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  1. I'll just leave this here http://www.wearethemighty.com/articles/this-air-force-general-could-be-the-first-female-chief-of-staff Best part... "Robinson is also a unique choice because she would be the first non-pilot to be named CSAF. Her experience, however, includes more than 900 flight hours as a “senior battle manager” in the E-3B/C and E-8C aircraft"
  2. Really? Last I checked that's still in Monterey, must be terrible... Could be in Cannon or Altus.
  3. Duck is spot on, I think half of the leadership there thought that was a legit assignment. It's dissapointing that by the time someone reaches O-5 can know so little about the rest of the Air Force (particularly when they are deciding the future of young Lt's).
  4. I think this is the one you are talking about http://www.zuca.com. Looks like they have expanded their line quite a bit since the last time I saw them. You can even get one with a unicorn and rainbow (requested by the nav community i assume), and IIRC they have one with rollerblade wheels that have lights in them.
  5. Or what about the hundreds of sorties flown by the Bone where they have never seen an IR strobe/pointer? What about the friendlies they were visual with, doesn't it seem odd you couldn't see their strobes either? I just don't see how this limitation has been overlooked for so long, with the various different platforms that carry this pod. Agreed... Believe the investigation said they did three dry passes, before actually dropping. There was a discrepancy between BOT and BOC, plus poor comms leading to delayed clearance.
  6. Released investigation here: http://www.scribd.com/doc/238691680/Friendly-Fire-Airstrike-in-the-Vicinity-of-Arghandab-Afghanistan-9-Jun-14 13 years in this country and we are just now discovering the Sniper Pod cannot ID IR strobes, is this right?
  7. You do know that is website is a military satire... right?
  8. Alabama man claims penis was amputated by mistake http://in.reuters.com/article/2014/07/24/us-usa-alabama-circumcision-idINKBN0FT24T20140724
  9. Depends on your area of interest. NM Game and fish post draw results and odds for each zone. Best areas are up north in the Lincoln national forest, or down further to the south near Ruidoso. I have drawn a bull tag two years in a row. I have not heard that vets go to the front of the lottery, but I do know a lot of people that drew out this year. I was not able to use my tag last year due to deployment, I could not get a refund and did not have better odds the following year as a result. They will let you transfer your tag to someone else though.
  10. It would have to be.... There is only one type of MC at Cannon!
  11. That should work great in our current theater. Clearance to fire a 15 ton bomb should be no problem! Civcas and cde should be minimal!
  12. Of course it has gone by the wayside you troglodyte. The only thing worse than taking yourself so seriously that you can't possibly say the word "head" or "box", or point at something you don't intend to kill is in fact playing a game of crud. At the Auger in no less!!
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