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  1. Pyro headed west yesterday morning after a long battle with cancer.
  2. Rest in peace, brother. Nickel on the grass.
  3. This. Also, the internet is not as anonymous as some people think. There are a ton of bros doing hiring on this board. What do you think will happen when they put two and two together with a 31 year old in real estate with mediocre scores and a letter of rec from a lieutenant? Rule #1: Don't be a douche.
  4. I'd rather fly fighters in the south than show up to airshows in the north saying, "I always wanted to be a fighter pilot, but..."
  5. Children of the magenta is a real thing.
  6. All pilots enter as officers. Are you talking about COT?
  7. Would be less likely to ballwalk if the ARC could get a handle on paying people correctly and in a timely manner without having the member waste multiple days trying to get it unfucked. I know, I know. Too much to ask.
  8. I don't know of any personally, but I've heard of them from folks at A3. The Guard actually ended up with more than the Reserves.
  9. The Navy Reserve does. And the Guard/Reserve have already seen a few of those.
  10. I think it's a matter of strength of union and work rules. You work for an airline with a contract that is decent and management / middle management / scheduling that doesn't openly hate you. APA is not a union. They're a widebody CA protection group. The work rules are protected only by FAR 117, beyond that, it's mostly a scheduling free for all or "not implemented yet" (after 6 years) or "IT issues" for stuff that would help the pilots. From this perspective, I absolutely agree with Ratner on this. Without unions artificially propping up the weak sisters whose only accomplishment is to be hired first, the strong would thrive and the weak would be gone. Some of the nonsensical language this group agreed to often makes me wonder if we'd be better off without any union at all. Because when you call the company on their BS, the union's response is typically "we asked and they said no" or "fly it and we'll grieve it later" or "sorry but there's no language for that." If we had a union that could actually stand up to the company (as opposed to being in bed with them as a flow-thru program to management positions), it might seem worth it.
  11. Also valid, but he said he only wanted to work 20 hrs.
  12. Who do I need to speak to in order to have you sit Top-3 more? I'm ready to start a letter writing campaign.
  13. The coverage days are crap and there aren't enough layers. We could've picked better software.
  14. When is whatshisnuts sitting Top 3 again? Asking for a friend.
  15. What kind of fuckery is this?
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