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  1. No worries. I guess it is too much to find another roommate like that. I would be set.
  2. The other roommate has a home in Baltimore but works at the puzzle palace. He uses it when he is too tired to drive home (he can afford it). All rent is paid to base housing and not any of the tenants. But that means we have to go by their rules. IE no civilians, retires or members of the opposite sex. We also have to cover down on the rent when someone moves out. Which is why I am advertising for a roommate.
  3. Looking for a roommate on Andrews base housing. You get your own bathroom and the place is furnished down stairs. There is one other roommate but he only comes in a couple nights a week late at night and leaves early morning. $634 a month includes electric and internet. Anyone interested please send me a message. It is on Tucson street if want to drive by. I can also meet you there to look at it.
  4. We also just like to complain a lot in the Army. Democrats, Republicans, makes no difference to me. If they didn’t start off corrupt, they will quickly end up that way. Point in case, why do they all need pollsters and demographers working on their campaign? So they know what to say in order to get the most votes. They only thing they believe in is self advancement through overt narcissism.
  5. As someone who went from the AF to the Army, they both suck is many ways. Corporate culture is alive and well on both sides and it is often more important that killing bad guys.
  6. And that MAJ and CW3 sent to the ground pounders are often utilized to fill additional duty requirements. IE detailed to jobs that have nothing to do with aviation and provide no value to the unit they serve. I had a chance to work at JRTC during the early portions of the war. The OC's were short handed so we would go and fill in as "advisors" and also bring our aircraft to actually support operations in the box. We walked into a BDE TOC once and the OC introduced us to the S3 who stared blankly at us before telling us to have a seat. 2.5 hours later we were still sitting there. What I found was that often ground guys were so absolutely lacking in how to utilize us, they wouldn't. I started working around the situation by asking what they were doing and giving the "happy meal" options of how we could support. I think the USMC does it much better. Every Batt has a AV CPT and Every BDE has a AV MAJ. Their pilots are FACs. All aircraft are integrated in their plans. The Army and AF have their own ideas about how to win a war and their ideas are often not the same.
  7. Quote from my dad, "It is not always who you are voting for, but who you are voting against."
  8. An expert in human behavior will be more successful in far less the time. Look at the interrogation of Saddam Hussein. We got everything we wanted to know from him without ever laying a finger on him. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interrogation_of_Saddam_Hussein Also simply google "most successful interrogrator" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanns_Scharff Aside from the conversation of which methond is more effective, I think this is a question of how far are we willing to go to survive? This theme is popping up in tv and movies quite a lot lately. I personnally think we are going about this all wrong. We should bring in their wives and show them pictures of their husbands in a strip club! In 15 minutes they would give up everything they know.
  9. Disagreement is too often viewed as dissention. I see Generals writing books after retirement on why "things" didn't work but you see very few that voice it while in uniform. If you are going to stand up for something I would think when you are wearing stars is the time to do it. But maybe they got to that point because they never did stand up.
  10. Although this link is to a story about AF issues with innovation (I will not attempt to comment on its validity or the author since there are many experts here on both), this is something we talk about across the services. Is being a “free thinker” a personality liability? We all have personal biases and want the way in which makes our living to be the most relevant, but are we going to lose our military edge because we cannot look for answers that may not support theses biases? What are your thoughts? http://omnifeed.com/article/ricks.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2014/12/03/a_pilot_speaks_the_usaf_is_harder_on_internal_ideas_than_it_is_on_evil_insurgents_ac_130#./a_pilot_speaks_the_usaf_is_harder_on_internal_ideas_than_it_is_on_evil_insurgents_ac_130?&_suid=141769743900509300164036300569
  11. So can we come up with a religion that mandates a handle bar mustache?
  12. As interesting as the post was, I think I have a job and life calling me back.
  13. As one of the few non AF types that lurk here, I appreciate being able to see what is going elsewhere. It is good to see ideas from other services and also sometimes to see it is just as bad elsewhere. I will say it is also a much better site that us Army guys have come up with. We are split out by airframes and the Apache site became mostly porn. Go figure. You have a good thing going here. Make it better but don’t delete it or make drastic changes.
  14. I highly recommend the FREE gear. I would even pay for more of it.
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