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  1. Lol, they won’t forget where they came from. But every last one of their friends would be telling them “Fakouttahere; go get paid, brah!”
  2. Active duty who works at the NSC or a part timer that works at the NSC as his day job? There's a difference. And yeah, in the case of the former, I’d expect him to show up in uniform if told to report front and center, regardless of his UoD at work.
  3. BFM this


    Wouldn't be surprised if you end up pitching in for another two-circle. Many parallels from what you shared with my own trip through BPD-land...including a post decree arrest, multiple convictions, and the list went on (all her, btw). She must have had the shittiest lawyer I've ever heard of to ditch the mil-retirement asset. Score for you. True. Complete financial ruin, an entire generation of wealth destroyed, barely able to make ends meet, unable to provide for more than the essentials for my kids for a while; luckily I was able to stiff-arm BK, but only just. In the end, the sweetest phrase you'll ever hear: Sole physical & legal. Worth. It.
  4. AFPAK Hands absolutely was cheap talk. It was another in an endless line of pulling on your "service before self" chain to get you to invest yourself in something that top level leadership wasn't willing to materially back. The "incentives", what little they were, turned out to be hollow, and they were clearly not substantial to begin with.
  5. Ok, hear me out: We spend a lot of $$$ turning boneyard Vipers into targets. If Turkey is willing... Im just sayin
  6. BFM this


    Just because they have the J.D., doesn’t necessarily mean they have a better crosscheck or eye for detail. For anyone approaching the point of departure: I did a lot of writing during my divorce. A LOT. Like, more than I had in college, more than PDE/IDE. And I fucking HATE to write. I learned to do legal research and included citations. About 40% of what I wrote ended up on the floor after editing, but quite a bit ended up directly cut and pasted into my motions, with the legal mechanics built around the story. And with my good lawyers ($$$) it saved me some coin. But more importantly, there was no way that my attorneys could have had the in-depth detail awareness, or made all of the logical connections toward a meaningful conclusion, if I were just feeding them cocktail napkin notes the whole time. ...fwiw.
  7. I was gonna suggest this should go in the WTF thread, but it fits here I guess. So, in time honored tradition (BUFF, Warthog, Viper), now that Big Blue has proudly stamped their nerd moniker on this thing, what are we actually going to call it?
  8. Cuz that could have gone an ironic, big blue, other direction completely.
  9. Definitely will not be the Chinese. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2019/07/20/asia-pacific/top-gun-sequel-appears-remove-japanese-taiwanese-flags/#.XTN-Q5YpCEe
  10. Wonder if there’s going to be a geopolitical antagonist this time, and who would play the role. Thinking of the Red Dawn reboot that CGI rewrote the NoDAKs implausibly in for the originally penned Chinese invaders (so as not to offend a substantial box office market).
  11. The WTF thread is down the hall on the left.
  12. “The source said that things reached a boiling point May 31, when Dunlop lost her temper in a meeting with senior Air Force civilians. An Air Force civilian immediately told Ellen Lord, the Pentagon's top acquisition official, about the situation in the office, the source said, and Lord walked over to the SAPCO office and removed Dunlop.” And that, boys and girls, should tell you everything you need to know about where you’re at in the food chain if your office includes GS employees.
  13. Slow Clap... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/u-s-service-members-seen-with-maga-patches-on-jumpsuits-at-trump-speech/ Standing, hats off, slow clap... Well done, gents.
  14. Guess I should have GTS (google that shit) the first time. http://www.sheppardair.com/milcomp.htm Yes, you should have also gotten your Comm ASEL. Should be an easy fix.
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