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  1. HossHarris

    Gun Talk

    Can you expand? I thought that joint was a little sketchy too, but I chalked it up to cold, rainy, late winter evening.
  2. HossHarris

    When wives talk shop

    It's not a 'your wife's a dumb kunt, wouldn't you agree' type of conversation. There isn't a choosing of sides. It's also not a 'control your rabid wife's dirty cake hole' type of conversation. It isn't marriage advice. It's a little on the spot education. Sometimes folks need some direct feedback that they are, in fact, retarded. /edits to bypass the filter
  3. HossHarris

    Military Running for Congress

    I strictly vote along party lines regardless of the issues, facts, candidate, or my own personnal views. I absolutely never make an informed, independant assessment ... nor do I ever make my own decisions.
  4. HossHarris

    When wives talk shop

    This is EXACTLY the sort of thing that a lot of wives need to have said to them ... directly .. in person .. with or without said nutless wonder standing next to her.
  5. HossHarris

    Gun Talk

    IWB (Inside the Waistband) with a CompTac holster. A good belt is the key. You cannot buy a good belt at the mall. A 1.5" STIFF bullhide belt will do wonders for carry and fit most all of your existing clothes. Check out The Beltman and CompTac Both have quality gear and a healthy mil discount (Edit for Linky goodness)
  6. HossHarris

    Gun Talk

    I have a Kimber Stainless TLE/RL II (5") (similar to Stainless II, but with rail). I haven't used the rail at all but it came with night sights. Fantastic gun and has been flawless for about 1.5k rounds. It is far more accurate than I am. I also have a Kimber Ultra Carry in Stainless (3"). Almost the same gun (night sights, no rail) only smaller. It is also FAR more accurate than I am and has been flawless with about 2k rounds even with daily carry in Phoenix heat (grit, dust, and Hoss sweat). Both are about $1000 or so depending on where you buy. I like a 'stainless' gun for daily carry (corrosion, scratches, etc.) .. although you should read up on what parts are made out of what materials. It really depends on what you plan to do with the gun. I carry my 3" all the time in shorts, flip flops, and a T-shirt where I can't quite pull that off with a 5" 1911. No matter what gun you choose, just make sure it's a 1911. Don't let M2 talk you into a plastic girl gun! (edits for spell'n and gun porn)
  7. HossHarris

    Gun Talk

    It was a multi-part gift ....
  8. HossHarris

    Gun Talk

    Cleanest pic I have at the moment ...
  9. HossHarris

    Gun Talk

    Gents -- I just got a Bushmaster M-4'gery as a gift. Anything I should be watching out for? Suggestions? Opinions?
  10. HossHarris

    Deid Accomodations

    Will available bandwidth increase as well?
  11. HossHarris

    Researching unit history

    I think the 20th Pursuit turned into 20FW at Shaw.
  12. HossHarris

    Dinning Out Advice

    That's an invitation ... or really a mandate for the LTs to go absolutely APESHIT and ensure everyone is involved in the shenanigans. If it doesn't quickly devolve into an animal house style foodfight you have failed.
  13. HossHarris

    Non-Availibility lodging/letter

    Here's the deal: You can stay anywhere you want at any time. This includes a standard hotel, renting a house, or even purchasing a house. If you don't have a Non-A, you're per diem rate will whatever your orders say and you will only be reimbursed the lodging rate for on-base (regardless of what you actually pay). If you do have a Non-A, you'll be paid full per diem and up to the locality rate for lodging up to actual expenses. For the entire duration of the TDY. If anyone (lodging, services, finance, etc.) tries to tell you any different, show them the JFTR or ignore them and take it up with whoever is paying your voucher.
  14. HossHarris

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    The 'tard is strong with this one.
  15. HossHarris

    Military in Uniform at Airport

    In before the edit ...
  16. HossHarris

    Short tour info

    All sorts of Viper ETSS gigs .. Egypt, Poland, UAE, etc. (live like a king, work sucks though)
  17. HossHarris

    Christmas gifts for aviation folks

    I can HIGHLY recommend a Garmin 410. Fantastic! For a Blu-ray player you can't go wrong with a PS3!
  18. HossHarris

    2009 Fort Hood Shooting

    I, too, have been touched by his noodly appendage! (STS)
  19. HossHarris

    2009 Fort Hood Shooting

    And while everyone is excited about the 'islamist threat' keep in mind that the 2nd worst terrorist attack on the US was perpetrated by a plain old middle aged white guy.
  20. HossHarris

    2009 Fort Hood Shooting

    Saying/yelling 'allah akbar' does not a terrorist make. How many times have you said 'thank god' or 'god dammit' etc. That doesn't make you a christian terrorist. As far as the mosque connection ... if there is only one mosque in DC (unconfirmed, I'm lazy), then lots and lots of muslims have attended the same mosque as the 9-11 terrorists. I think the difference between this being a heinous crime or a heinous terrorist attack is this douchebag's intention. If he had a political aim, then he's a terrorist. If he did this out of personal cowardice, then he's a 'simple' criminal. Don't let the red herrings cloud the issue. Either way, he should be completely healed medically then executed, slowly, by hand.
  21. HossHarris

    I Hate Reflective Belts

    While watching the FOX pregame show from the 'stan it sure is good to see everyone in the filler footage wearing their reflective belts in the middle of the day.
  22. HossHarris

    Gun Talk

    http://forums.1911forum.com/ Lots of great information and education in those forums. Recommend you UTFSF, same as here
  23. HossHarris

    I Hate Reflective Belts

    Meh ... she'd be hotter without one!
  24. HossHarris

    Gun Talk

    3" 1911 with +P hollow points. Easily concealed in damn near everything except a speed-o
  25. HossHarris

    Masters information (MBA/GRE)

    Let's see if I can make this fairly simple. When you get promoted to Major you will find out if you are an IDE in-residence 'Select' or not. If you are a 'select' you will go to IDE sometime before your LtCol board. That IDE could be ACSC in residence, or AFIT, or foreign IDE, or go to a civilian school and get a masters. If you are not a 'select' you will have 3 'looks' to get picked up for an 'in-residence' slot. Once a year, and I haven't really heard of anyone getting picked up until their last look. Same 'choice' of school possibilities. You will know when your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd look is. Either way (as a select or if you get picked up after the fact) you will submit your preferences for school and AFPC will send you somewhere in a process similar to, but seperate from, the VML. If you want to get an advanced degree from AFIT you have to apply to AFIT BEFORE they match you to a school. It's an easy process but you need to do a GRE. I personally think if you are a non-select and trying to get picked up for IDE it helps to be 'pre-accepted' to AFIT so the IDE board can see that. I'll let you know how that works out in a few months, since I'm on my last look. So right now, you are a little ahead of the timeline as far as looking for the AF to send you to school ... hang on until yer a Major. As far as doing a masters now, etc. .... If you do well it shows that you have the ability, drive, and time management skills to handle IDE in the future and should be a feather in your cap when you're getting considered for IDE in the future. Once you are a major-select you can start knocking out IDE in correspondance. I recommend the ACSC/Masters DL program. You get ACSC done and a masters in a little over a year entirely online through AU. It's an easily manageable program and then, hopefully, if you get picked up for school 'they' won't send you to ACSC again and you can avoid Maxwell. If you're a 'select' through the promotion then sit back and relax ... they'll send you somewhere. /ramble off