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  1. Do flies really drop? I've never seen that. Sure, they usually hang out around large piles of sh*t, but in that environment they tend to thrive.
  2. Apparently it's "the sport of Kings," not "the sport of potential Kings."
  3. Loved this movie. I watched that scene 3 or 4 times, it was nuts.
  4. If you want to send kids to die for their country, you can't be surprised when when the people charged with dying for their country act like kids.
  5. Thanks for the great post. Wow. Fortunately I may have lucked my way into a good custom builder already. I'm going to keep looking around, but they do the type of work I'm looking for, and during the tour of one of their more ambitious projects they were hitting all the right notes. Unfortunately, as you pointed out, I'm expecting to pay a lot. The land in Dallas is also very expensive. We have to live in the populated zone due to her job, so I've been looking in the area between DFW and Fort Worth. Lots of good areas all over, but at least 300k or much more to get over a half an acre. Thanks again for sharing all that. You've at least reaffirmed my desire to get a full custom builder.
  6. Thanks for the info, and yes, I would appreciate any and all experience you had. Private message or here for everyone to see is your choice. The timber lien is a new one to me.
  7. I have to disagree. It was total ball wash. First, with zero explanation as to where this cookie cutter replacement for the Empire, complete with wrinkled old holographic Force user, came from, it destroys the entire Republic, erasing the entire struggle of IV, V, and VI. So a headstrong orphan who works with broken equipment on a desert planet encounters a robot who thrusts her into a space adventure on the millennium falcon where she learns of her incredible connection to the force. This journey includes a stop in a dangerous cantina for space criminals. Our hero receives the wise guidance of a very old, very short, sassy alien that appears to know more about the protagonist than they let on. She is given a lightsaber from an older, still alive but disgraced powerful Jedi. Oh yeah, she's also a great pilot. This journey ultimately leads to their participation in the ultimate fight to destroy the third, THIRD massive spherical planet-destroying space station, which requires Han Solo and Chewbacca to break into a building and destroy it with explosives before an X-Wing can fly through a laser-ridden gorge and destroy the strangely accessible weak spot that will detonate the whole station. How on Earth did JJ come up with such a fantastic story?
  8. His entry sucked too. They completely shat the bed with EP 7 and 8. They couldn't stop geeking out over the original trilogy references and write a story that stood on its own.
  9. Bagram Tower: Antonov6969, hold short runway 3, traffic on three mile final. Ivan: Bagroom tower, I read you! Cleared for takeoff! Bagram Tower: Antonov 6-9-6-9, negative! Hold short, runway 3, landing traffic is on 2 mile final. Ivan: Yes, traffic in sight, Antonov 6969 is taking off! Happy morning tower. Bagram Tower: Fighting Falcon 55, go around, traffic taking runway is ....
  10. Alexandria Occasional Cortex is the deus ex machina for Republicans. Seriously, with all the conspiracy theories out there, it makes more sense to me that AOC is a republican plant than to believe the archetypal millennial has descended from the heavens to save Donald Trump from himself. Overpriced undergraduate degree in a subject she knows nothing about? Check Convinced she knows more than experts in a variety of fields? Check Worked in the restaurant industry and has a terrible credit score? Check Finds racist white male privilege in every perceived injustice? Check Completely unable to judge character and thus associates with people looking to benefit financially from campaign finance fraud? Check Terrified the ecological Holocaust is moments away, but unwilling to make environmental changes in her own life? Check Considers herself qualified for a job merely by merit of her existence? Check Obsessed with seeing herself in social media? Check I could go on and on and on. You couldn't make her more stereotypical if she was slathered in avocado There's an important philosophical point somewhere in here about abandoning principals for political gain and the road to ruin, but I'd rather watch the train wreck than consider the implications for now.
  11. Just wait until they find out about the post-solo waterboarding that happens at UPT...
  12. "Us" was stupid. Had potential, but fizzled with too many obvious contradictions.
  13. This is actually more what I would have imagined. The experience I had with O-6s was that they were resentful of the younger crowd for wanting better retention measures. That's not to say they were malicious about it (some were), but even the "great dudes" would push back some in a conversation about why the AF isn't doing enough to keep talent. I suspect that sentiment goes all the way to the top. Think about it, these are the guys who made it through the air force that was firing people every three years. There was never anybody higher ranking than them who asked what it would take to keep them in. In fact, if they left, it was in line with the Air Force's future manning projections. They basically lived through the hunger games to make it to the top. Now all of a sudden, when they're finally in the position of power they worked oh so hard for, they're told they need to come up with ways to keep a bunch of millennial captains and majors happy, when not a damn person cared about their happiness. I get why they aren't thrilled with the idea. But that doesn't change the necessity of it.
  14. How does buying land work? I plan on doing a completely custom build, which means I'll need to have the land before the plans can be drawn up. Land in Dallas isn't cheap, so I'll most likely need a loan for the land. Is it usual to get one loan for the land and one for the build? Will getting a loan for the land hurt my ability to get a loan for the build? Thanks, Seth
  15. Keep positive, keep sober, and keep notes. And remember, there's an all-you-can-eat international buffet of strange and wonderful "adventures" out there awaiting you, and the company pays for the hotel room. Patience.
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