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  1. Man, the pax MMA arena is rough. I like “boxes” no doubt. Definitely a funny cascade of events. Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised by any means.
  2. The cargo side will reveal a lot more after peak is over. Perhaps a quarter or maybe two will paint a much cleaner picture and perhaps some stabilization to be hopeful once companies get their ducks aligned properly. Saw lower lines for the most part depending on base at my outfit of course. Spectator sport as a line flyer as it’s way above anyones pay grade on any forum. Always good to prepare for whatever.
  3. Went with my neighbor to purchase one and I myself “accidentally” walked out with a shotgun I had been searching for over a year. He bought the Taurus to fit in the glove compartment for his Mach 1 and enjoys shooting it. May have been the GX3 but probably the same. Only issue is the slide release has minimal capture/tough to release. Not a long term review and there might be other issues don’t know. Will get better with time but there will be mods probably like I did to my Glock garbage slide release. Although not my primary, much easy to capture.
  4. Definitely could be part of the negotiation thang, but they aren’t quite as parallel as folks think on how they focus their business practices. UPS focus better not bigger and very strong optimizer in place. Purple cost cutting and heading this way perhaps. Their optimizer is not as bad but probably headed that way. Ground game seriously needs help. Our buy out will probably incur an optimizer of some sort blah! Only time will tell.
  5. JeremiahWeed fantastic insider information on FedEx commuting possibilities. I would commute to MEM as Memphis definitely ain’t for everyone. I can actually drive to MEM and it’s one of our bases now for just a couple of years is a guess, but I choose to fly elsewhere. Crazy times. *Need a Singapore fix that would be nice. Going to have to hunt for that one next year. HuggyU2, I nearly fell off my couch with the “little Billy” CINC, but as you said that’s their future. Father wasn’t even military and we moved numerous times to include High School overseas. Tough, but what an eye opener that was plus fluent in Japanese and better for it. International is my game as the bug started early at a very young age, it’s not for everyone but don’t knock it til you tried it. Everyone is different no doubt and after nearly a quarter century of service moving here and there our favorite locations including where most of our families reside (former shangri las) have turned to crapola as well. No outfit serves our priorities (not big city folk any longer) so commuting is a must, but thankfully no worries no headaches in our case. Definitely envy those who have the blessing of both but sometimes it’s just not in the cards for some.
  6. As brabus mentioned, hopefully this will be incorporated into future contracts for the majors, etc. which as a first hand user of this benefit I can attest to the stress free/no responsibility to get to work if flights are full, canceled, maintenance canceled, delayed, you’re unable to secure a flight deck seat due to company crew priority or some other seniority/first come first serve/bumped by Capt Crusader, etc. Not all cargo is created equal. Those at Purple/Brown can be more specific/correct me, but FedEx/UPS have trips that include commute on the front, back or both but not all trips are covered. Seniority drives the ability to guarantee this commuting for the most part is what great friends at both places tell me. Both have a travel bank type deal as well, but some of it seems restrictive due to company rules, etc. You can watch the turmoil on APC if bored. I just remember a Delta Capt friend decades ago telling me that getting to work was half the pressure of the job. Easier with current tech today, but still shenanigans/pressure involved and overbooking is back like Godzilla. Main reason I went to Atlas as I could care less about maneuvering for work or where I lived. Not selling it, decent contract and it has its merits depending on your priorities, but nothing like Purple/Brown, Big 3, etc. in other areas no doubt. If your dream home/area happens to be in/near base for an airline that is an amazing opportunity/consideration for ease of life. I do like racking up the miles, although it hasn’t been as good with current conditions. Easier to pickup extra $ trips living in domicile if that’s your gig as well.
  7. Not every place is perfect by any means and may everyone find there destination that lasts. But all of the above reaffirms jump seating sucks bottom line. Flight deck is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get…
  8. Congrats!!! - That is good to know and hopefully the new owner(s) realize what it will take IF they would like us to thrive and expand and not continuously hemorrhage unless their strategy is status quo which is doubtful but who knows. I welcome any additions in obvious areas to improve yet fear the optimizer. Most everything works extremely well in regards to my priorities and a few additions would definitely go far but not worth becoming a generic job to wash, rinse and repeat which seems to be the norm. Efficiencies are exceptional when it serves all parties but usually pilots end up on the short side of the equation other than get work done and get home. Home is awesome and if you must work enjoying it is an amazing opportunity that most do not have. Having had over a decade with some significant ability to maneuver from the right seat by choice has proven priceless at this stage, whether schedule choice, trip choice, vaca choice, training choice and now additional flying by choice has overtaken my left seat peers as seniority is King. In a couple of years I can duplicate this lifestyle depending on base from the left, especially when the incentive pay eventually dries up and levels the playing field. Overall, FourFans of Freedom130 drag that last classmate over and have them drag their friends over it can only help! Dang I am self-serving ain’t I. Cheers and Congrats againon 5X, may it be a fresh breath of air that meets your priorities !
  9. Appreciate the candor, insight and well wishes most definitely. Many will march on and we will take it in stride and do our best. To dwell on such things would be futile to include burying one’s head in the sand being foolish. Time to dust off the logbooks and enter them into the digitizer only to be prepared if this place is burning down to the ground with no fire bottles to be seen. Will heavily leverage my friends over the decades who are at Brown & Purple as it will be who I know vs anything I thought I knew. Not looking forward to that exit strategy if needed but greatly appreciated. I will be as you say cautiously optimistic and enjoy the ride until the music stops or it becomes the exceptional Mambo No.5 in our world, hopefully the later. Only time will tell and until then I will soak up the unique aspects of this adventure. Blessed to get this far! *Yippee Ki-Yay!*
  10. Don’t know anything about the SWA “firm landing”, but we’re hoping it’s the 3 wire regarding our buyout by the Apollo Group and others for $5.2 Billion taking us out of the stock market as private ownership. Stock was in the $65 range up and down if I recall but the stockholders will be paid $102.50 supposedly. Could be good could be bad way too early to tell as the process moves forward and possibly finalized early next year. Most likely an investment for sale several years down the road as they will refine, tweak and undoubtedly optimize our operations like most anywhere else. Plenty of areas to bring talent into and clean up $ lost, but hopefully nothing drastic. Many of us (not all of course) will continue to enjoy the good times of diverse flying, extra pay and less squabbling for the time being. Not like we were ever viewed as a destination career airline, but this buyout is something to consider if you’re young. Many of us will ride it out and perhaps it will be a decent lottery ticket payout, but it could head the other way after the molding for sale is finalized if that is what the future holds, pure speculation or spitballing if you will. No one knows the outcome except the buyers and fortunately pilots aren’t roaming the streets and our routes are very lucrative with more airframes coming on line. Crazy times, interesting moves, life changing so just be aware. *3 wire was the preferred wire correct 😉
  11. Different perspectives all around, but I actually do agree aside from sort flying. My friends based in MEM on the Atlas side sometimes get stuck on 6, 8, 10, legs on FedEx timelines driving a whale with a 2 Fool Crew. Totally bites. Groundhog Day for a full pattern is absolutely obnoxious. My pattern blew up (normal) a couple of months ago from several international jumps to just four overnights initially doing ORD-ANC, then ANC-ORD, wash rinse repeat (still not as mind numbing as our FedEx time table turns) before I begged scheduling to get me out of the country to a decent layover which they kindly obliged and off to NRT thankfully for my 32/7…
  12. This is an extremely odd example: For years we had a serial complainer who consistently wrote up Capts and a few FO’s or crew as a whole for the slightest friction or unsubstantiated events the individual regarded as slander or whatever towards them. Even walked up to the flat deck and upon hearing the subject matter being discussed just left telling no one except for the company why… Basically this individual was attempting to create a series of issues to draw from and possibly squeeze the company for retribution $. The individuals name spread like wildfire fortunately. Although it took some time, a pink slip ended that debacle. Unfortunately due to the current times I have witnessed several Capt briefs prior to departure stating that “Politics, Religion and background discussions in regards to a persons origin is off limits.” At this point I don’t necessarily disagree with this as a CYA measure, but how far we have come or not… Adult discussions are over due to squeaky wheel consequences, some valid many are not. *Having stated “origin” earlier: Female Capt asked an FO where he was from due to her interest in the family name (I myself am very interested in unique names and history). FO’s response said that was inappropriate to ask and HR rules dictated this. I was floored as we have one of the most if not the most diverse background pilot groups on most any account. Normally a very informative and interesting learning point has turned into a very delicate bubble wrap situation. **I normally assess the crew quickly during meet and greet which exposes a lot of character (Proper respect to the Capt and each other is easy to gauge). Then during the delegation of workload it becomes more evident and normally the final measure is keeping an awareness to catering etiquette and how that pans out. Definitely other tells, but the above are fairly easy to ascertain.
  13. And it will only get crazier… Economy, Recession, War, Inflation, combination of all and or something else. It is a crazy industry.
  14. There’s no excuse in this day and age not to have the good, bad and the ugly on any one outfit. There is really nothing out there that will exonerate anyone from claiming they had no idea what the airlines are all about: $$$ (Yours/Theirs), Unions, Seniority, Equipment, Schedules, Jumpseating/Positive Space/Gateways/Homebasing, Cargo vs Pax, FA’s, Domestic vs International, Retirement plans, Soft Pay, Vacation, Sick Leave, Guarantee, Line Holder, Reserve, Long Call, Short Call, Domiciles, Paid relocation, Line Check Airman, Sim Check Airman/DE, Training Center opportunities, hotels, transportation, green slip, scab, etc, etc, etc. If for some reason it doesn’t suit you just quit. There is plenty of time to job search in hotels at a minimum. Yes, it is a quagmire but just ask a question and someone will pipe in with the answer at their outfit. “Independent Contractors” live at all outfits some more than others and it seems cyclic like every disaster scenario this industry goes thru every decade or thereabouts. Nothing is perfect and the airlines provide a very good lifestyle if it aligns with your priorities whatever they may be. It’s not for everyone and should not be sold as such, but it does provide opportunities that are rarely found in others sectors. It’s what you make of it.
  15. Agree, prices are going ballistic in some areas. So many cancellations since they are unable to support with current staffing, etc. I have been fortunate enough to snag United, Delta and American four times returning from ANC to TN since Jan 22. I realize three out of the four flights were last minute business provided by the company and aren’t cheap, but they have more than doubled… Business is sought after on these 6hr (ish) flights, but May was about $1,500 (Delta/76/lie flat. Granted it’s tourism to ANC/Back, but earlier this week was $3,800 (American/Airbus). Company got it down to $3,200. ANC is a bit out there, but it seems to be high all around.
  16. You can always “be full” if you decrease lines, routes and size of aircraft. Fairly obvious when you fly into several airports and see extra iron just lying around. Overseas is no different with a sea of metal still available although they don’t try to hide it like us. Actual aircraft at the gate with an engine missing or both all taped up with tire covers. They haven’t recovered nor have we fully recovered. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Just don’t be surprised.
  17. Hmmm, 19% DC in there somewhere? Keep moving on up! Helps all around.
  18. Beyond the LOA’s that have started hardening, there now are tremors surrounding another package possibly in the works to help stop the outflow of folks. We’ll see….. hopefully more than a gift card.
  19. Agree, we do our best to mitigate the above. We make inputs to the best of our ability, but in the end it’s well documented within our industry: “Timing is Everything!” Amazing to think that even your Birth Date or SSN has impact that you have no control over down the road. Many other variables obviously, but no one is shooting to be furloughed, have their carrier merge and get whip sawed or worse yet disappear overnight. Nothing like 20/20 hindsight, and even then some things aren’t avoidable. Too many lost ships at sea out there. While some had a big hand in their circumstances many others did not. I can only evaluate my career at the end looking back. Try to enjoy the ride getting there.
  20. True, so very true. Granted the Big Boyz have plenty of X wives and dependents roaming amuck as well, I just don’t think it’s quite as rampant as 5Y has far greater access than most and the time to delve into such Team X builders club at troublemaker locations. The 100% match up to 10% of your annual salary was a good jump. While many weren’t that happy on the additional 2% DC, I let them know you have no idea how big that really is. I was surprised we were even given anything, so I believe it’s the foot in the door kind of thing. Something they can add too as needed and we need it! “So you’re telling me there’s a chance!” -Lloyd Christmas. Always bleeding, just bleeding some more now that the 175% pay is slowly drying up. 90% were snagging it around the world on the 777/747 side. Now it’s just Big Red so all eyes when bidding are now facing Asia. Get it while you can, everything is cyclic.
  21. Well, at least I most likely would be eligible to fly to Japan since they have already brought the age limit up thru 67 til their 68th birthday awhile back. I like the “extend my LTD a couple of more years!”
  22. Even when I flew back commercial on UA 787 Business in Feb from FRA to ORD, I was included in a shenanigan. Passenger came out of the lav and passed out. Don’t know why I was paying attention (no service due to turbulence over the Atlantic) but I was able to catch him before his head was going to hit the floor after snapping my belt off. Yelled medical and lights came on with FA’s swarming in the aisle. Stood him up for a minute and he said he was OK. One step later he drops like a brick and I threw him in my seat this time. I sat in his seat for 2 hours after a Doc on board took care of him. His seat mate next to me was wondering when something might happen as he pounded a ton of champagne earlier. FA’s said they knew him which was curious. When asked they mentioned he was one of theirs! Turns out he was a UA 787 Capt on his way home… can’t make this stuff up. Guess the pax guys know how to party but no liver to hang.🤪 I don’t drink anymore, but when I do it’s for free - especially on Emirates/Qatar as they have the best choices.
  23. Pretty well sums it up how Lord Ratner categorized it for the majority: 1. Who offered you a job 2. Where can you live without commuting 3. What flying job fits your personality? When you need a job you just go where you must and transition later to that destination career as you see fit, but there has never been a greater time to gain access to your airline of choice than now. Commuting is the biggest hassle for most and nothing beats living in domicile no matter what outfit, except for holding a base which is actually where you want to live or the surrounding area allows you to capture extra trips/pay within 90 min - 2hrs in many cases = Holy Grail of LIFESTYLE and Opportunity. Enjoying the “job” carries significant weight depending on your personality, but every normal hassle melts away when you do and it’s always easier as I sit here in Australia enjoying the beach and whatnot. Rainy seasonish but amazing. *Labeling those who say boxes don’t b….! as “misanthropic” is first off all encompassing of the freight community. For a bunch of freight dawg unsocial misfits I would say we’re doing pretty well out there! 😆🤪
  24. The hidden meaning behind some of these attributes or benefits has taken some time for me to dig up and get steered straight. I believe it was the FedEx folks on APC enlightened me that new hires get to training on their own and pay for their accommodations, ground transportation , etc. The stuff I just mentioned was not the eye-opener. What struck me was that if you (not a newbie) were a commuter, you are responsible for getting there, ground transportation and accommodations during required training events every year for the remainder of your career unless corrected in a new contract. It’s the “expectation” that you live in base was the hidden meaning. You definitely get paid enough to do it, but “c’mon Man! *If your dream location is at base, you have won the lottery! *Good to know about United. Thx.
  25. Thanks to both of you answering this. Didn’t think an immediate move was paramount, but with kids (school year) and other priorities it does make sense to get settled in before all the initial mayhem/stress starts. *Storage answered as well, thx.
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