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  1. Warrior

    KC-46A Info

    You think you’re being cute. But thinking along those lines is what we need (and some people are doing)
  2. Can you elaborate on the ANG dude who has an ADSC?
  3. I got non-vol’d to a 6 month exec gig for a GO ~45 days after a PCS. Turns out that’s as soon as they can make you deploy post PCS. I had 2.5 weeks’ notice. So no, not an aide job but close. I separate this summer.
  4. Warrior

    Concealed Carry

    Well done
  5. Warrior

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Selection bias. We like to bitch about the bro who got passed over who’s a really good/smart:hard working dude and hold that example up as indicative of everyone who got passed over. I know a handful who fit the criteria-shocked that they didn’t make it. Then there are the retards who suck in the jet and at office work. Those are the ones who should have been passed over, but there’s a delta between the number of tards and the total number who get passed over. Those are the stories that are much more dramatic to complain about.
  6. Warrior

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I personally know several WIC guys who didn’t get school. One data point: how many WIC grads are in the 57 WG all competing against each other for that push? I freely admit that I don’t have the comprehensive data to say that 69% do or don’t go in res.
  7. Warrior

    Concealed Carry

    Read the instructions for the 4473. You can buy guns essentially as a resident of 2 states-your home if record and where you’re stationed. Most gun store clerks are idiots. Or their company has more restrictive policies (Dicks).
  8. Warrior

    The new airline thread

    Checks with my experience
  9. Warrior

    The new airline thread

    Pile on: Although there are exceptions I’m hearing that the legacies are generally calling 30-90 days out from availability.
  10. Warrior

    Flying with an automatic watch

    I’m on my third $20 timex. You asked about mechanical, but I’m with Hoss for what to wear in the cockpit.
  11. Can I turn in my GTC and use my AMEX instead?
  12. Warrior

    The new airline thread

    That article is depressing. It’s United’s fault that the snowflake wouldn’t do anything proactive to make the guy stop? Instead she waits until he’s done....”hours later” Also, United needs a new PR department.
  13. Warrior

    Future T-38 replacement?

    Where do you think I stole my username from?
  14. Warrior

    Space Force

    Concur with your points about authorities and figuring out how to do it. My concern about separating space goes to your second point about WOs. We have a difficult enough time integrating blue capes across domains. How does separating space enable us to integrate more effectively? I’m confused about your cyber WO comment. There already are Cyber WOs. http:// https://www.nellis.af.mil/News/Article/1377840/328th-wps-cyber-course-revs-up-weapons-officer-development/
  15. I tried T-mobile. Lasted less than a month. Their coverage sucks. Completely inop on base it Little Rock and not good in other places.