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  1. My WG/CC talked about this a little, and it sounds like AETC is issuing this guidance for any student who already belongs to AETC. If a student is owned by another MAJCOM or PCS/TDY to training at another MAJCOM, it's still a work in progress.
  2. Let’s be honest, this decision wasn’t made in a vacuum with the Corona virus. Leadership decisions and failures before are forcing this.... Considering the only “fix” to the retention issues box they put themself in is producing their way out of it, there isn’t really another option in their eyes.
  3. Believe it or not, I have an Atta-Boy for AFPC with a big personal victory. I dropped RPAs by choice out of UPT 9 years ago and re-categorized as an RPA dude in 2016. I've loved the mission and people I've worked with, but life/career/family priorities changed big time for me in 2018 (O-6+, progression, and box checking quit being the goal). In light of that, I've been pushing hard for 1.5 years to get back in the cockpit by any means possible to learn a new mission, breath some fresh air, have an adventure, and challenge myself as an aviator (while keeping family, health, and personal priorities higher than they'd been). I hit a lot of road blocks (and sacrificed what my military career had been if I'm honest), and I was in full on cards out Palace Chase job hunting mode. After being told no for a year, AFPC and my SQ/OG leadership made me an offer to return to fly on AD with the other UPT Direct dudes who were 3 years out of UPT. I've kept it close hold because it's been word of mouth only for 6 months...but they sent me to SERE, I'm flying in a T-1 refresher course right now, and I have orders for PIQ in the -135. I'm super stoked for the new opportunity and moving to Fairchild. Thanks to the bros here on Baseops that helped me navigate through Palace Chase options, cross-training, and AFPC stuff. School is out of the picture and making O-5 isn't likely (not sure promoting is the best option for me at this point anyway)....but I'll be taking a 3 year bonus along with the initial qual ADSC. And being a free agent taking it assignment by assignment is awesome so far. I have no idea what I'll be looking to do in 3-4 years, but I'm pumped to be flying again and there are ALOT of varied options I'm excited thinking about.
  4. Haven't dealt with an accompanied TDY enroute to a PCS...The plan (confirmed with my functional and commander) is to outprocess/move, head to Altus for 6 months of training with the family, and PCS to Fairchild. I'm confused on what my orders should look like (formal training & outbound assignments were clueless). I received a RIP for the training course to Altus (and a change from status 1 to 3...PCS enroute), but it didn't mention anything about my report date to Fairchild or my family. Ultimately, my immediate concern is getting orders squared away so I can setup the move with TMO. Here are the questions I have: Should I expect a second set of PCS orders with my report date to Fairchild and my family? Or does this RIP for the TDY enroute training to Altus need to be amended to include my family and Fairchild as the destination? With my family on the orders for the TDY enroute, will this change/increase the lodging per diem at Altus? Either way, we have a family crash pad setup. I'm just curious what the official number is going to be and what the source document is.
  5. So I've got some different flavor questions regarding promotion to Lt Col on the Guard or Reserve side. I'm an 09 AD dude (10.5 years exactly right now) with my IPZ board in 2023 (yea, I'm tracking the new system about to roll out). Assuming results would drop mid/late 2023 and promotion increments would go through 2024. Would being selected for O-5 on Active Duty just before or a few months after transitioning to the Guard/Reserve have any impact on promoting to O-5 after leaving Active Duty? My guess is it would be way harder to get hired into an AGR slot as an O-5...would this also likely impact being hired into a TR or Technician position? Depending on the risk here and where I'm standing in 2.5 years, tactically not finishing ACSC online to avoid O-5 on Active Duty could be a viable move (aware I may not have to with the new 5 look IPZ system). How would being passed over once or twice for O-5 on AD in the current system impact being hired into the Guard/Reserve and promoting to O-5 eventually? Is it correct that Guard/Reserve Majors automatically promote to O-5 after a certain time in rank as a Major (thought I remember seeing 6 or 7 years time in rank)? Is this only on the TR side, where as you need to roll into an O-5 billet to promote as an AGR? You have to serve as an O-5 for 3 years before retiring in that rank? I know I'm kind of all over the place...thanks for any insight.
  6. I haven't referenced official sources, but hallway/bar talk has sounded like all AGR bonuses match AD if you haven't previously taken an active duty bonus. If you have taken an active duty bonus, it's a huge cut down to like $12 or $18K. Does that check with anyone in the know...mypers is the place to verify? So definitely some gamesmanship for AD guys to consider at the end of their initial ADSC. Another question...is it at all possible to receive the ACP bonus tax free while deployed? I'm planning to take 3 years of blood money next year in March-April, but I'll definitely delay until later in the year when I deploy for an extra $6-8K if I can.
  7. Congrats, hopefully your excited. I'd be stoked, from what I've heard these are great laid back assignments. Maybe you'll keep in the O-5 fight too with the changes rolling out. No idea about your admin questions though, sorry.
  8. So I'd read the latest updates from ThePointsGuy or other credit card bloggers. This forum has recent data points as well (https://www.flyertalk.com/forum/american-express-membership-rewards/1300482-airline-fee-250-200-100-reimbursement-reports-wn-fl-southwest-only-118.html). I think Southwest is the only airline left that works. I can personally confirm in the last 2 weeks that I was able to buy a $200 E-Gift card from Southwest on my AMEX Platinum and a $250 gift card on my Hilton Aspire. To me using these to buy tickets is way more valuable than other incidentals.
  9. Nice! That makes a lot more sense. My wife and I use 2 of the blue cash cards so we get $720, but you have a nice variety in your setup. I discovered what an awesome deal a lot of these credit cards are with no annual fee as a military member this year. I've been racking up sign-up bonus's for my wife and I on our normal budget since January. ihtfp06, curious if you have any advice for additional cards. Here is my setup right now: 2 x AMEX Platinum (120,000 point signup bonus = $1200 / $400 in Southwest gift cards each year / $200 Saks credit each year) 2 x Chase Sapphire Reserve (100,000 point signup bonus = $1500 / $600 in travel credits each year) 2 x Hilton Honors Aspire (300,000 point signup bonus = $1500 / $500 in Southwest gift cards each year / 2 x free weekend nights each year / $500 for Hilton Resort stays each year) 2 x AMEX Blue Cash Preferred Total Sign Up Bonus's: $4200 Recurring Annual Benefits: $600 travel credit (2 x CSR) + $900 Southwest Gift Cards (2 x Aspire, 2 x Platinum) + $500 Hilton Resort credit + $200 Saks (AMEX Platinum) + $500ish (2 x Hilton weekend nights) = ~$2,700 each year Now that I'm done with sign-up bonus's, here is how I plan to use the cards: Groceries 6% / Gas 3% - Blue Cash Hotels (all Hilton) 20% - Hilton Aspire Travel 4.5 % & Everything Else 1.5% - Chase Sapphire Reserve **If any of you active duty dudes aren't using at least one of these credit cards, you are leaving free money on the table. Spouses get them for free too, so you can double up the benefits.**
  10. FYSA, Hilton points are only worth about .5 cents. That's only a 3% return....The AMEX blue cash gets 6% cash back on groceries which is WAY better.
  11. Na, think your right. I'm a UPT dude too, so I didn't do the Randolph stuff. Makes sense that they weren't TDY, so subtract $6k from my math. Sim heavy was cancelled due to poor fidelity and debrief capability, but there are definitely still around 50 non-sim remote control drone hours in the current syllabus. The real and only point for my post was that the turk dude was wrong with his google ranger skills.
  12. Sick first post bro, welcome to baseops! No doubt you earned mad props and street cred with the airframes that aren't represented by a poop emoji. 🌈 Your second bet is still wrong though. The satellite links alone used by RPAs start between $5K-15K per hour and move well upward based on type/location. See below... Rough URT Lodging/Per Diem Costs: $80(per day) x 8 (months) x 30 = $19.2k Satellite Cost for 50 hours flight time in IQT: 50 hours x $5k/hour = ~$250k conservatively *There are way more static overheads costs for each aircraft/CAP, IFS, and the training at Randolph.
  13. Anyone able to provide $ and duration details on the Guard ART bonus? Sounded like the AFRC ART bonus was $25k (what are the duration options)? Tracking all technician pilots in the Guard are hired as GS-13s. From what I've gathered, the Reserve would hire pilots not qualified in the unit MWS at a GS-9 pay scale for ART positions. It sounds like step levels are negotiable...GS scale as well at all? If I'm able to find Guard and Reserve units looking for technicians, it seems like going with the Guard is a no-brainer.
  14. I'm hearing PC's are taking around 6ish months in general for approval from when you push them up the chain. What would happen if you apply for PC 5-6 months out and the process isn't over by the requested separation date? Would they cancel the entire package, or meet somewhere in the middle with a counter-offer?
  15. Looks like this thread has some rust to knock off. Curious if anyone could educate me on what the lifestyle and ops tempo are like for pilots currently flying H models in the Guard or Reserve? Questions include the below: -Deployment expectations? I've heard 4 months every two years. -What's the good, bad, and ugly with the plane/mission above and beyond what an average pilot would know about tactical airlift? -Is there a lot of ability to bum and/or pick up extended orders? -What kind of hours are guys logging on deployments? How about non-deployed across the year? -What is the FTU timeline and normal timeline for AC upgrade?
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