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  1. East Carolina University grads, not North Carolina State
  2. If you join as an academic junior as Hokadet mentioned, you will get get 5 out of 10 points for the Field Training portion of the Order of Merit score (FT is 10% of the score that determines if you get a pilot slot) because you have not attended Field Training yet. That isn't so bad considering that Top Third of FT ranking gets 8 points (Superior performer gets 9 points, Top Gun gets 10 points). The other thing to consider is that you will only have one full semester to impress your cadre for their commander's ranking (50% of the OM score). While you will be competing with Juniors who are POC, have had 2.5 years to impress the cadre, are holding POC leadership positions, you won't be a POC, won't have a leadership position (because you aren't POC), and you are new. If you showed up, kicked ass, scored extremely well on the PFA, tried to demonstrate leadership without being in a leadership position, etc (basically made an amazing first impression) you might make up for the odds that are against you. If you show up, do average on the PFA, don't participate as much, you will likely blend into the crowd and wind up in the bottom half of the commander's ranking, thereby eliminating your chances of earning that pilot slot.
  3. You'll need to talk to a detachment cadre staff to be sure, but under certain situations we have cadets come in as sophomores and stay for 2.5 years. That seems to be the minimum amount of time that cadets are required to be in ROTC (at our detachment at least). 1 year as a sophomore to be sure they are prepared for Field Training, and then every cadet is required to have all four Aerospace Studies courses for Juniors and Seniors (Fall AS300, Spring AS300, Fall AS400, Spring AS400) but our cadets are given the option to double up the spring semester of junior year (so they take Spring AS300 and Spring AS400) so they can graduate in the Fall.
  4. There used to be a Harry Beaver, contractor in 2005.
  5. I have the droid, and love it. I had an iphone too, and loved it. One thing I liked about the iphone was it was like having an Ipod with you everywhere you had your phone. My droid has a music player but right now I can't sync automatically with itunes, but I think there is an app or program that makes that happen. Instead I have to use this crappy program called Motorola Media Link, and it is not as instant as syncing an ipod with itunes. The droid pros for me: Open Source - More customization for the phone. There are apps that change the number of screens, customize the LED notification light, allow text message popups, change the contact list, change the text message appearance. The customization is limitless because google doesn't prevent application developers from changing key features. Widgets - Cool little things that appear on your screen and display information without accessing a program. I have a calendar widget on the homescreen that syncs with google calendars automatically and shows me what I have going on. I have a weather app that tells the temperature and weather. Pull out keyboard - makes writing texts easier for me, but iphone on screen keyboard isn't that horrible. Free navigation - You can get the droid for around $199 with 2 yr contract and it is basically a GPS navigator in a box. I paid more than that for my Nuvi and it does the same thing, actually better because I can dictate directions to my phone to navigate (I haven't actually tried it since I don't have the car dock for the vehicle, but I know what it can do). The iphone is a great phone, and I'd still probably be with AT&T if I didn't break it. But only because I didn't realize how great Verizon was for my area, and how great the Droid is. The small things make the difference to me and I'd choose droid over iphone again and again. edit: three more pros Voice Search (or text search): One of the few physical buttons on the phone is a search button. It searches your music/contacts/internet. It makes google searching easier on the phone. I press it, say what I want it to google, and it opens the browser and searches for it. It has a great ability to recognize speech and convert it to text. Integration with google: The phones integration with google is a big plus for me. I have all my contacts online (@ www.google.com/contacts), and it syncs to my phone over the air. It syncs with my google calendar. It syncs my gmail. Google Voice: It is a great service if you aren't familiar with it, check it out. You have to go to google and request an invitation for the service but they will eventually admit you. It does a lot of things, but it has free long distance calling. Iphones can get this service, but in order to make the free long distance call, you must: Go online to google and dial the phone number on the internet, it will call your phone and then connect you. There is an app for the droid that allows you to dial from your google number, which is something apple is not allowing at the moment.
  6. Atreyu kicks ass, you can't judge a book by its cover.
  7. I had PRK surgery as an AS300, and have a reference attached. On page 9 it states, "We will allow Cadets (contracted) on MRS that has had Corneal Refractive Surgery to be submitted for categorization at the 3-month point with clearance from the treating Ophthalmologist. Review by this office is mandatory" As it states, you can be submitted for categorization after 3 months. There is a checklist in the guide that must be completed, and when you get to the 3 month point I believe the data is input into wings so you can be potentially pilot qualified (requisite for categorization). It's important to note that you must first be contracted before you undergo corrective eye surgery. If you are non-contracted at the time of surgery, you will be disqualified for 6 months. Don't go out and get PRK on your own though make sure your cadre's involved, I just added the guide as a reference. ROTC Cadet Medical Processing Procedures Guide Rev 3.pdf
  8. I doubt it. The official memo from Col McCain says, "Please talk to ALL of your seniors graduating this spring and encourage them to seriously consider applying for Gold Bar Recruiting duty.". I'd approach your cadre to find out for sure though. Attached is the memo if you wanted to see it. ARMSAFROTC-09-128 - Gold Bar Recruiter.pdf Atch1toARMS-09-128-Attch 1.pdf
  9. Sure made a good wallpaper though http://a1.g.akamai.net/f/1/15157/1h/dodair...1440x900_03.jpg
  10. In the past, I'd say it has been easy but that is based on my experience at my detachment. There are three options for scholarship. ICSP Phase 1 is where you compete nationwide according to your GPA, PT scores, Commander's ranking, and AFOQT scores. If you meet the minimum requirements, you are automatically considered for this scholarship. AFROTC HQ will award scholarships to the top cadets based on that criteria. ICSP Phase 2 is the commander's scholarship. In the past, the commander has received a handful of scholarships (2-3 a year) to award to cadets in the detachment. There is no guidelines for this scholarship, so you can have a 2.5 GPA, a 75 PFA, and you still could receive this scholarship. ICSP Phase 3 is a supplement to Phase 2, if you don't get picked up for Phase 2 Type II scholarship, you can still receive a Type 6 scholarship (less money). AFROTC scholarships have suffered from the down economy though so opportunities now may be less than has been in the past. Good luck. This information can be found http://www.afrotc.com/scholarships/incolsc...ncolProgram.php -USAFJosh
  11. I don't think you are going to get many positive responses, why don't you major in something you enjoy and can finish? I don't know what that is. I'm finishing up a degree in Industrial Technology, but I regret it already. It's with a computer networking concentration. I'm a pilot select so I have no intention of using those skills in the future, so I wish I would have got a Business Administration degree or some other universal degree.
  12. Class size varies from school to school. My school receives around 30 freshmen a year, but some schools get more than twice that. I'd consider my school a very small ROTC unit, we have between 50-60 cadets total. The only variable in your Order of Merit score that would vary due to class size is your Commander's Ranking. It would be hard to predict how class size will affect you. It depends on how your commander ranks. If you are ranked on scores, how many in your class will score higher than you? If you are ranked on character (leadership, motivation, dedication, etc), how many in your class will look better than you? It's hard to predict. I consider myself lucky to be in the class I'm in. It is a small class, 12 juniors. There are no 100 PFAs (Good, because I score a 90), there are no brown nosers (Good, because I won't do that). I was lucky because of my class, not class size. You could be in a class size of 50, and as long as 25 of them are scrubs, you should be fine (as long as you are not a scrub as well).
  13. Under the new Chapter 33 GI Bill, everyone is eligible, even those who receive scholarship money. Officers who graduated from service academies or received ROTC scholarships do qualify for Chapter 33 (the new, post-9/11 GI Bill). However, time spent satisfying the ROTC/Service Academy active duty obligation does not count toward the active duty service necessary to qualify for the benefits. http://www.gibill2008.org/faq.html -USAFJosh
  14. Gen Schwartz deferred making a decision on it until senior leaders met at Bolling AFB during the summer of 2009. http://www.bagram.afcent.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123113044 Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Norton A. Schwartz decided on Aug. 28 to defer a decision on the Air Force heritage coat until the summer of 2009 to address current uniform issues, according to a senior Air Force official. -USAFJosh
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