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  1. Pay and retention really aren't in AETC's wheelhouse are they? Pay at the very least is a HAF problem. You can't just take some slides from AETC and then proclaim that the Air Force is ignoring QoL and pay. Though they very well may be.
  2. Not exactly defending AETC, but production is the only part they can really take the lead on. So I guess I am. Oh well. I understand that production didn't get us here, but now it is so bad that retention alone can't fix the problem. Hence the need to increase production. But if that's the only solution, we're not fixing anything.
  3. I think many people are missing the point to a degree. Yes, this is a retention problem. However, there is also a production problem, too, because retention has gotten so bad. This is proposal (of several hopefully) to fix part of the entire problem. And it isn't focusing on culture, support, dwell, or money because this is AETC, the command responsible for producing pilots, trying to figure out how to increase production. Obviously things need to get better, but let's not shit on the people looking at different ways to fix a significant part of the problem.
  4. So do we support the creation of separate Cyber and Space Forces?
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