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  1. 11 Apr is the release date from the data I’ve seen.
  2. Latest hotness from the CAF is that garrison Wings will have Group commanders and an separate A-Staff while in garrison, starting this year during a phase in period. AEWs will dispense with Group/CCs this summer and will only have A-Staffs, thus will be much like MH circa 2019.
  3. 100% all of this. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Putin is merely building a Potemkin village for us to see.
  4. It’s part of the return to fly in ACC. Everyone has to do it, probably to make sure all is well before pulling G’s or flying in general.
  5. NUKE

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    Agree. This was pretty ok
  6. @Steve Davies At RAFL we would typically fly with a 5000’ transition altitude to allow for unlimited maneuvers above and 1000’ hard deck to allow for low altitude strikers. Below 5000’ you are limited maneuvering, only able to turn 180 degrees after a merge. We combine that with IMC rules (limited pitch and bank) when transiting cloud layers.
  7. 65-70ish hours for 2 graduates that did their F-15E MQ-BFM sortie today.
  8. NUKE


    I’ve had nothing but good things to say about Vanguard for all my investments. I moved everything from USAA about 4-5 years ago based on Vanguard’s low fee scheme compared to USAA. Highly recommend vanguard.
  9. Chuck, any idea if this applies to promotion to O-5 or O-6?
  10. We got the jackets at RAFL in 2016/17 and have had rank sewn on the entire time. Same as other bases I’ve seen, everyone has rank sewn on.
  11. Spatial D https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-48578178
  12. The question I have is if she will be quietly retired in the next year or so. If AFSOC needs her to keep being the face of diversity and keeps her on then perhaps we’ve further lost our way.
  13. The real question is why would you want to fly on a single engine?
  14. What is the average percentage of school selects for the majors board? Nominally 20%?
  15. Most dudes in my Sq picked up leather jackets from Black Horse Leather in Osan, just down the road from Mr. Lims. Great quality, soft leather, and only $195. Included were the sewn in blood chit, plus zip in liner. You can give him your crappy issue leather jacket and get a discount as well.
  16. I think I remember having this meal on Sundays.... Every Sunday for 4 months...
  17. This guy was one of my instructors at Pcola and I'd definetely say I never knew anything about him being gay. The pics are him sitting in the front seat of a bird in the Pensacola Museum.
  18. A quick question, does the AT-38's used at IFF have radar?
  19. 3000 pph on the mighty T-39N on a low level, about 2200 pph at altitude
  20. Nice post chucklehead, got a little man complex? Each program has the own difficulties but rippin on UNT to make yourself feel superior is pretty pathetic...
  21. We were told about 12% here in Pcola. We have the same basic 3 ride deal, slightly different, but along the same lines.
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