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    bro, this is baseops...I think you're looking for www.creedthoughts.gov.www\creedthoughts also, not a selfie.
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    Pretty sure that flight sim recording is meant to reference this real event from a couple weeks ago.
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    That's definitely a flight sim.
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    The classic single-engine-out, chemtrail bomb burst. Go Air Force!
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    Happy birthday, Air Force! (the detail-driven folks at Dover have obviously been enlisted to help our the DoS).
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    Excellent Advice, good stuff right there. See myself a Nick Offerman type/ Or at least Bacon obsessed. Appreciate the link. Thanks.
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    Not to be Debbie Downer but this is so much worse than 9/11 for the industry. After 9/11 RPMs dropped ~35% and were down ~30% for the next 5 months before slowly recovering from there. 6 months in right now and things are still twice as bad as the worst of the 9/11 shock. Yes the industry will find a balance and these numbers will improve but at what level and how many planes do we need today vs. a year ago? Now that the furlough protections from the Fed bailouts are going away I think things are going to get ugly even with the airlines getting more funding.
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    Whoa sparky, calm down. The linked story literally had nothing in it calling out a conspiracy, even going so far as to say it was due purely to “inattention.” I think the point of posting it was that even the commander in chief’s office made one of the same mistakes that pisses off a lot of Air Force pilots. How can we hold orgs like PA to a higher standard if the CiC’s office does the same thing? Also, I’m positive this would have been linked if Biden or Clinton had done it.
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    What’s your fucking point? This was already posted a while back in reference to mortuary affairs, the original source of the patch. Classic PA mixup but in true leftist media fashion blow it up into some Trump conspiracy.
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