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  1. Amen. Best regards and thanks. - Linda (352/353/27 SOG)
  2. 1 of 8 can provide the correct WX required to deal with the crap WX at KCVS today and successfully land. Thanks to the FAIP Mafia for providing the CHAFF for filing requirements to KCVS... Grow a pear (!?)... CPs,, CSOs,.... even MPs... W. T. F.!? You're lost. How do you get to your first base!?
  3. Shaggy made me a better pilot when I was a green-as-grass CP going through the 62AS... and he kicked my ass again when it was time to become an instructor pilot. Godspeed, Shaggy. You are missed, brother. Best regards, Linda
  4. Should I check with the coroner!? Did USAF leadership invade!? Where'd you guys go?
  5. Herkbier, I can tell you that there SHOULD be a single track C-130J to MC-130J transition course when FY16 dawns. This is probably why you're dealing with the rush of us "legacy" guys who are trying to "beat" you guys through the school house to get trained and rejoin our community as the Shadows retire. Heck... I flew Slicks... and spent nearly 10 years in the MC community... only received my RIP for transition 3 weeks before CSD. Expect shenanigans. If you're interested in joining the MC-J community, I advise you to continue to make your wishes known. We need you. Let the cookies bake. Always have a "Plan B" on-tap. Kind regards, Linda
  6. Yeah, the folks at 58 SOW have had that memo as long as I can remember... it's just smart, and how life really works. The fact that the "all meals available" payment won't pay for all the meals at the chow hall continues to chap my backside.
  7. Hrmph... say more about that last bit. Expecting the "all meals provided" MI&E until I hit the flightline (last 3 weeks or so)...
  8. Yeah... you got me. This should probably be attached to the Flying Videos thread.... I've been away for a while... sorry. M2 & company, please move this as you see fit. Kind regards, Linda
  9. Ladies and Germs, While we in the SOF community bid farewell to one of the most reliable and requested platforms in the Air Force inventory, I invite you to take a moment to glance behind the curtain... Kind regards to you all. Et Shado Sancti Linda
  10. Recently (in the last year), a few other bits of nose art were approved for various aircraft in Europe. This is one of my favorites. http://www.flickr.co...N02/7807693178/
  11. Heh. Completely knocked on my can by amazing Olympians winning Gold Medals and singing the whole National Anthem during the presentation ceremony. I started this thread years ago... Christ, can it be that long!? We continue to have buffoonery, but folks seem to at least "give a shit." My hat's off to the US Olympic Committee for the preparation that I've heard they gave to the Olympic Athletes, who would be on the world's stage for all to see, in preparation for paying respect to the country that they continue to represent so proudly. It's so nice to be able to respond to a rant of mine from years ago with smiles... Best regards to you all, Linda
  12. I heard that there's stiff competition for TSA work these days... could be a complete fallacy, though.
  13. Link: http://news.yahoo.co...-084104472.html Hrmph... Kinda reminds me of the Mig pilot who defected from N Korea... actually became a professor at ERAU in Daytona Beach. Ballsy move.
  14. +1 on LtCol Jim Routt as the BAMF du jour. AFCENT has a television interview that's not edited, but available via their PA website... terrible reporting skills by the interviewer, but completely worth the watch/listen if you've got a few minutes to spare in-between CBTs, DTS, and EMS. Couldn't agree with PK more if I tried
  15. That's going to be one fast piano burning at Mach 2! Post pictures, please! Excellent way to pick-up an old RAF tradition.
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