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  1. Fear has embraced you. Let us hope that most are not like you.
  2. Fuck those expecting healthy people to take a vaccine that works marginally at best and which we have absolutely no knowledge of the potential long term, adverse effects. Its been out for what, not even a year? Most vaccines don't come to market for 8-10 years ... This has made it to market in months.
  3. It is not my responsibility to subsidize other people's poor decisions or years lived. If they want to get the vaccine to protect them, amazing! Go for it, I don't care. But why are you forcing others to get it who don't need it? The vaccine "works" you say, right? Then why are others being forced to take it or risk losing the ability to care for their family, attend school, etc...? Shouldn't they be protected according to your viewpoint?
  4. I think you're giving the average American a lot more credit than you probably should.
  5. It's hard to win when your opponent plays by an entirely difference set of rules.
  6. Like every organization in the MSM?
  7. Why are you pro-mandate for the military? It is one of the least at-risk populations in the world.
  8. Curious what our resident democrats on the board have to say about this. You know who you are. If you voted for this administration explain what you think about its direction.
  9. That is the problem. There is no allowable gray area - Strictly black and white. This is almost solely because of the White House and how they've handled this. If you've had covid and have the anti-bodies, per the Israeli study of over 2 million people who were either vaccinated or caught covid, those with natural anti-bodies were between 6 and 13 times less likely to get covid a second time than the vaccinated were likely to catch it. Why should they be forced to get the vaccine? Additionally, medical exemptions are being treated as anything such with the only available exemption, at least in California, being that you have had a documented adverse reaction to an ingredient in the vaccine. The California Medical Board sent out letters to all California certified physicians stating such and informing the physicians that any who disobeyed would face possible loss of licensure. I presented my employer, a major defense contractor, a German study that showed a 4% increase in occurrence and/or severity for seizures for those diagnosed with epilepsy and was told that doesn't qualify for an exemption and I just recovered from covid last week and have demonstrated anti-bodies.
  10. We watched three episodes of "Dope Sick" on Hulu over the past week, pretty eye-opening at the relationship between big pharma and the FDA.
  11. The vast majority of those with comorbidities are self-induced. If they don't care enough about themselves to resolve their own situation, why should I be compelled to help them potentially putting myself at risk receiving a "vaccine" that doesn't prevent you from getting the virus, doesn't prevent you from spreading the virus, and has no long term history of known side effects because it still has over a year to complete testing?
  12. He too was suffering from cancer but none of the headlines and only few of the articles mention that.
  13. So I saw a video where the president said, "You know who has vaccine mandates? Fox News." Then he proceeded to smirk as if it were a joke. Making light of the fact that he is forcing individuals to either maintain their body autonomy for a vaccine, that isn't actually functioning as a vaccine and won't finish clinical trials for another year, or being able to provide for their family is probably one of the shadiest things I've seen of any of our leaders in recent times.
  14. People are born with people skills?
  15. So would you agree that a younger, healthy individual should have the choice of receiving the vaccine since they don't pose a risk to others?
  16. I'm with Dogfish - This has been blatantly obvious all over every aspect of social media.
  17. They absolutely do affect others by limiting access to healthcare because our healthcare system is overwhelmed by people with diseases that are self-caused.
  18. Let's deny all obese people medical care that is related to their choices too - I'm down!
  19. If fat f***s overwhelm the hospital/healthcare system because their immune system can’t fight a minor virus it does.
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