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  1. She must have gotten it from a toilet seat...
  2. The problem is with our social conception of dating. As I said earlier in this thread: "Think about how many people you know. Then think about how many of them are good friends. Then think about how many of those are best friends. The friend you can go on a month long backpacking trip with and not get annoyed with or tired of once. Pretty rare, huh? Now add sexual compatibility to that. If you find your forever-mate after 3 months and a few tinder dates, you'd better be buying lottery tickets too..." Yet despite this incredibly difficult task, conventional wisdom and Hollywood teach us all sorts of things that are contrary to reality such as: - The helpless male who just needed the right woman to see his inner Casanova. - You have to fight for what's important? Why should the most important friendship be fought for when all my other friendships were not? - Going to counseling. If you have kids, go to counseling. If you don't, find someone who likes who you are, and you want to please without the guidance of a third party. - The entire tradition and industry behind weddings. A ceremony where the town walked 300 meters from their home to see a couple 17 year olds get married and give them the basics required to start a family because they literally have nothing. Now it's a parade where you spend a small fortune, you get some appliances you don't need in exchange for feeding mediocre food to the guests who wasted some vacation time to attend an event that, despite being indistinguishable from any other wedding and repeated thousands of times per day, stresses the newlyweds out for a year getting ready for it. It's all a sham. Go on lots of dates. If you don't leave the first date positively captivated by the person, ask yourself why you would choose that specific human to spend five or more decades with. And if you got laid, don't trust your gut.
  3. Trump is a piece of shit. He'll never be 10% of the man Mattis is, nor will he ever know what honor or courage is like Mattis does. But Mattis, like the others, has been wrong on the Middle East, and no amount of personal character will make up for the fact they are fundamentally wrong. In some sort of strange way we have ended up with two camps. The Bush/Generals/McCain camp, where personal conduct is dignified and policy is catastrophic, and the Trump camp, where personal conduct is alarming and shameful, but the policy is somehow pretty solid. Not sure why we can't have both, but you'd have to ask the electorate [emoji2369]
  4. Let's. Hear. The. Story.
  5. I think Gabbard would be a slam dunk. Woman, minority, attractive, and military service. She doesn't appear to have lied to get where she is (Clinton, Warren, Harris), she isn't advocating for the most dangerous political philosophy in human history (Bernie, Warren), she doesn't act like your creepy/drunk Uncle (Biden, Booker), and she's not completely inexperienced with national politics (Buttigeg). But if she's a third party candidate, Trump wins in a landslide.
  6. I agree with you, but decisions made in DC still have an impact. I'm looking 20 or 30 years out. Socialism never looks bad when it's implemented. But after the money runs out, and well after the geniuses who promoted it are gone, it's always a calamity. We have candidates legitimately trying to normalize the concept of wealth confiscation for the common good. Right now, just the billionaires. But do you really think the voting masses will just give up their new entitlements once they run out of billionaires to squeeze?
  7. I think everything is way worse than we thought. If Trump wins, the nation should mourn. America deserves better. If Warren or Sanders win, the nation as we know it could die. I'm flummoxed. Trump has been giving them opportunity after opportunity to beat him next year, and each time they find a way to be more politically and philosophically toxic. And if Trump does win, which I think he might, I'm not sure how Democrats go on. RBG gets replaced by Amy Barrett, another woman loses to the (perceived) ultimate misogynist, and the country continues to fragment. It's ugly
  8. I watched the speech. It was stupid, but exactly the type of stupid I expect from an exploited child. I doubt she even wrote it. What kind of people convince a bunch of kids they are going to die in a decade or two from something that's barely supported by the data? You know these very adults don't actually believe their own BS, because they aren't throwing themselves into the gears to save the world. She rode a boat to get to the speech; the adults all took cars and planes. That's enough to tell you who's a true believer and who's just virtue signaling.
  9. If you want the most polished counter argument to the climate change dogma, look up the Manhattan Contrarian. The amount of manipulation to the data sets is so egregious it brings the entire theory into question. And where the hell did you guys get the idea she sailed across the Atlantic on her own? That didn't make you pause?
  10. She's a child. Blame the adults using her.
  11. Is there anything more basic than a stubborn old man, losing his marbles to old age, alienating his entire family and friends over the chance for some decades-younger tail?
  12. While it may take more mental effort (though even that claim is questionable), there's no way it's more beneficial. I'd bet right now that if I gave one guy ### hours of sim time and one guy the same number of hours chair flying, you'd be safe betting on the Sim. Chair flying is still good, but if you happen to own a simulator, do that.
  13. I don't remember it happening that way, but I was also zero-years-old...
  14. I remember that. He was a bit of a tool, but that was pretty overblown. He screwed himself by showing up to court in jeans, if I remember right.
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