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  1. Correct. Annual payment. Should be 2 deposits: $19,500 & $7,800.
  2. I’m going to hold you to that when I see you in OTBH after your divert from OMAM! [emoji16]
  3. I’m in a controlled flying tour that I enjoy, so no PCS, and protected from the 365 for a couple years. Never had a strong desire to fly for either, and I know their applicant pools just skyrocketed.
  4. I’m currently a year out from retiring @ 20 yrs, and have always planned on going airlines as soon as I’m retirement eligible, and then Corona! Ugh. I’m planning on taking the 3 year bonus now ($35K) and doing at least an extra 2 years. Here’s to hoping airlines start hiring in 3 yrs & the 365 boogeyman doesn’t find me! [emoji482]
  5. Unfortunately, the news cycle is just more Kobe. And before anyone here gets butthurt, I am saddened too by that crash and loss of life. FWIW, I think it’s completely natural, as aviators, to want to know what happened and to discuss. It’s not arm chair QB-ing. For those that disagree...when you found out about this at work with your squadron bro’s, did you not discuss what you thought what could have caused this? Still haven’t heard of their status, so I’m hoping for the best.
  6. I've searched to no avail, and not sure if Finance Guy is still around but here is my question since the JTR isn't very clear (go figure). Scenario 1: Let's say that I'm on a 179-day TDY in country A living off base, that turns into 183 days TDY (not including travel days). So under the flat rate per diem rules, I would receive 55% of the full rate for country A. I get that. Scenario 2: Now let's say that at the beginning of this TDY I arrive in country A, spend 10 days there, then go TDY to country B for 2 days before returning to location A for the remainder of the 171 days. For this scenario, my understanding is that I would be paid full per diem for the 10 days in country A, 2 days in country B, and then 75% of the full rate for the remaining 171 continuous days at country A. Or would I still get paid at the 55% rate for country A since my total time there was 181 days, although it was not continuous. Any help would be appreciated! This shit would be much easier to figure out if we didn't have this stupid flat rate BS. Techsan
  7. Staff Officer, Pentagon 1. Ops Tempo/Deployment M-F, 0730-1630. Deployments aren’t too common…mainly because they are good deal to Staff Officers as they get them out of the building for months at a time. 2. Lifestyle/ Family Stability Stable. You can expect to be home every night, as well as most weekends. That is unless you work in the Engine Room or Joint Staff, then you can expect to work 0630-1930 M-F, and sometimes on weekends. You’ll find yourself making unnecessary dental appointments just to get out of the office 3. Community morale You work behind a desk in a small cubicle, far removed from anything with wings or rotors. 4. Advancements & Future of the airframe You’re well on your way to your next rank, especially if you’ve mastered TMT. The future of the Staff Officer is bright…they’ll always needs someone to write pointless bullet background papers, and recycle power point briefings. 5. Preferred PCS locations N/A
  8. Reports say crew is ok...hoping so! http://www.guampdn.com/story/news/2016/05/18/downed-aircraft-reported-andersen-air-force-base-gfd-responding/84564970/
  9. I'm kind of curious to know as well. I purchased just 5 months ago...$500K @ 3.75% for a 30-yr fixed VA. Are rates really that much lower to be worth an IRRRL?
  10. Seems legit. Where do I email my SSN & credit card?
  11. Just closed on our VA loan with NBOKC, and was blown away @ the service we received. Matt Hering was our guy & was always available to answer questions over the phone or by email, even on the weekends. Like others have mentioned, both our agent & the seller's agent were skeptical that we could close in 30 days, but Matt & his crew easily surpassed their expectations. His good faith estimate was only $5 off from actual closing costs. We had the choice of 3.5% and no lender credit, or 3.75% with $6700 in lender credit. Here's Matt's info: mhering@nbokc.com 913-383-6479 www.nbofkc.com/mhering
  12. What kind of rates are guys getting these days for a VA loan? Been thinking about jumping in.
  13. Tanker dudes are 11M. Maybe he's talking about an FTU guy?
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