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Found 2 results

  1. I know this topic was somehwhat covered but I just thought I would ask so I could clear it all up. I had a pilonidal cyst surgically removed this past week and was wondering how that would affect my flight physical down the road. I looked it up in the AFI for Medical Standards for Flying Duty and it states "Pilonidal Cyst, if there is a history of inflammation or discharging sinus in the 2 years preceeding the examination. Surgery for pilonidal cyst or sinus is disqualifying until the wound is healed, there are no referable symptoms, and no further treatment or medication is required." The surgeon that performed my surgery stated that it will heal in a month or so, which is good. If everything works out with receiving a pilot slot, I will probably go for my flight physical around this time next year. So I am assuming that I am good in hopes if everything heals correctly. Also how should I go about telling my cadre about this at my ROTC Detachment? Would really appreciate any thoughts or advice anyone has in this particular topic! THANKS!
  2. Hey all, I am about a couple weeks away from a flight physical and I got some paperwork with an interesting question. The question was "Have you ever or do you now have an undescended testicle". I haven't said anything yet because I had an undescended testicle but it was fixed when I was much younger. I was wondering a few things in this situation. 1. Would this condition disqualify me from flight? 2. Is this condition waiverable/ what are my chances for a waiver? 3. Worst case, there is about an inch long scar on my pubis, how in depth are the medical screens/ do you think they will find it under pubic hair if I don't say anything to the question. Thank you in advance for taking your time to help me out.
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