.
  6. Gun Talk

  7. North Korea at it again

    Russia and China can wag their fingers at us all they want. At the end of the day, this is 100% their fucking monster. Russia as recently as the 90's and China continuing to this very day. But as great an idea as it is, pinning this tail on the dragon is not going to be that easy.
  8. Promotion and PRF Information

    This happens every year. They increment it out to the last two months, right before the next yg is supposed to start pinning, then cash out the remaining 40% remaining over two months. Every. Year. Don't know why. At this point I don't actually think it's the shoe's fault.
  9. Contract Air

    Random thought I just had before my morning coffee kicks in. As the KC-46 line gets up some steam, with Airbus tankers in an off the shelf status, wondering if there's opportunity for a private venture to acquire and employ a dozen or so tankers over the next several years. DoD has found itself woefully unable to support it's training needs in both A2A and A2G, leading to the rise of Blue Air, Drakken, and ATAC, among others. Likewise, for years Omega has been filling the gaps in DoD's probe and drogue coverage, and the premium on those assets is going nowhere but up as the numbers of grey tails goes down. Seems to me that a handful of tankers available on a contract basis is going to have no trouble finding business in the coming decades. As an aside, while they're not fighting fires, the heavy fire tankers haul trash in the off season; same model could be applied here.
  10. My discussion with the lodging manager about a TLF revolved around me and my three kids and dog in a one bedroom, and something about signing a liability waiver for the lead based paint (I had a two year old). Nope.
  11. Military Equivalency Process

    Go there They're up at Alliance I believe.
  12. NFL Ratings are Way Down

    Some Chik-fil-a's are open on Sunday, guessing this would be such an example
  13. Concept aircraft

    So 1980s
  14. 1801 Handling Question

    BaseOps, like so many functions within the Air Force, has become its own rice-bowl economy, run by self-licking ice cream cones.