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  1. No washouts is unequivocally incorrect (in any version). As to the first sentence, probably close to true, but what results exactly do you have an issue with? ~Bendy Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network mobile app
  2. Hard pass. ~Bendy Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network mobile app
  3. Here we are again, Huggy...So then, once the investigation is over, is it now the time to start speculation? I tire over this concept that speculation can’t be a valuable tool for pilots to discuss scenarios that aren’t driven by historical fact. While the platform for such speculation is a real cause for concern, pilots should be both sharing personal facts and talking hypothetically to be their best...this absolute tank opinion on talk is unhelpful. If one believes this forum is an inappropriate place, that’s one thing...but, speculation is actually healthy if done for the right reasons.
  4. I’m quite sure everyone is told at some stage to lower the seat to the point it’s above your head...whether they listen or not is a different answer. ~Bendy Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network mobile app
  5. The T-6 can’t jettison it’s canopy; It wouldn’t even come open if you unlocked it in flight. Maybe we should teach ELPs... Now, if it did jettison, why wouldn’t the ejection sequencer just do that instead of blowing it up in the pilot’s face? Man, if we bought a screw driver, we’d end up paying $300 for a drill with no bits. smh When I retire, I’m starting a business for the sole purpose of selling overpriced shit to the government. ~Bendy Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network mobile app
  6. I don’t understand a lot, but DT Vectors is one I have never understood. What’s the point? ~Bendy
  7. I am not at Vance. UPT 2.5 is at Vance because Vance leadership asked it to be, AGAINST the advice of people close to its development. Banzai is not a Vance term; it’s a PTN term, adopted by every base. I’m not rooting against you, I just think the acceleration over the last 5-6 months is irresponsible. That isn’t on you or any other IP... If you think that syllabus, or this effort, is Vance’s, you should go find someone that knows what they’re talking about. Although, at this point, sometimes I wish it was... The next 6 months are very important here...we might just scrap this whole F’
  8. Vance AFB is conducting UPT 2.5 because “they were just so far ahead of the other bases”...LOL. Anyone can sign up for stupid anytime they want, doesn’t make one “farther ahead”...I would NOT want to be dealing with this thing in mass as END right now. This thing is hard enough with a single flight SGTO. Grade A way to become so overwhelmed you learn nothing (just wait until we sprinkle on a little timeline pressure), but that’s just one man’s opinion. That whole syllabus is going to require a MASSIVE overhaul...not a bad try for writing it in a couple months when no one had any idea what
  9. Do you teach primary pilot training? Last I check (today), we are. ~Bendy Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network mobile app
  10. Line pilots still do the staff work, even if they aren’t on staff... Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network mobile app
  11. Yay, we don’t suck!!! #poundmetoo ~Bendy Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network mobile app
  12. An upvote, skybert...but it’ll be Fair overall for your inability to correctly quote a post. ~Bendy
  13. This is one of the most horrible things I’ve ever read. ~Bendy Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network mobile app
  14. Sorry to hear that. Being a military mishap, you’d be looking for the AIB (Accident Investigation Board) report, that would be the public findings. The JAG website normally posts those, but 1991 is a ways back. You could always put in a FOIA request to get it, but I just don’t think the publicly posted stuff goes that far back. Sorry if I’m not saying anything new...I’m sure you’ve tried before and a bunch of different things. ~Bendy Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network mobile app
  15. Which syllabus do you mean, and why would you be surprised night landings are in it? ~Bendy
  16. I still just want to know why they pulled Zoe Kotnik. I get privacy and all, but seriously...just want to know, know. ~Bendy Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network mobile app
  17. As a pilot, that was worthless...as some one that has no idea what the AIB is trying to say, perhaps there is value. Before you start that, it’s 35 minutes of him reading you the AIB. Analysis is non-existent, conclusions are short and without backing. Not worth a view for the all but the youngin’s (what I suppose I am not anymore)...although, man, I sure do remember those days! ~Bendy Sent from my iPad using Baseops Network mobile app
  18. Four of them finished 1-4 in their class per emails I’ve seen out of the 19AF staff; can’t speak intelligently about the fifth. Generated enough “excitement”, that the T-38s are going to start receiving their make over starting at Vance, starting right now. So I guess it’s “lucked out”, as much as you need being 1-4 in your class... ~Bendy
  19. Welp, just a tad bit backed up I guess. This place is Special. We’ll see how they do...went through fast, sit long time. ~Bendy Edit: OP, wouldn’t worry about figuring out Banzai...sounds like EVERYONE there will be figuring it out together!
  20. The last Banzai students at CBM are going to sit between phase 2 and 3 for about 6 weeks shy of a year. ~Bendy
  21. AETC’s upcoming RTRB will be hijacked by dissent over this topic. None of the phase 3 plans are well planned, disseminated, or coordinated. It’ll be conducted virtually most likely (so dial in for the fun if you can! Bring some popcorn!) The T-6 syllabus wasn’t well coordinated either...very close hold and the initial coordination was done in a week. ...and, no, I don’t personally believe we’ll end up using 737 sims. All seems kind of dumb to me... ~Bendy
  22. T-6 syllabus should be done with cord mid-May. Lots of contention...lots. T-1 and T-38 tracks (which there still are, as of now), are set to be figured out in the upcoming months. The real intent is to set up students as “universally assignable” after T-6. Which is a bit funny when I watch a T-38 trained FAIP go B-2 while we could send a T-1 grad, but whatever... UPT 2.5 at this point adds sorties to the T-6...for everyone (that’s a GREAT thing). The problem starts when it’s vision depends on “early access” (which is neutered by regulations) to decimate phase 3 training leading to win
  23. Do any of us really believe this was the guy’s first course of action? How many conversations, day in and day out, are happening at every single wing right now? In my humble opinion, not knowing the facts, I’d call that one a Hail Mary that didn’t manage to work...until the media basically force it. Anecdotally, it was just days prior to me hearing about this letter that the SecDef Himself was saying he would not evacuate that ship. Innocent until proven guilty...holds. His command...more fickle...does not. To tell a group of sailors, most of whom have this virus now, to shut up and colo
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