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  1. Some interesting updates on this at the secret level. Suggest getting with an Intel person or checking sipr for SA.
  2. As long as she's not in uniform, not in any kind of active status or on orders, and doesn't imply her personal opinion is representative of the military, she's completely in the clear.
  3. I ran the half marathon. It was 88% humidity and 70 degrees at the 0830 start, but it was overcast. Then the clouds cleared around 0945 and the temp went up to 80. My garmin watch said it hit 100 degrees on my wrist. Combined with the humidity, it was pretty miserable. Most people ended up walking quite a bit towards the end. It was by far the worst running race I've ever done.
  4. Sorry, I went dyslexic with DGS. I meant to say DSG, as in part-time guys. However, we all work with DGS in a geographically separated way, and I think Battle Creek, MI has a co-located DGS, but I'm not 100% on that. Getting an AGR spot is all about timing and luck, as are many things in the AF. Having experience, qualifications, and networking definitely helps the process. If you go the AD route, you'll incur a 6-year service commitment, so just keep that in mind. I came on as a Technician in a different unit and there happened to be an AGR spot open up about 6 months after I showed
  5. As with anything, it's all about perspective and expectations. I spent 10 yrs AD, 4 as a Mx Officer and 6 in RPAs at Creech and Holloman, but recently switched over to a Guard MQ-9 unit last summer. My time in AD RPAs was a slow, grinding, soul-crushing experience that I tempered with copious amounts of alcohol. My experience in the Guard has been completely different, and for the better. There will always be the nature of the beast that is RPA ops that includes 24/7/365 operations, leading to working night shift, some weekends, and the occasional holiday. But even that aspect is a lot better
  6. I hear there's a bottleneck at the Palace Chase office and with SAF approval, too...
  7. I started with Gleim's online course while deployed to Al Udeid in 2010, but didn't have the time/motivation to stay on the self paced stuff to fully complete it. I then took an in-person course at Offutt's aero club after getting back when I found out tuition assistance would cover the cost.
  8. I went through the pipeline about 6-7 years ago, but I was recently instructing at the FTU at Holloman, so I was able to ask the students going through how things have changed: IFS is now IFT ("training" instead of "screening"), since the washout rate was too high as a screening program, and lasts approximately 6-9 weeks, depending on weather and your performance (i.e. repeating rides or double turning events). EX: At Pueblo, my class had 4 of 8 wash out and the class behind me had 7 of 8 wash out. When I went through, we would do stand-up briefs every morning, but I'm not sure if that's
  9. Sweet, sounds like more of a benefit to wait for the time being. Now I can enjoy my terminal leave and focus on other things. Appreciate the advice!
  10. BLUF: Is it worth completing ACSC before separating AD and going to the Guard? I'll be leaving AD for an instructor pilot ART position later this year, and I have a line number for Major. Is it worth the effort to try and knock out ACSC before I switch over? I hope to eventually get an AGR position with the unit, so I plan on being in place for a while once I get there. Is it smarter to get it done now, or wait until later? Or is it even worth completing at all at this point? As far as career aspirations, I'm not exactly motivated by obtaining a senior leadership position, and the airline
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