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45 minutes ago, hindsight2020 said:

Is Tinker depot part 145 though? I understand y'all are majority civil servants, but isn't Tinker still mickey mouse AF MX run, to include military procedural fucketry standard? Genuinely curious, wife's born/grew up in Midwest City and I dropped more BUFFs at TIK that I care to recall, so I'm familiar with the area.

No it is not, the FAA has no authority here. We are set up in a Group with AMXS Sq's for each MDS. Standard USAF MX rules as per AFI 121-101. Backshop units are in a Commodities Sq. Buffoonery and Fuckery  in abundance, some of us actually fix jets to so we can sleep at night. If these jets were at other contractors sights they would go by part 145 rules and have also a GFR (for tool control)and DCMA witnessing and signing after each critical phase of MX. But most of us have a Airframe and Powerplant certificate to at least get us a job. Was working the part 145 side for awhile but I prefer steady work and paychecks, chasing contract after contract gets old. 

But fret not there are scores of us who care about what we do and we know who doesn't, with the civil servant rules it takes ages to fire a employee.

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11 hours ago, JeremiahWeed said:

I remember that fire drop video.  That was quick and instant, for the most part.  Unfortunately, not the case with this break-up starting at FL200.  Quick and instant to a point of unrecoverable failure, yes - but 2-3 final minutes I wouldn't wish on anyone


Fly safe out there, ladies and gents...it might get repetitive sometimes, but it still "ain't no puss game." :beer:

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