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  1. I watched the speech. It was stupid, but exactly the type of stupid I expect from an exploited child. I doubt she even wrote it. What kind of people convince a bunch of kids they are going to die in a decade or two from something that's barely supported by the data? You know these very adults don't actually believe their own BS, because they aren't throwing themselves into the gears to save the world. She rode a boat to get to the speech; the adults all took cars and planes. That's enough to tell you who's a true believer and who's just virtue signaling.
  2. If you want the most polished counter argument to the climate change dogma, look up the Manhattan Contrarian. The amount of manipulation to the data sets is so egregious it brings the entire theory into question. And where the hell did you guys get the idea she sailed across the Atlantic on her own? That didn't make you pause?
  3. She's a child. Blame the adults using her.
  4. Is there anything more basic than a stubborn old man, losing his marbles to old age, alienating his entire family and friends over the chance for some decades-younger tail?
  5. While it may take more mental effort (though even that claim is questionable), there's no way it's more beneficial. I'd bet right now that if I gave one guy ### hours of sim time and one guy the same number of hours chair flying, you'd be safe betting on the Sim. Chair flying is still good, but if you happen to own a simulator, do that.
  6. I don't remember it happening that way, but I was also zero-years-old...
  7. I remember that. He was a bit of a tool, but that was pretty overblown. He screwed himself by showing up to court in jeans, if I remember right.
  8. Yeah, nothing more thrilling than the drive to work. I wake up every morning refreshed and excited to hit the road. Hell, sometimes I leave my wallet at work so I have an excuse to do an extra lap after dinner.
  9. No. Some of us have self control. Avoiding the one-mistake Air Force does not mean all mistakes are forgivable. I was court martialed, found not guilty, punished after the fact, and kicked out for it (thank god!). I'm the last person in the world to be against redemption stories. But if you haven't figured out by 30 that you can't drink and drive, let alone as a leader who has surely given God knows how many briefings and punishments on the subject, you don't get to hit the reset button. I'm not saying to kick the guy out, but leadership should be off the table IF he did it.
  10. Your honest opinion is honestly stupid.
  11. It's pretty great, actually. Pays the same.
  12. Picard should have used the force to stop the Cylons in the mirror dimension.
  13. SPOILERS! Finally watched it all. Jesus what a disappointment. The writers even admitted they just wanted to move on, but wow. Jon being a Targaryen? Meaningless Bran can see the past? Doesn't change a thing. Sansa is cursed by terrible acting. Arya had the best life of any of them, yet she's so damaged she has to sail off the end of the world? So much for family sticking together. Jaime's redemption? Undone. The White Walkers? Just monsters that kill people it turns out. Dragons? Amazing at political commentary (burning the throne), but cool with genocide. The smartest half-man in the realm? Turns into a naive fool, but also gets to pick the king. The Lord of Light and the Prince who was Promised? Meh, just forget about that. The Unsullied, Dothraki, and Northmen storming Kings Landing... Why? One dragon can do it all. They basically shit the bed as soon as they ran out of books to follow.
  14. You've never done something dumb? You're boring I guess. His hands are clearly not touching her. Does that make it right, noble, or couth? No. But if you can't see the distinction, I'd have to say (while admittedly not knowing you) that you're ignoring your own shortcomings to judge another. We can't complain about the one-mistake Air Force or an unforgiving society if we only seek forgiveness for our friends. There was plenty to dislike about Al Franken's policy and philosophy. Republicans couldn't beat him in the battle of ideas, so they took the easy road, after years of Democrats doing the same to them, I might add. Doesn't make it right, or healthy.
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