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  1. Azimuth

    Retirement / Separation Considerations

    They can Court Martial you if you’re retired. The Marines just ops checked that theory. It is criminal the authority they have.
  2. Azimuth

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    The Air Force propaganda machine looks like it dusted off Enron’s playbook. ”Don’t panic, everything is fine...”
  3. Which Enlisted member makes more than the CMSAF?
  4. Azimuth

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Same applies to the USAF.
  5. Azimuth

    What is right with the Air Force

    Former Sq/CC wrote a good article on the topic. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/leaders-eat-last-do-still-park-closest-christopher-lanier
  6. Azimuth

    And Yet Another Deadline Missed

    Enlisted usually get guaranteed follow ons with Korea. Weird O’s don’t.
  7. Azimuth

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    There’s “this is how it works” in theory and “this is what actually happens” in practice. The latter being what should be told to young Airmen and Cadets.
  8. Azimuth

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    An SVC is supposed to advise their client of their legal rights, however there has been evidence via case law and appellate opinions that have documented SVC’s concealing evidence from the government (which would subsequently require the government to turn over to the defense via discovery), conspire with the government with trial strategy during the court martial, and other unethical actions that are way outside their charged duties. In my case my accuser’s SVC wanted to observe my accuser work with OSI to wire tap me during a phone call while I was deployed. Thankfully I received some life saving advice on how not to fall into that biased law enforcement trap. At the end of the day court martial convictions and victim saving are OPR bullets for trial counsel and SVC’s, not acquittals.
  9. Azimuth

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    That’s the kangaroo court of military justice. Until 2016, the government could use what’s called “propensity evidence.” Which was eluding to the factfinder that you were guilty of a crime because of all of the various crimes you were charged with, not convicted of. Thankfully the CAAF (highest military court of appeals) overruled that practice since it’s blankly violates an accused’s due process. U.S. vs. Hills
  10. Azimuth

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Well, after Wilkerson was released from confinement due to his court martial conviction being set aside by Lt Gen Franklin a woman came forward saying that he was the father of their kid, unbeknown to his wife. That was the factor for the SECAF retiring him as a Major (last grade served honorably). I’ve read a few CAAF and branch Appellate Court opinions where the appellee was acquitted of the major charge(s) like rape, sexual assault, child pornography, etc. Only to be convicted, and punitively discharged, for minor military offenses such as Art 92 failure to follow a lawful order like failing to register their personal firearm while on base or Art 134 conduct unbecoming.
  11. Azimuth

    What is right with the Air Force

    Hopefully, the OG finds out what’s going on the KC-10 slide not inflating. https://www.military.com/dodbuzz/2018/06/25/kc-10-ground-emergency-under-investigation-air-force-says.html
  12. Azimuth

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    “It’s called a court of law, not a court of truth.” That’s what I was told during my court martial by one of my attorneys and it’s a very true statement. Lawyers will fight tooth and nail to get evidence “in” or keep evidence “out” under Rules of Evidence. Christensen is a POS who’s on the SJW #MeToo movement trying to get retribution for losing the Wilkerson case. If you ever read the record of trial, his theme was that fighter pilots were rapist frat boys that got to break the rules because that’s the mentality they have. The SVC position is an odd one. They don’t have legal “standing” in a traditional sense in law since they are neither the prosecution or the defense. They were part of the 2011-2012 knee jerk reaction by the Air Force (and eventually adopted by the military) from fall out of the Wilkerson case and the documentary “Invisible War” where Sen Hillibrand and Sen McCaskill branded a sexual assault epidemic in the military. The SVC position, in theory, is a great resource to a victim about legal rights (self-incrimination, how the military justice system will progress with the case, expedited transfer, etc). However, it’s turned into a personal Kirkland & Ellis law firm for the victim to have the accused prosecuted completely at their personal whim, not what the evidence shows the Government or the Convening Authority. The SVC’s aren’t supposed to align with either side of the adversarial judicial process, but they end up doing so with the Government a lot of the time. Another problem is that a JAG can go straight into being an SVC without ever spending time as trial counsel or defense counsel. This recent Air Force case U.S. v. Vargas shows that the SVC conspired with the Senior Trial Cousnel (lead prosecutor) and the NAF/SJA to have a certain military judge removed from a docketed trial because of how he has ruled unfavorably, in their own opinion, in previous sexual assault case. Then the actual military judge who knew about the conspiracy to remove the previous military judge, was the one who did eventually remove the military judge from the case and then presided over the case himself. He then declined to be deposed by defense counsel to be challenged to be removed fro the case due to his person involvement. In the civilian world that would get you removed from the circuit of trying cases, let alone a bar complaint. In the military they just PCS you or a allow you to retire. I believe that non-judicial punishments authority should be Commanders on G-Series orders. However, major criminal activity under the UCMJ (Rape, Murder, Sexual Assault, etc) should be given to the DOJ because of the misjustices that the Military Justice allows to happen since it’s a Commander ran system that are advised from incompetitent attorneys who aren’t doing ethical actions.
  13. Azimuth

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Which is sad that doing something, well within a Convening Authorities discretion, is now considered "fall on sword" moment.
  14. Azimuth

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    State declined to prosecute, USAF declined to prosecute, so the SVC’s and the man hater Hillibrand is again trying to circumvent the judicial system again by getting their frivolous Art 120 convictions. I hope that Convening Authority planned on retiring at his current grade. https://mdcourts.gov/sites/default/files/unreported-opinions/2017/1015s16.pdf
  15. Azimuth

    The Next President is...

    Rules can change to enable outcomes you like? That happens all the time, reference the current military justice system with the Article 120 assembly line because of Sen Gillibrand and Sen McCaskill getting pissed about the U.S. v. Wilkerson case being overturned by the NAF/CC. Just change the UCMJ to stomp on the rights of the accused via things like Military Rule of Evidence changes, SVC’s whom try to act like little assistance trial counsels for the the Goverment, and Commanders scared shitless of getting their careers tanked not applying the “reasonable person” standard when determining if something should go to trial or not. The 5th and 14th Amendment guarantee an accused due process, however instead of making sure justice is administered, lawyers and commanders are too busy trying to circumvent around those rights to get those convictions. But hey, the branches look tough on sexual assault now, right? People try and succeed at changing the rules to try to get future outcomes they’d like to see.