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  1. Anyone feel sorry for Donnie? He obviously wants us to. Poor little man, all alone...
  2. I think these guys used the same production company. Dead ringer for a Kenny Powers video!
  3. According to this report both ejected safely. Stay safe out there. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/05/23/air-force-training-jet-crashes-in-mississippi-pilots-ejected-safely.html
  4. Huge “2” on this. I could give a shit anymore about tactical flying. Leave me alone, pay me. End of story.
  5. Good luck getting those of us who’ve reached escape velocity to ever come back. They’ll have a hell of a time finding me if they ever come looking. I’ve been out for two years and would never go back (barring an actual shooting war).
  6. Bobby

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    It also might not work on Huggy’s tablet.
  7. I agree. Strong opinions are the benchmark of a solid future USAF pilot. Be sure to keep a stiff upper lip and don’t be afraid to share your opinions at UPT. Your IP’s will recognize this and reward you above your peers. Stay strong!
  8. Sounds like sexual harassment to me.
  9. SWA FO. Started Feb 2017. 6 months to get into my desired base. Only one base that I couldn’t get into at this point (ATL). Able to get into any other within 4-6 months. 15 days on if you’re a reserve. Lines average anywhere from 12-15 days/month. Typically efficient, densely packed pairings. You can work more, up to FAR 117 limits to earn more $$. On first-year anything extra that you pick up from the company is paid at second-year rates. I drive to work, hustle and average 130-140 credit per month working 18-20 days/month. This helps take the sting off of first-year pay. I too did ECIC and highly recommend. They are excellent at helping you organize your thoughts and stories into a coherent framework that made the interview go very smoothly for me. It’s true that you will work for your money here but i enjoy the flexibility and ability to earn more if desired. PM me if you have any questions.
  10. ^^This^^ This is exactly what I did when I was twice passed over. I simply pay them back the unearned portion (via 1% interest monthly installments) and proceed out the door to the airlines! It is truly better out here. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
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