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  1. Perhaps he couldn’t wait for the seat belt light to be extinguished. http://denver.cbslocal.com/2018/05/20/passenger-urinates-on-seat-frontier-airlines/
  2. The T6 SPO apparently had two SES fired.
  3. Try talking to the MTF Beneficiary Counseling and Assistance Coordinator (BCAC).
  4. "Mortality from suicide was strikingly high among sex-reassigned persons, also after adjustment for prior psychiatric morbidity. In line with this, sex-reassigned persons were at increased risk for suicide attempts. Previous reports [6,8,10,11] suggest that transsexualism is a strong risk factor for suicide, also after sex reassignment, and our long-term findings support the need for continued psychiatric follow-up for persons at risk to prevent this. " Easy find on google scholar.
  5. Well the previous administration pushed transgender policy down the departments throat despite the services medical standards experts saying this was unwise. There is evidence in the medical literature that transgender folks have a significantly higher risk of suicide over the general population. And given the suicide problems the department has and the resources devoted to suicide prevention I can not understand why the department would accept that risk.
  6. I joined the ANG during the internship of my Family Medicine residency. The Guard was very flexible but my program was too and allowed me to participate in UTA weekends. I was able to get good years in each of the three years I was in residency training. I don't know how flexible the AF Reserves will/can be. I was even able to convince my residency program to credit me an "medical officer indoctrination" elective for OTS/COT.
  7. Why did you have to put it down? Was a cause determined?
  8. An history of cryptorchidism (undescended testicle) is disqualifying for Flying Class I/IA, II, & III IAW line J51 of the Medical Standards Directory dated Nov 29, 2016. The reason why is due to a 2-8 times increased risk of developing testicular cancer. This is a DoD standard that applies to the Services IAW DoDI 6130.03. 1) You would need a waiver for appointment, enlistment, or induction into the military. 2) You would need a waiver for USAF aviation. I would prior to the MEPS physical get a urologist to give my balls a good going over and a clean bill of health. You want a statement from said doctor that you have no pain or other problems with your junk. There needs to be a statement of other risk factors such as personal history of testicular cancer, family history of testicular cancer, Caucasian race, or any environmental exposures that would increase risk of testicular cancer. Collect all records pertaining to your nut sack including the surgery to fix your hidden ball and take it to the MEPS. When the time comes do the same for the flight doc. No need for another Urologist visit prior to the flight doc visit though if done prior to MEPS. I think a waiver is likely but will be a pain in ass. But you won't mind cause the joy of flying is on the other side of the nut roll. The alternative is keep your mouth shut hoping you don't get caught and that your future flight docs catch the testicle cancer if it comes up later. BTW, testicular cancer is usually painless but 30% have painful unilateral mass in the cancer nut.
  9. I'm a doc and I'd say declare it & provide the records. Not but a couple years ago the son of a family friend (recently retired Army pilot) forgot a similar event at school. Mom took him to ER just to make sure he was okay. He later got into BMT and was going to be a boom operator but at the FC III exam it was determined he had this event (military dependent thus AF had the records). The civilian (retired AF flt doc) thought he was evasive when questioned about it and thus recommended a DQ without waiver for head injury and fraudulent enlistment. Family called me and I gave the kid the benefit of doubt and called the decision authority. Was no use as the decision authority who was a flight doc and former pilot felt strongly this was an integrity issue that had implications beyond head injury. Basically ARMA unsat. Kid was devastated when sent home and having completed essentially all of BMT short of graduating. He probably was coded be AFPC to prevent any future attempts to enter service.
  10. No waivers required for incentive flight of non aviators. The flight doc will do an incentive flight physical and determine if you can fly. Sometimes folks are cleared to fly with restrictions such as limiting G loads or altitude restrictions.
  11. We had a vosip phone trouble ticket submitted on Nov 4, 2016. I called one night to check in it in March and was told the trouble ticket was closed because the airman that submitted it PCSd. After I recovered from my aneurysm I had to walk in to the J6 (AF SES) deputies office the next duty day and plead for help. It got fixed but it should not take begging.
  12. It's not clear whether he is a thigh or breast man.
  13. The devil is in the details, the services handle things differently which drives thrash. Also I recall from my days when JBSA stood up there was no cost savings. We spent enough money there to build a new base consolidating medical training at Ft Sam.
  14. In fairness though it was nice to know you had your physical synced to your birth month as a lieutenant. It's a bit harder, sts, now that the date of expiration is 455 days after the last flight physical.
  15. How about concealed carry reciprocity for AD service members stationed in IL but residents of other states. The Governor or his staff doesn't answer his emails.
  16. Al Jaber AB, Kuwait deployed supporting OSW. AlphaSigOU spoke of the Tulsa ANG jets flying back home which is a story in itself, but much of the 125FS was at Al Jaber. I was walking through ops and saw a few folks congregating around the TV showing the feeds after the first tower was hit. I was there to see the second tower get hit and then it became clear this was no accident. That night, the base had every light in the place ordered on and I can remember helos patrolling the areas around the base. The following nights we were ordered into blackout conditions until our redeployment back to he States.
  17. The link is no workie now but based on the example I'm a real dirt bag for owning a truck and a light aircraft that can't fit my whole clan.
  18. We did this in medical with the electronic health record called AHLTA and it's widely despised. The AF Surgeon General stated it was the John Deer tractor on the information super highway. It has cost in excess of 4 billion and due to the way we have to program money to fix and update we can't keep up. This was a DoD platform and it's now getting dumped (online since 2006ish) for a commercially contracted platform.
  19. McDew stated over the last two days he was not chosen to be the CSAF. He said he would remain at TRANSCOM.
  20. stuckindayton is correct regarding what trained asset means in relation to USAF aeromedical standard/waivers
  21. yatalpan

    VA Claims

    The VA is not the only gov run healthcare system in the USA. The Indian Health Service and the Military Health System are federal systems. However, I get your point.
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