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  1. LOL some of the only airframes that could launch after China takes down the satcoms and the interwebs “fight tonight” - 1 anyone who foresees a shooting war before a cyber war is stuck in the past.
  2. IAR-823… 4 people when you want a minivan, 2 people when you want to go upside down.
  3. Yes for PV- to include O-5... For Ropma all our pilots (4/4)were picked up for O-5 in the recently released ANG board. 2 had pme done, 2 didn’t. The stats will posted at some point but I have a feeling the ANG will continue to promote non pme complete major pilots to O-5 for the foreseeable future. Very different story for AFRC/AD.
  4. https://www.airforcetimes.com/opinion/commentary/2018/07/31/commentary-the-air-force-is-not-designed-to-produce-good-leaders/#.W2GSJWZnA9E.linkedin air force crimes for the win
  5. #4 fire, #2 throttle stuck at 12k in/lbs.
  6. #fakenews No one can make fun of C-17s! On another note, the last Boeing AMP was sent to the boneyard in January... https://www.dvidshub.net/video/580116/189th-aw-c-130-amp-arrival
  7. My Oct mid month was $68.05 more than mid month for Sep, which would be about right for the increase (ANG AGR). Final Oct LES should drop tomorrow on the 25th...
  8. It's a good time to be a C-130 IN in the guard! 30k for 4-6 years(Tier 1 Opt 1)... go guard! 25k for 4-6 for other CSOs(Tier 2 Opt 1)
  9. Word from NGB yesterday was that they were still "constructing" ARP... wtf? AD and AFRC already released their AvB.
  10. AFRC AvB (Aviation Bonus Program) is different than ANG ARP (Aviator Retention Pay)...
  11. Or maybe almost a month... Did you get hired by a unit or are you still searching?
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