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  1. Ordering Patches (name, morale, fun meter)

    Really nice folks. However, their current setup doesn’t allow them to make leather patches did A-2 jackets. They’re hoping to expand this in the future.
  2. Air Force to begin testing enlisted pilots

    Maintainers made the worst Boom students with the “I fix the jet, I know how everything works.” This will be a terrible idea.
  3. KC-46A Info

    Not every aircraft has a UARSSI, but got it.
  4. KC-46A Info

    Last I heard they’re making it color (current -46 system is in b&w). Nothing will replace being able to see the receiver with your own MKI. All the -135 needed was a system to wipe off the hydro fluid, anti-ice, de-ice fluid inflight and it would’ve been fine. Boeing sucks. They hired Rat for Christ’s sake.
  5. KC-46A Info

    Boom scraping?
  6. KC-46A Info

    The only people that don't think this program is garbage are the blue koolaid drinkers that are involved IOT&E program or some other directorate at AMC/AETC. "Yeah the AR system is in black and white because some doctors said you see better in black and white."
  7. F-16 Students skip Phase III

    How many Viper RTU’s are there now? Thought Luke switched to just -35 training?
  8. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    The old Dover OG is gay. He said that he never held it against someone, officially, when people would make comments against gay and lesbians. However he said he made sure to remember all their names.
  9. What's wrong with the Air Force?

    The old STUS/CC at Vance drew dicks on my checklist one flight in the KC-135 when I left my checklist on the Nav table. So I find this 10% truth hard (sts) to believe.
  10. Yeah, the 360 degree feedback is bullshit too. The currently douchebag that’s the 89th Command Chief had to do the 360 degree feedback and sent it to his “friends” to give him feedback. Surprisingly enough no one that either didn’t like him, had worked for him, never received it. Everything can be skewed in life and the Air Force would rather have professional “skewers of data” than addressing actual problems and telling douche bags they can’t be leaders.
  11. SGT Bowe Bergdahl Freed

    Actually, he was a Sergeant, and he’s still a Sergeant since the demotion takes place 14-days after the sentence and/or when the Convening Authority takes action (which will never be before 14-days in a General Court Martial).
  12. Flight Evaluation Board (FEB)

    You don't sign a Form 8 saying you agree with it. You sign a Form 8 saying you've been debriefed.
  13. SGT Bowe Bergdahl Freed

    So an adult job... Like the airlines? I know one pilot, who was convicted in a court martial for drugs, flying for Kalitta and one who was Art 15'd for prescription drug use flying for FedEx. Southwest, Delta, and Apple didn't give two shits what my discharge was. Outside of filling out the block on "Protected Veteran" they never asked anything else.
  14. SGT Bowe Bergdahl Freed

    Depends on what it's for. A lot of people claim that a dishonorable is an automatic felony, that depends on a lot of factors and where you decide to live. Of course murder would be unanimous for a felony if adjudged in a court martial with a dishonorable because of what it was for. However Bergdahl was convicted of Military Only Offenses, some states would consider the offense of what he was convicted of and care, some wouldn't. Either way what happens next, unless he waives it, is the discharge is not executed. He still has to wait for possible clemency from the Convening Authority (most likely won't happen), and since the offense were committed before 2013, when the UCMJ changed, the Convening Authority has the authority to disapprove the punitive discharge. While he's waiting for that he'll use any leave that he has, and be paid, until 14-days later when the demotion takes place (or the Convening Authority acts before, which probably won't happen). After his leave is exhausted, he'll be placed in appellate leave status which is a unpaid status. He won't work, but he'll still be eligible for Tricare. He's waiting for the Army Appellate Court (ACCA) to review his case since he was sentenced to a punitive discharge, which takes about a year. If they affirm his conviction he can appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF) to hear his case, and possibly overturn what the ACCA and Convening Authority approved. If the CAAF affirm his conviction he can appeal to the Supreme Court via a Write of Certiorari, however the Supreme Court has a history of not wanting to hear a lot of military trials since their decisions could possibly change the Manual for Court Martial/UCMJ, which are written by Congress and the President. A lot the JAG's feel that this was the right decision, as do I. Trump's comments as a candidate were stupid, but not technically Unlawful Command Influence (UCI). However affirming and talking about it the day prior to court martial starting, as the President, was very ignorant. Regardless of how one feels, if a Military Judge has to go on the record and hear and make a decision on the President's comments, that's never a good thing. Of course Trump's comments weren't going to affect the Military Judge, however the fact he considered it during sentencing means it was a mitigating factor for sentencing. And we all know him deserting led to his captivity, however he was still captive for five year in terrible condition. That was also another mitigation factor in sentencing. I think a punitive discharge, no confinement was the right call for a sentence. However Trump's comments are going to create a ton of appellate issues.