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  1. Promotion and PRF Information

    I don't think that many write letters. That said, I'm guessing after offering blanket continuation to the critical AFSCs, they saw how many people are refusing continuation and realized there was a leak they could plug.
  2. Latest Movies

    "It" was awesome. Very true to the spirit of the book (and most of the plot), and they finally made the clown as scary as the book portrays. Great movie on its own, but probably in the running for the best horror movie ever made.
  3. How hard are you working?
  4. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Sorry, that's a rather obvious part to include huh? Yeah, they offered me a job before I even left the room. A successful interview is good for six months, so I'm waiting to see their January class schedule (not released yet) before I reply to the offer, but barring a successful interview from a major before then, I intend to take it.
  5. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    What I said, almost exactly, was: "I'm sure it's no surprise to you guys that I'm applying to the Majors as well, and will only be working here until I get an offer, right?" They were completely aware, and totally cool with it. I think if you were talking about going to a different regional, it would be a different story, but every regional knows their pilots are there as a stop, not a destination.
  6. Leaving the Air Force for the Airlines

    Just interviewed with Republic. Gouge on AirlineInterviews was solid, though probably not critical. I was far and beyond the applicant with the highest qualifications, but I expected that. Me and two retiring colonels, the rest were almost exclusively CFIs. You do a 20 question test which honestly I didn't know much on, but could logic my way through it, then some HR questions that are generally more geared towards people without heavy PIC time, and then one of the captains asked some flying questions. METAR/TAF decoding, jepp plate review, etc. He ended up cutting the questions short when it was clear I had the expected knowledge levels beaten. But again, AF heavy pilots aren't who the interview is crafted for. I picked Republic for the location, though apparently they have a really good contract for a regional. Everyone I spoke to was great to interact with and the vibe was good. They were also completely aware that I was just using Republic as a way to keep employed if/until I get a call from a major. Me: 3000 TT 2500 PIC 1600 TPIC 1200 IP T-6 - 825 MC-12 - 750 KC-135 - 1200 UPT - 233
  7. Hasn't stopped him from trying...
  8. The Congressman is back yo

    Too bad that's about one year after most guys are eligible to separate. $50 probably isn't changing many minds
  9. NFL Ratings are Way Down

    Jesus H Christ, yes! They should be fired. But life isn't fair, and when you choose to make yourself the icon of a crusade, sometimes you get to die for the cause, while your foot soldiers fade back into the fold. CK very publicly stated that his cause was more important than his career. Lucky him, he gets to put this money where his mouth is. The fact he stopped taking a knee when it became clear he might actually lose his job shows just how dedicated to the cause he really was.
  10. Mattis to the rescue?

    I've only talked to a couple people who knew him, but it seems like everyone who was there gets real stiff when his name is brought up.
  11. Mattis to the rescue?

    Once again, why are people upset over the use of this word?
  12. Mattis to the rescue?

    Why do people get in a tizzy when someone says pu$sy? (Not saying you specifically were offended)
  13. Track Selects and Assignment Nights

    Don't worry, the opportunity for these types of qualifications will increase greatly as the applicant pool shrinks
  14. Flight Evaluation Board (FEB)

    The FEB recommended all three crew members keep their wings. The wg/cc agreed for the copilot and boom, but not the AC. Regardless of where you stand on this particular mishap, I have a pretty big issue with having a board, but disregarding the results, especially when the board sides with the defendant. Have the board, or don't.
  15. Thanks, that's what I was wondering. Then it all adds up. They should be giving you bonuses, so of course they aren't.