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  1. Think it just upped to 34 not too long ago. It can also be wavered, I'm pretty sure.
  2. Slowly answering my own questions...this is an excerpt from the ANG posting in Syracuse: Upon ANGRC approval, member enters a three year training program to qualify and perform as an MQ-9 Air National Guard pilot. The following schools are mandatory for successful completion of the Pilot Training Program: 1. Screening Physical - Brooks AFB, TX (3 days) 2. Academy of Military Science (AMS) - MAXWELL AFB, AL (6 weeks) 3. Initial Flight Screening- Pueblo Colorado (5 weeks) 4. 11U Track- Undergraduate Pilot Training (T6/T1) – Location determined by ANG (52 Weeks)
  3. Awesome, thanks for that! While on topic...it seems like the AFRC/ANG don't have many RPA units. What happens if down the road I get sick of living at said squadron, is it even possible to switch? I'm also wondering if RPA pilots go through UPT or the abbreviated drone URT. It would make sense that the Air Force would want the flexibility of having a fully trained pilot that's gone through UPT...
  4. Hey all, does anyone have an update on whether drone pilots for ANG/AFRC attend URT or UPT?
  5. I'm wondering if anyone has any stats on people who were selected for an RPA pilot slot in the AFRC. AFOQT Pilot: 90 Nav: 99 AA: 86 V: 98 Q: 64 PCSM: 51, 0 flight hours, Civ App
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