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  1. You imply that there were options that weren't disgusting.
  2. You missed this gem: "The point I’ve made through all of those experiences is that anti-Asian racism has the same source as anti-Black racism: white supremacy. So when a Black person attacks an Asian person, the encounter is fueled perhaps by racism, but very specifically by white supremacy. White supremacy does not require a white person to perpetuate it."
  3. Joe represented a return to a pre-Trump world. Politically moderate and not addicting to twitter bombs. What people didn't foresee, including myself, is that Joe would become *more* rather than less progressive after the primary. Usually it's the other way around. Personally, I believe that's due to a combination of two things: heavily relying on ex-Obama staffers, and his own cognitive decline reducing his ability to steer the agenda.
  4. While I appreciate the bold idea that OAN and Newsmax are somehow equivalent to WaPo and CNN, I know you don't believe that. What's next, you going to tell us Hollywood is politically balanced because Kelsey Grammar and Melissa Joan Hart are Republicans? There's definitely a change coming, and the conservative outlets are making progress, but to imply "media" is balanced in 2021 is silly. Ironically, the outlets you cite are doing well specifically because of the wild imbalance in political leaning in the news media.
  5. Yes? I think the latter causes the former, not the other way around. So, they're related, but not in the manner presented. And in this case we specifically referring to "gangster" culture, not all forms of hedonism.
  6. The glorification of crime in poor black communities and the refusal of the media/political class to acknowledge such acts based on a racism narrative has nothing to do with Satan shoes. Further, blaming the hedonistic entertainment is misguided. As Walsh points out, it's the lack of a functional family unit, lack of community, lack of education, and lack of role models that causes this. If these criminal children are screaming "hail Satan" then maybe I'd give the shoes more attention. But I played a lot of video games where I massacred civilians and listened to "satanic" music, an
  7. Wait, do people really think Satan shoes are... Anything? How is that important?
  8. I agree completely. Massive, massive deflationary forces from unfathomable progress on automation and exploiting foreign labor have made the inflation from runaway government spending invisible. But the geniuses at the Fed haven't put that together. Problem is, there aren't many places left in the world to get nearly-free labor. If we can't keep dropping the prices on TVs and t-shirts, the stagnation in wage growth for the past couple decades and the aforementioned spending spree is going to kick us in the teeth. And the Fed has nowhere to go with rates at zero. Get ready...
  9. Ah yes, economics. Incredibly complex and counterintuitive answers to simple questions, requiring even more complicated explanations when the aforementioned answers prove incorrect. I really liked when the fed, which is fully staffed with economists, admitted that they simply can't explain the rates of inflation over the past years, so maybe they just need different goals... https://econofact.org/why-did-the-fed-change-its-framework-and-why-does-it-matter Sometimes I think economists were invented to take the heat off of meteorologists.
  10. They want to manipulate the outcome in pursuit of "equity," but doing so with differential scoring criteria is to highlight the very differences they claim don't exist. The demonization of test scores in academia is evidence of this. Affirmative action in University admissions has been around forever, and that's just a form of differential scoring. Not good enough. So now we get rid of grades, leaving group identity rather than performance as the metric for measuring worth. Ugly stuff. As soon as you realize that the whole philosophy is corrupt, and the leaders of the m
  11. Ok, but they *are* lesser or ineffective in certain combat roles. Those roles are quite specifically the ones requiring brute strength or extreme stamina. No test is needed, beyond common sense, but if you have doubts, I believe the Marine Infantry Officer Course was opened to women a few years ago with a predictable outcome. Fighter pilots? Cool. Navy SEALS? Nope. The story with the Army test is that they specifically attempted to create a test that would be gender neutral, yet still women are being overwhelmingly outperformed by men. And why was such a test constructe
  12. I'm not sure if you're being held at gunpoint or something, but what's your point? Any physical fitness test that applies the same standards to males and females will yield a similar result. It is a silly and counterproductive rebellion against reality to expect otherwise. Women are weaker than men. If we came up with tests for cellulite prevalence, congenital heart failure, osteoporosis, or visceral fat, we would have similarly disparate outcomes. Women and men are not the same. We have done a rather marvelous job separating out the military specialities
  13. How it matters, and the point I think Tucker Carlson was trying to make (poorly), is that our president made it a point to talk about pregnancy flight suits, which have zero-to-nearly-zero effect on our military readiness, while failing to talk about the litany of real military threats that face us. This is the go-to move of the political left these days. When you are failing to accomplish anything of substance, or in this case, failing to address a real and escalating immigration crisis at the border, do some low-impact SJW bullshit and know that your side will trip over their equ
  14. If ever there was a time to brush up on the fifth amendment....
  15. It's one part depressing and one part amazing how many people will say just about anything with supreme confidence, then completely fall apart when you simply ask "why?"
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