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  1. Anyone able to provide $ and duration details on the Guard ART bonus? Sounded like the AFRC ART bonus was $25k (what are the duration options)? Tracking all technician pilots in the Guard are hired as GS-13s. From what I've gathered, the Reserve would hire pilots not qualified in the unit MWS at a GS-9 pay scale for ART positions. It sounds like step levels are negotiable...GS scale as well at all? If I'm able to find Guard and Reserve units looking for technicians, it seems like going with the Guard is a no-brainer.
  2. I'm hearing PC's are taking around 6ish months in general for approval from when you push them up the chain. What would happen if you apply for PC 5-6 months out and the process isn't over by the requested separation date? Would they cancel the entire package, or meet somewhere in the middle with a counter-offer?
  3. Looks like this thread has some rust to knock off. Curious if anyone could educate me on what the lifestyle and ops tempo are like for pilots currently flying H models in the Guard or Reserve? Questions include the below: -Deployment expectations? I've heard 4 months every two years. -What's the good, bad, and ugly with the plane/mission above and beyond what an average pilot would know about tactical airlift? -Is there a lot of ability to bum and/or pick up extended orders? -What kind of hours are guys logging on deployments? How about non-deployed across the year? -What is the FTU timeline and normal timeline for AC upgrade?
  4. I feel like it would take somewhere between 15-30 murders to put her even with Hilary....everyone else maybe one.
  5. Thanks for the reply nunya. I definitely didn’t intend to come off sounding like a DB.My knowledge base is honestly really low in this realm (didn’t want to say ignorant). I’ve been given advice to only pursue large multi engine jets because that’s the only thing majors are looking for, but the more I’ve learned the less that has added up. I also think C-130s are awesome...was just wondering how/if the multiengine jet gouge really applies. In all seriousness now....Could you put me in touch with the Mach sim guys? I figure with a few of those hours and my drone background, I’m a rock solid Thunderbird lead candidate the airlines would be interested in hiring ASAP. 🤡
  6. So I've got a question that probably doesn't matter to 99/100 (maybe more) of the people reading this thread. With a longer term goal (5-7 years) of getting to a major, would a majority of hours in a smaller multi-engine turboprop (MC-12, C-146 (Dornier 328), RC-26, etc...) likely not lead to being hired? How about the C-130? To my knowledge, FedEx is the only outfit that has a weight limit minimum for counting hours, right? I realize some of these platforms will be logging a lot less hours than other AMC platforms, but my first battle is finding a unit interested in hiring me(background is an 11U UPT graduate that has been flying MQ-9s for 7+ years). I think their mission sets sound pretty cool, and my ISR/RPA background actually might have some relevancy.
  7. Harry's represents me, you, and what real masculinity is all about by giving 1% of our money to fine organizations helping shape a better generation of American youth (https://www.harrys.com/en/us/social-mission). I actually think they partnered with Gillette a few months ago when I saw their home page plastered with the LGBTQ-NGB+++ Rainbow Pride Honor Limited Edition razor. In all honestly, I've heard Harry's razors are great....I vote with my money, time, and feet when it comes to razors and sports. "The Representation Project": Harry’s helps support an Annual Youth Summit that brings together 100 14-to-21-year-olds to expand the narrative around traditional gender roles. "A Call To Men": A CALL TO MEN works to promote a healthy and respectful manhood and shift attitudes and behaviors that devalue marginalized groups.
  8. I'll do a little more digging to get some better details, but I don't think there is a huge backlog in the overall pipeline. Some new Lt's end up on casual for 4-6 months at Randolph before starting URT there, but I doubt that would be an issue for you. At Holloman, the backlog manifests with a 3 month training taking about 5 months. Assignment trends I've seen from the FTU look like Shaw (new ACC MQ-9 OG standing up) and Cannon (obviously AFSOC). This ebbs and flows and will change by the time you show up. The new RPA base (referred to as "Base Y") had been picked to be located at Tyndall, but I'm pretty sure that is way delayed (or likely cancelled) after the hurricane earlier last year. Feel free to shoot me a PM with your .mil email if you have more detailed questions.
  9. Maybe a dumb question. Would interning as a GS-13 technician count for this program hypothetically? Also, is terminal leave just whatever leave you have saved up, or do you get a few weeks to square your life away on top of saved leave?
  10. Seems like you you’ve put some hard work in to set yourself up for success. I’m guessing you’ve also probably had some good advice from a mentor. If you haven’t already, you absolutely need to start hanging out with the fighter pilots in your Wing. Let them know you are seriously interested in being a fighter pilot and want to learn about their mission and airframe. Hopefully you can score some flights if they have two seaters before the conversion, maybe jump into some briefs/debriefs depending on your security clearance, and chill out with them at a few roll calls. If you stay persistent with this, you’ll probably keep paving the way for a UPT slot (probably counts for more than scores). Even better, start asking the airline guys about how being a fighter compares with airline lifestyle/pay. Dont worry about hours and airlines if missing out on being a fighter pilot is something you’d ever regret. From what Ive read, PIC hours in a fighter count for a lot more than most other hours. It seems like most min hour hires at the majors have pointy nose backgrounds. I’m not a fighter pilot or airline guy, but this is my best advice (I’m a rated dude trying hard to find a guard unit and trying to set myself up for the airlines after rpa’s for 7 years). Good luck dude....these aren’t really problems. It’s just an exercise in prioritizing which is part of being a military aviator.
  11. Thanks to everyone for the great information in this thread over the last 15 years, its gold. I feel like I've got a good 75-80% understanding of how this works. Few additional questions: -Is there a quarterly limit to how you can use your 14 (or 15 for Guard) active training days...or could you hypothetically take all of them in a row whenever you wanted? I'm guessing they are for ground/ancillary training and required testing for currency, so it makes sense to use them regularly. -I've gathered that when you are on active duty orders or deployed...you won't be using any of your UTA/AFTP pay periods. Is the 16 AFTP pay periods per quarter a standard across the Guard/Reserve, or is this unit specific? Is there any limitation on how you can use your extra UTA pay periods(i.e. use 8 UTA pay periods in the next month you aren't on active orders)? Can you only double up UTA pay periods on drill weekends, or any time you use them? -It seems like the smart way to work less is maximizing the days that you double up on UTA or AFTP pay periods. Unless, your trying to maximize your flight hours...then you might want to only log a single AFTP pay period each time you fly. Is that logic sound? I've done some quick math for the minimum an O-4 with 10+ years of service would make on 2019 pay charts...I'd appreciate if someone could let me know if my math/logic is wrong: Base Pay: $7,236 / Flight Pay: $1000 / BAS: $254.39 / BAH: $1500 (arbitrary)….$9,990.39/month on active orders. UTA or AFTP Pay Period = ($7,236 + $1,000) / 30 = $274.53 Active Pay Period = ($7,236 + $1,000 + $254.39 + $1,500) / 30 = $333.01 Minimum Guaranteed Pay = (48 x 274.53 UTA) + (48 x 274.53 AFTP) + (15 x 333.01 Active days) = $31,350.03 * Any months spent on active duty orders would essentially add on top of this unless you can't use all of your UTA/AFTP periods due to the maximums for the quarter?
  12. Sorry, I don't know the answer.....either way though, if the Palace Chase is approved that's an awesome Christmas present!
  13. I've read the previous posts about the B-1. Anyone have gouge on the 345th Bomb Squadron (Reserve) at Dyess? How would the Ops Tempo and QOL differ from active duty B-1s? How often are dudes flying home station and what kind of hours are they logging?
  14. So I put in the scroll paperwork with my local Reserve recruiter. Still really unfamiliar with this process....Can someone confirm this is a Reserve thing only, or would it apply for Palace a Chase or Front to a guard unit?
  15. I guess I agree with you (hoping to build my hours in the guard or reserve), but there are definitely a lot of $200k+ stateside drone jobs.
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