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  1. AFSOC in BLUES! http://www2.hurlburt.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123192874 Tops In Blue claims Hurlburt loadmaster for 2010 tour by Staff Sgt. Stacy Fowler 1st Special Operations Wing Public Affairs 3/2/2010 - HURLBURT FIELD, Fla. -- The Air Force's premiere entertainment ensemble, Tops In Blue, selected the performers for its 2010 tour - and an MC-130 loadmaster from Hurlburt Field, Fla., made the final cut. Staff Sgt. Steven Sonnier, 1st Special Operations Group, leaves next week to begin several months of training before taking his performance to stages around the world. "Being selected as a member of Tops In Blue is the realization of a dream," he said, "I know what the men and women go through on deployments, and I know firsthand the joy of seeing your brothers- and sisters-in-arms singing music that touches you or reminds you of home." Sergeant Sonnier and the other 73 Airmen will assemble at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, to begin rigorous staging procedures and rehearsals on Mar. 7. And for the performers it's more than finding out what songs and dance moves they have to learn, said Sergeant Sonnier. "We're not like a USO show. We do everything ourselves - our entire stage, our lights, everything," he said. "On a daily basis I am working hand-in-hand, 16 to 18 hours a day, with professional musicians, choreographers and technicians who are as passionate about music and the program as I am." After completing training at Lackland AFB, the 2010 entertainment company will begin a 10-month tour in May, visiting more than 20 countries and performing more than 120 shows with this year's theme: "We Believe." "Tops In Blue members are the physical manifestation of the core values and ideals that make the U.S. Air Force the best Air Force in the world," Sergeant Sonnier said. "This program...provides comfort to the people who need it most: the men and women serving their country, and the friends and family of those heroes
  2. THe new AF portal is now a combat support system; while not a weapons system this is still in the same vein. AF Portal Global Combat Support System GCSS-AF
  3. Thank God those of us living on the SOF compound do not have to play these silly ass games.
  4. I worked on that beast for Boeing for 8 years, so I have the maintenance perspective more than anything. The mission is sitting alert quite often waiting for the big one. You also will haul the SecDef and SecState (You can see pictures of Rummy on the E-4B at the DoD photos and images site, this will also allow you to see some of the compartments on the airplane)around often as the comm gear is extensive and suits the needs of those two people and their staff. You have other alert sites, but that is not to be talked about. Presidential Support Missions are fun as you get to travel to nice locations and stay in even nicer lodging. Quality of life (well it is Omaha) is not to bad from what I recall the front end guys talking about when I was up there for support.
  5. Wow, that reminded me of all the rotten stuff that Pol Pot did in Cambodia. Truly staggering that a child born in prison gets tortured just because that was where he was born.
  6. Navy does not return (or give if I recall) salutes in a vehicle or indoors.
  7. You will still be promoted to Capt. on time (I am living proof). Now making Maj and Lt Col, AFRC just added an extra year before you are even looked at for those ranks.
  8. You have to get your unit to release you for starters. Get in touch with the officer recruiter that works the region for the unit you are joining. They will make you fill out a form I can't remember the name of. You will end up being discharged out of the Guard and have to swear into the Reserves. It was not painful, just took time for everybody to stamp their approval of the transfer.
  9. Received this email a few moments ago. I hope it is a hoax, but I fear it is not. "A head's up. Starting 8 Sep 08, the direction from the new CSAF is that everyone in the AF will wear blues (not Class A blouse) every Monday. Direction is forthcoming. This came from the recent off site the Chief had here in D.C. with all 4-stars and 2 letters."
  10. 2nd SOS just stood up at Nellis (associate with the 3rd SOS), they have been telling us that as Nav's with a comm ticket we can be UAV guys, get in touch with a recruiter at the 919th SOW as they are wing in charge of the 2nd.
  11. Saw the names released and when I saw Brent D Williams, I thought please don't let it be the same one I know. Then saw a picture of Maj Williams..and then realized I went to college with him and was in ROTC with him back in the dark ages (early 90's).
  12. Flew with an AFMC stan/eval guy yesterday, he said the climbout power is better; but at cruise the newer props are minimally better than the current props.
  13. They have arrived. Everybody gets wings now!
  14. That place has been torn down to the slab, don't know when exactly, just saw it was gone when I was there this past Christmas.
  15. The less you discuss about this platform the better. OPSEC!
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