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  1. Warchant reporters leaked it in a podcast yesterday morning speaking about Brock being the only one taking snaps in 11 on 11. Pressure makes diamonds.
  2. Bama fans will be rooting for you guys this weekend. And I'll be watching. Sad to know this will be the last Saturday filled with games. I feel Sept 2nd and 3rd wasn't that long ago.
  3. Sorry, it's all NCAA football and motorsports for me. I haven't been able to work on any of my toys since September so after the season I'll return to those. Indeed. He is actually more mobile than you'd imagine, but he obviously doesn't see the read's or feel the pressure nearly as quickly as JT or he'd have been starting. I'm hoping those reps in Trashville last week will pay off - We'll see in about 74 hours. I agree, the portal will and has changed things forever. Norvell has benefitted from it more than most, Keon Coleman and Jared Verse, our two players likely to go in the first round were found there. I think it'll be an interesting dynamic moving forward. There is talk of us getting a QB with one year of eligibility but how would our 4* Freshman or 5* class of 2024 recruit take that? Time will tell. That's fair, and I'll admit that I don't dislike you guys as much as I do UF. But it's close. Probably because you haven't been relevant in over 20 years. 🙂
  4. First - FSU has a basketball team? I’ve honestly never watched a single game. We’ll see. That’s why the game is played. If we beat Louisville, after that we’re just playing with house money after losing JT. Auburn got trounced by NM State two weeks ago only to throw away their win against Alabama on a last second 4th and goal from about the 30. Us being 3-6 three years ago, to 10-3 last year, and now 12-0 and sitting at number four in the second to last CFP Rankings with a top three recruiting class shows where we are trending. Regardless of what happens Saturday, the future of Florida State Football looks bright under CMN.
  5. CH - Are you a 'Canes fan? HAHAHAHAHAHA. I hope you guys keep Cristobal forever. Wish I had known this a few weeks ago. 😆
  6. They won their only game with him out in a hostile environment. So we'll continue to wait and see. FSU defense is allowing roughly 14 points a game. Michigan and OSU haven't played anyone except each other, hard to argue that Penn State is decent. OSU barely escaped a Notre Dame team with 10 players that got beat soundly by both Louisville and Clemson. Guess we'll see what the committee thinks tonight. In history, no undefeated P5 team has ever missed the CFP. Only one team who was undefeated has been ranked behind a one loss team in the CFP Rankings - FSU in '14. Who is your team by the way? Or the signs that were all over the university in Trashville that said "Welcome, break a leg" or had a depiction of Jordan Travis hanging from a noose... Stay classy gainesville. They've had three losing seasons in a row for the first time in 75 years. And it feels great, about as great as their recruits decommitting.
  7. Karma punch? Expound. And fortunately Mike Elko took that garbage job.
  8. Not since 1998 have this many teams remained unbeaten at this point in the season. Winner of this weekend's OSU/UM game is clearly in. I don't think the loser has a chance. Winner of Alabama and Georgia in next week's SEC Championship game is in. Georgia, if it loses close, can still get in. If Washington wins out they are in. If Oregon beats them, they are probably in. I don't know about Texas. Technically they should be in if Alabama beats Georgia due to head-to-head, but Alabama looks to be the better team now. I don't know how that'll be viewed. FSU may be out even if they win out due to the CFP committee taking into account Jordan Travis' season ending injury. We still have two weeks of football to let things settle out.
  9. Kind of like Michigan... When Rutgers has been your toughest opponent, something is shady. But not as shady as Connor Stallions! CFP Poll is out and its OSU, UGA, UM, and FSU. Washington and Oregon round out five and six. I think all six controls their own destiny.
  10. Agreed, its really hard to ask teams to stay unbeaten for a whole season - And I think at least one more team will fall in addition to the OSU/UM loser. We still have 1/3 of the regular season remaining.
  11. First CFP rankings come out tomorrow. Only a couple unbeatens left. Was fortunate enough to fly out from San Diego to see FSU at Wake this weekend and it was fun to watch. Our offense and defense look like they're both getting better. Interesting WTF is happening with Michigan - Some shady stuff for sure.
  12. Lesson of Rolling Thunder vs Linebacker II. Measured responses promise continued fighting.
  13. A lot of questionable officiating, even more questionable coaching decisions - No taking a knee? Inexcusable. I hate Miami, but I feel bad for their coach letting down their players. And Arizona not going for 2 in the first OT? Wow. Interested to see Oregon and Washington this coming Saturday. That winner is very possibly playing in the CFP. I think Texas plays OU again for the Big 12 championship and that team goes to the CFP due to the strength of schedule remaining for both. Seems like UGA and Michigan finally found their rhythm and both look menacing from their Saturday performances. I don't think FSU will get a mulligan. They have to win out and win the ACCCG to get to the CFP.
  14. Several teams thought to be dominant didn't perform well this week, only winning by 7 - USC, Washington, UGA... Plus all those "strong" PAC-12 teams will play each other and doubtful that anyone comes out unscathed. I think Michigan is currently the team that looks most complete, but very hard to tell given their week schedule. Looking forward to Saturday. Disappointed that Duke couldn't pull it off against ND to show OSU is overrated and unfortunately they went from ACC contenders to probably bowl eligible losing their QB for more than a couple weeks.
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