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  1. Go spend some time in Mexico, South America, the Middle East (I'm assuming you have), Africa, or East Asia and tell me America isn't a meritocracy. I'm sure you're being somewhat hyperbolic, but the difference between the Western meritocracy and real nepotism, which most Americans have not experienced, is vast and shocking. Ivanka Trump was an advisor, not the Secretary of State. Hunter Biden was just milking some spare change from his Dad's name, he wasn't the Secretary of Commerce. We are not nepotistic country.
  2. This is what happens when the party, and to a large extent, the voters don't know what they believe anymore. The activists with very clear, but very niche goals take over. I'm amazed by how many democrat voters I talk to don't know what their party is pushing. This topic is literally one of the examples I'm thinking of. Americans are spending more time than ever attacking their political opponents and defending their allies, yet almost no time thinking and discussing what they actually believe. This is not by happenstance.
  3. This problem will solve itself. It's a bridge too far for many, and will illicit a response from more people than there are trans athletes. Politicians take the path of least resistance. This move will flip the resistance equation. It's also an obvious States-rights domain.
  4. You'd have to listen to Shapiro's podcast to know that. He regularly and repeatedly calls out the right. He's the most honest and consistent voice on the right by far, and if you only listened to one conservative, it should be him. Tucker Carlson is second on the list, but a distant second. Not because he represents the intellectual justification for conservatism, but because he is the best voice for the populist/conservative hybrid that is growing within the right. Unfortunately most of his work is on cable news, which is a garbage format. But he does appear on podcasts where his
  5. A lot to cover, but a very good conversation. GPS. The point stands, it was released in a way that was not exclusionary to certain players or industries. It's a delicate balance. If the government has instead given a bunch of money to Garmin, we'd have something closer to Tesla. If the government decided it liked a certain technology, let's say satellite radio, and started giving tax credits to anyone who buys a satellite radio, knowing damn well that only one satellite radio company stands to benefit, that would be even more like Tesla. Now Tesla is an established gian
  6. There are some key differences in your examples. GPS is peak government. Launch it and let anyone who wants to develop a use do so. But creating subsidies that heavily favor an existing company is easy to do and unfair. If the govt wanted to adopt a EV charging standard and install a network of charging stations across the country for any and all EVs to use, great. But increasingly the government is handing wads of cash to private companies while allowing them to continue the trend of making everything proprietary. Lets look at State and local governments that offer massive tax br
  7. don't forget an incredible amount of government money in the form of subsidies. Tesla is, if anything, a great demonstration of exactly what's wrong with business in America. Only able to truly disrupt the system with Uncle Sam reaching into his pocket. This is a problem that the generic Democratic or Republican positions have been unable to adequately address. But it's going to get a lot worse as the fallout from 30 years of globalization and job transfer overseas starts to hit.
  8. You're not considering what Weinstein is trying to accomplish. He doesn't feel any obligation towards the conservative party, because he's not a conservative. Much like flea, he's a moderate who sees his party departing reality. His goal is to save the Democratic party, or at least liberalism, from the progressive forces that are reshaping it. That's why almost all of his content covers the missteps of the left.
  9. And yet, you're on to something very important. The most prominent voice on this phenomenon on the right is Tucker Carlson. He rubs a lot of people the wrong way, but he's dead-nuts-on here. Republicans, conservatives, capitalists, free market advocates, and libertarians generally stress a very hands-off approach, and usually cite creative destruction. I think the problem in the modern era is that creative destruction works exceptionally well in a closed system, and very poorly in a lopsided open system. It would be one thing if automated trucks put a few million (mostly) men into
  10. I wouldn't argue it's been for nothing. Automation and outsourcing have a strongly deflationary effect. Incidentally, printing trillions of dollars and dumping them into the system has a strongly inflationary effect. It may very well be that the two forces have been hiding each other for the last 20 to 30 years. However, we are approaching a point where outsourcing is no longer the free labor it used to be. Sure, it's a lot cheaper than having American workers make t-shirts, but as the third world countries we've relied on for manufacturing modernized, their workers began commandin
  11. Number one way I can tell a movie/TV show is going to suck: dead characters coming back. When the producers and writers get attached to the actors instead of the story, the story inevitably crumbles. Just look at Game of Thrones. GRRM loved the world and the story, not the characters, so they died when it was best for the plot. As soon as the source material ran out, we got two seasons of steamy horse shit, because regular ass Hollywood writers and producers took over, and they just know how to stick to the formula. WW84 is just another casualty.
  12. Exactly dude, that's a realistic view. Do you really think that's the narrative espoused by the left (political class, not voters)? You think your view led to riots?
  13. I was specific in what I said. Election fraud and the systemic persecution of black people in the new millennium were both false narratives. 19 unarmed black people were shot by police in 2019. Are you going to pretend like that was the narrative this summer? I can spend the time quoting the many public leftists who fanned the flames with a false premise, but maybe we're just misunderstanding each other's point? If you think the protests over the summer were based on reality, spend the time and read the opposing side, you don't need me to Google it for you. Heather Mac
  14. Just like anyone who thinks America is a racist country where innocent black people are being massacred by the cops is being gaslighted. That's the whole point, and the real tragedy. The Republicans now have their own false reality (election fraud) to live in. So both sides no longer know what's real. Great.
  15. The (R) are like the gangsters in The Dark Knight who hired the Joker. They hoped for a one sided chaos they could control, but they just got chaos. Still. I think we've only seen the end of the beginning, with Trump as the catalyst for what comes next. Rational liberals who voted Democrat, and could have voted no other way because of the absurdity of Trump as president, no longer have the boogeyman to distract them from the insanity of democratic policy. Phase two is going to be the breakdown of the democratic party, a split that has been a long time coming, will on
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