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    I actually agree. I guess I should've figured the discussion would quickly turn to her. I was really just hoping for some more witty Eagle bashing. But damn bros, they both will probably see this at some point. Maybe chivalry is dead. Maybe I'm old fashioned. Is it classy to make jokes about banging each other's wives / girlfriends? There's gotta be a line somewhere. My guess is it got crossed on page 1. Like I said, good on him.
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    The real tragedy here is another guy getting married. If he played his cards right he could've been banging 24 year olds for the next 20 years.
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    Whatever, I saw some Ebola driving to work yesterday. Just swerved around it and did ok.. Plus I always were a rubber so I don't have to worry about Ebola. Another friend of mine had a vasectomy and is immune as well.
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    1. The estimated mortality of Ebola infection in the US (with our modern health care facilities & aggressive supportive care) is about 20%. Of course with just a handful of cases and one death (in a case that was mishandled) that's still pretty much a WAG - but clearly the mortality is much less than overseas where modern care isn't available. That also doesn't factor in experimental drugs (there are a few being used when they are available) and transfusion of antibody-containing blood products from Ebola survivors when compatible type blood is available. It's thought that these treatments may be somewhat effective, but no one knows for sure. 2. What's required to care for Ebola patients is standard isolation, contact isolation & droplet isolation. Theoretically, any hospital can do this. As a practical matter, these patients get very sick with projectile vomiting, explosive diarrhea and lots of other unpleasantness. All of these fluids are quite infectious in Ebola patients. Hence the staff caring for them must wear a very complex ensemble of PPE when caring for the patient, and (this is really important) must be able to decontaminate and safely remove the PPE when they go off duty. And essentially, they have to do it right without error every time around the clock. This is really complex and exhausting for staff to do repeatedly, especially if they're not extensively trained and practice (drill) regularly. This is probably why the nurses at Texas Presbyterian were infected - caring for the patient (who eventually died) at the height of his illness with at best "rushed up" training, no practice or experience with Ebola or other high-level infectious diseases and (some media reports) incomplete PPE ensembles and incomplete training in use and safe removal. In short this hospital (Texas Presbyterian) decided they could care for this patient there - they quickly got in over their heads & got in deep trouble really fast. Hindsight being 20/20, this was a bad decision and those paying the price are the two front-line nurses who were doing the best they could to care for this patient in an environment that just wasn't up to speed. 3. You'll notice that there have been no occupational exposures at the three national biocontainment centers that have cared for Ebola patients - NIH, Emory and Nebraska Medical Center (the fourth biocontainment center at St. Patrick in Missoula, Montana hasn't yet cared for any Ebola patients). That's because the staff of these centers regularly train, teach and drill in caring for patients who require this strict isolation on an ongoing basis. Their staff is qualified & current in use of these PPE ensembles and other things necessary to care for these patients. Right now there are 11 such beds in all of the U.S (2 currently occupied). It seems to make sense to move these patients to one of these four centers although it makes sense to stand up additional resources to care for Ebola patients if more are encountered - there are other hospitals that with help of CDC experts can stand up to the same level of competence with some advance warning, and there are several that are working on that now. 4. If you're interested in the air transport of Ebola patients back to the U.S. check here http://abcnews.go.com/Health/video/ebola-us-walkthrough-inside-ebola-transport-jet-26226918 - it's pretty interesting. 5. I think the CDC has also made some missteps early in this event but they are rapidly correcting and I have confidence in what they are telling us. 6. What's been written that makes sense is that travel bans don't make sense, but screening & individualized monitoring does. Apparently there's a very small number (<200/day) persons who come into the US from the West African areas where the outbreak is centered - indirectly because there are no direct flights - and DHS knows in advance who these individuals are co they can be closely monitored. I think you'll see that this plus screening of overseas PAX will be effective at keeping this situation under control domestically while teh world humanitarian effort gets it under control overseas. 6. Am I overly worried? No. Do we need to take this very seriously - especially while we are still learning the nuances of this disease in the U.S.? Absolutely. I'm old enough to remember when HIV/AIDS was first discovered & not well understood (I was a medical student at the time). This seems very similar - except internet and 24 hour cable communication is more prevalant - and I'm sure we'll get a good handle on it quickly.
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    I don't know what the big deal is...there's a former herk nav (pretty sure he went on to UPT) who married a former Jaguars cheerleader. If a nav can do it...just sayin
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    While not inflicting fatalities, I will agree her music has made more people sick that Ebola.
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    That doesn't happen. No virus we've ever studied has ever changed its mode of transmission.
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    She has been very popular for some reason
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    So essentially the AF is so systemically dysfunctional, that not even an inspirational and respected leader--placed at the very top--can affect the service in a lasting and meaningful way? Sounds about right I guess.
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    Great commercial, should get some people to sign up thinking the USAF is about doing cool things, flying cool jets and full of cool people....I remember seeing that type of thing 10 yrs ago....now I realize the difference between propaganda and the real world. Well, back to my CBT.
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    Concur. I'm still surprised... after the pain and suffering by others that participate in Facebook... that many still feel the internet is an alternative "Squadron Bar". It's the internet folks. In fact, it's BO.net, which has a significant number of toolbags in the population. These are not "my bros". Reason #76 why I spend less and less time around this site. In my former community, I couldn't even imagine that this type of thing would be posted on the internet by one of "the bros". We certainly have "lively and colorful discussions"... but we keep to ourselves. If someone posted these comments about the wife or fiancee of one of us, it would not go over well at all. That said, it's the internet, and you are entitled to express yourself. However, the lack of tolerance by those that consider themselves tolerant of anything is nothing short of hypocritical. They justify it by a "chill out" or "get a thicker skin"... yet they are the ones telling dissenters to fuck off because they are the intolerant ones. Toro, As the moderator, you've done great work on this forum, and we appreciate it. People aren't infallible, however. And your post was a mistake. As the moderator, your job is to moderate. It is NOT to tell someone who disagrees with you to fuck off,... and then offer to help them disable their account if they can't take a joke. That type of chest thumping by a moderator is a foul. And you... of all people... should understand the 2nd and 3rd order effects of squadron bar talk going online. After having the letter to a lowly college ROTC cadet go viral, and getting spanked by General Kwast, you are the poster child for "this should stay in the squadron, with the bros". I don't know what kind of punishment, what Letter of Reprimand you received, or how long you were grounded, but you certainly laid low around here for some time. And while I'm sure you are like the rest of us, and yuck it up now that it's been a few years, I'm betting you weren't real fond of the internet for a while. And finally... to tell us that because we feel the comments are in very bad taste, that we are responsible for SARC training... it's absurd, you know it's absurd, and it does nothing but reduce your standing as a moderator on this board.