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    Search the thread, I've been pretty consistent with what I think. Vandy should be smarter than this, and it has a sheen of desperation. End the bonus entirely, increase fly pay to 2016 dollars at all levels, reduce initial ADSC to 6 years, let commanders at gp and sq work assignments by ending the RSAP and bringing back ACE at RPA wings and certain other bases. Not to mention the political stuff like letting State to State stuff and USMil do USMil stuff.
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    If only every O-6 had the control that you think they have... Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
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    And what exactly do you want them to say? That you are right and they are part of the problem? Or just to commiserate with you? There is a lot of sport bitching going on in this thread and no clear answers. There are a lot of misguided solutions as you guys have pointed out. There are also lots of folks on this board that give a sh!t but many of them don't work or have input into these issues. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
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    "ihatemyjob1" - ha ha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Packers should have taken a knee in the 3rd quarter and called in a MEDEVAC 9-Line for themselves. ATIS
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    Shack, we have little control...it is sickening how high some of the most basic and mundane decisions are pushed just to CYA. For a service that has the tenet "Centralized Control, Decentralized Execution." the service takes great pride in throwing that out the window at every opportunity. My first real clash with the system occurred when I was a squadron commander. I was given the AFPC commanders hotline which was a direct number a G series commander could call to work real people issues. The officer side was fairly straight forward in that I knew the lanes I could work to impact a person's career and assignment options. The enlisted side was a complete abomination. Long story short, I was manned at 63% on the enlisted side and I had a guy who had been in the unit for two years and had some family issues (his dad was terminally ill),...suddenly they wanted to move him to the AOC and replace him with a line Instructor from the critically manned ops unit. I found out the ops unit was going to get a long-term DNIF guy coming back from overseas. I talked to the other two squadron commanders and we all agreed, let the ops guy keep the much needed instructor, let me keep my guy who was doing three critical jobs outside his own (and I could manage his schedule to take leave to be with his dad), and send the DNIF guy to the AOC...makes sense right...not to the "E-9s" at AFPC. I got a few days of push back and finally called the head E-9 functional to explain the situation and ask for some common sense. His reply..."Sirrrrrr, the Air Force Enlisted Assignment process is far to big for you to take a personal interest in someone." I lost it...Why the FUCK am I a Commander if I can't take an interest in my people! I elevated it all the way through the Wing/CC and I LOST. We are broken...LEAVE while you can.
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    From what I've seen, these guys aren't part of that group. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
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    I've sat in on a brief with those guys when they literally said, "We briefed the A-10s across the street yesterday, but between then and now all of this has changed." If you are looking for a long term plan, you're going to be mighty disappointed.
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    I think the main push back is that this just generates more queep to distract from the mission. More recognition is a great thing, but we can always count on Big Blue to fail in the execution. This will mean taskers and deadlines to front line supervisors filling out yet more 1206's when they could be focusing on the mission and tactics. Instead they will be worried about finding the right acronym from the latest wing admin guide that is the correct number of characters for the bullet. This is why good people continue to run for the door. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What were they thinking? T-1s are no place to prepare new pilots for a large airplane or the CRM that goes with it.
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    How, in today's information age, could this even be a question? Is your leadership's office located under a rock? On the moon? The fact that this kind of buffoonery still exists in broad daylight... Your leadership should be publicly identified and provided counseling behind the nearest woodshed. I'd love to know what base/wing, but that would unnecessarily highlight you. FFS...
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    Absolutely, but not in the current climate with a complete lack of will to win, massive amounts of CYA, dickless leadership abounds, etc. Tac Airlifter nailed it - when are we going to start wanting to win again and start re-thinking the way we are playing this game? Until we stop this bullshit idea of "we're not at war" war, it will not get better.
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    Or there's the way the Navy/Marines do it where you are judged based on the last 200 studs that go through rather than a small sample size of 14. Sent from my iPhone using Baseops Network Forums
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    Sun shades for the 38's?! Back in my day we had to carry 40 pound parachutes into the Texas summer heat for a double turn and we liked it! The ramp was uphill both ways if memory serves correctly. Cool video!
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