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  1. Grandfather (dads side) Retired Lt. Col. Jag officer. In WW2 he was an enlisted guy working with radios on cargo aircraft I believe. Used the GI bill after the war, went to law school, became a judge and was also in the reserves. Ended up pinning Lt. Col. Had his PPL though. Died a few years back. Grandfather (moms side) Enlisted in the Canadian Navy. Was in Submarines. WW2 as well. Also had his PPL. Dad: F-4 pilot in the Navy (1976-1984). Still flying for Delta Airlines. Oldest Brother: F-16 pilot in the Air Force and the ANG. 2001-present Older Brother: C-130 pilot in the Air Force. 2007-present I'm currently in AFROTC, waiting to hear if I get a pilot slot this February! Big shoes to fill myself. My passion and motivation to fly definitely came from my family, and growing up around it.
  2. Ok. Just getting on the ball to have some questions answered. I asked the cadre and they said they would get back to me, just seeing if anybody on here could help me out.
  3. So I am a 300 in AFROTC and am hoping for a pilot slot. Long story short, I tore my ACL playing basketball last week. Going to need surgery. I will be on medical profile until I am healed, and I will definitely not be healed by time I apply for UPT slot in January...am i allowed to still send in my package while on medical profile, and then deal with the flight physical when it comes around next year sometime? Not a doubt in my mind ill be ready by next year, just am not sure if I can even apply in a few months if I am on medical profile. My COC doesnt know either. The common sense in me says yeah, I will be able to apply and then if I fail physical they will just give my slot to next qualified candidate.
  4. I have been doing some research online and on baseops and have not found enough info to clear everything up. So here is the deal: I am currently in AFROTC and I just finished my first year and will be starting up my 2nd year this fall. My first of ROTC and college was substantially better than I expected it to be, finished the year with a 3.65 GPA (Major is Business Finance--save the jokes), and was placed in the top 5% of the ROTC Det. during the end of the Spring semester awards. Now having said that, I am seriously considering transferring to the Academy. I know, I would be a fool to do that considering I have to spend 4 years there and I will already have 2 years of college under my belt before I go, but its just something that I want to do. Now I am here because I want some info on being a 2nd year college AFROTC cadet and transferring to the Academy. I read somewhere that ROTC cadets don't need Congressional Nominations, they can just get a nomination from there commander at the Detachment. Is this true? Also, does the Academy accept quiet a bit of current ROTC cadets ? I know I didn't have a chance coming out of High School going to the Academy because my grades weren't that great, but after my first year of college and sustaining a decent GPA and having a good year in ROTC I feel that I have a great shot at it. I guess i'm just looking for any helpful info on the subject and how the process goes for a current college/ROTC student who wants to transfer there. Thanks in advance.
  5. Yeah, from an outsiders perspective, i'll admit that I did view it as a game/competition to get a pilot slot. Little do I know though. I definitly dont want to be the toolbag of the detachment.
  6. All this advise is making me lean more towards the cross-town school, now that I know that the cross-towners are not at a disadvantage. The cross-town school has an aviation program so it seems like an all out better deal.
  7. If I enrolled at a school that has a crosstown affiliation with the host school ROTC detachment i'm assuming that I would get less attention compared to the other cadets who are at the host school. It seems to me that being away from the host school would hurt my UCR/RSS score. Would it be smart to go to a crosstown school? It says on the website that you are only required to show up once a week to the host school. How does that work? Am I only active in ROTC for one day out of the week? Do many cadets get pilot slots coming from a crosstown school?
  8. I guess my perception of it was that everyone is competiting for a pilot slot. What was the reason for your detachemnt having half of its cadets drop?
  9. I hope to enroll in the AFROTC program in the fall of 2010, im at the end of my Junior of High School. I was just wondering what the typical class size of incoming freshman who are enrolling in ROTC. I know it depends on a lot of variables, but are there any estimates? Ranges? If it is a smaller class size does that increase my chances for a pilot slot because I have less competition?
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