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Found 40 results

  1. I think the other bases are the same, but at my base, in just my MWS, we currently have 8 TR positions and 1 AGR position that are open. We also have 2 more AGR positions that will open end of this year (Oct-Nov) timeframe. APPLICATION QUALIFICATIONS Applicants must meet qualifications specified on the U.S. Air Force Formal Schools Education & Training Course Announcements (ETCA) Web site in addition to the following: T-1 Instructor Pilot -- Previous Aircraft Commander status in any military aircraft. -- For a T-1 Instructor Pilot Job - Applicants must have tanker, airlift, bomber, or previous AETC experience as a T-1 IP. T-6 Instructor Pilot -- Previous Aircraft Commander status in any military aircraft. -- Applicants must have MWS or previous AETC experience as a T-6 IP. T-38C Instructor Pilot -- Aircraft Commander status from all other aircraft. -- 350 hours and mission qualified status in fighter aircraft. -- At least 80 percent of Air Force Reserve Command IPs supporting any one host wing will have been mission-qualified fighter pilots. Other IPs (20 percent maximum) must have either bomber aircraft commander experience, aircraft commander MWS and 500 hours AETC T/AT-38 IP experience, or 1000 hours AETC T/AT-38 IP experience AT-38 Instructor Pilot -- Experience in a fighter within the last five years, four-ship flight lead -- 500 hours in fighter aircraft or 1000 FP/MP/IP hours total with 300 hours in fighters. -- No additional requirements beyond ETCA Just helping to get the word out...let me know if anyone has questions? Cheers, Cap-10
  2. First off, congrats to all of those that were selected for the 2018 board! I know the MyPers release has not dropped yet, but I wanted to go ahead and put this thread up because last year one of the board members was nice enough to reach out and give us info early on here. Also, it lets everyone thinking of applying get a head start on asking questions. Best of luck to everyone, and I look forward to seeing the updates!
  3. Just reaching out to see if anybody else that Interviewed with the 193d SOS out of Harrisburg, PA has heard anything back yet? Thanks
  4. Howdy, I am currently attending a state university and have been planning on flying fighters for as long as I can remember. I am a young 20 years old and pushed through college in 3 years (May '19). Here's my current stats: AFOQT: 94 Pilot 75 Nav PCSM: 98 Major: Aviation Science w/ Flight Training Concentration GPA: 3.51 205 Hours with commercial multi w/ instrument I have met with several officers in the ANG including the wing commander. They told me now is the time to apply! The unit I am applying to currently flies F-15s, and are supposedly getting either a newer version of the F-15 or F-35s within a few years. Either way, they are planning on switching airframes. What are my chances? I was told to enlist before applying to this unit, however that would mean missing school and ultimately applying for a job I wouldn't want to have, and delaying my track to achieve the slot. I feel like if I just signed on it would be as if I were trying to pander to the board, saying "See?? I'm committed! I have no interest in (enlisted job), but I'm using it as a stepping stone!" Don't take this as "this peasant work is below my rich blood!" I sweep floors, clean pools, jackhammer cement to pay the bills. I am a musician, mechanic, artist, surfer, etc and I think I would fit the 'whole person' concept pretty well. I exercise regularly. I am concerned about a couple of things. 1.) Not being enlisted. The wing commander says that they hire off the street occasionally, so its not impossible. 2.) Age. Would they say 'yeah apply when you're older'? I have some solid letters of rec, one from a Colonel. One is from the director of flight operations at my school, and the other is from a world renowned professor. Thanks!
  5. Thanks to Toro for approving this message. There is a new website called BogiDope that launched last week. BogiDope has several unique features specifically designed to help you land your dream UPT slot. To list a few, BogiDope has a library of detailed hiring related articles, a complete list of upcoming UPT hiring boards (25 UPT board announcements between now and 1 July), and offers one-on-one consulting (application review, advice, interview prep, etc) to give you a leg up on your competition. BogiDope’s custom designed interactive map feature allows you to easily search through every (175+) Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve flying squadron by aircraft type (F-22, C-17, MQ-9, etc). In addition to every squadron’s location, it will give you the squadron’s contact information, a hiring point of contact, and dates on any past or future hiring boards. BogiDope is just getting started, so you can expect several exciting new features to be released in the weeks and months ahead. If there’s a feature you think would be helpful to the UPT community, please let us know. BogiDope is also growing fast on Facebook. Like or follow BogiDope at https://www.facebook.com/BogiDope1/. Become apart of a growing community on Facebook to collaborate with others try to earn a UPT slot. Request to join the Facebook group “Future Military Pilots”. Thanks again to Toro and the Baseops team for allowing us to spread the word on something we feel will help a lot of future military pilots.
  6. http://m.aviationweek.com/defense/usaf-grounds-t-6-trainers-after-hypoxia-events The U.S. Air Force has grounded the Beechcraft T-6 Texan II training aircraft at Vance AFB, Oklahoma, after five pilots reported physiological episodes with hypoxia-like symptoms while flying. The Air Force’s 71st Flying Training Wing enacted an “operational pause” of T-6 flying operations on Nov. 15 after four T-6 instructor pilots and one student pilot assigned to Vance reported physiological incidents since Nov. 1, spokeswoman Terri Schaefer told Aviation Week Nov. 29. In each case, the aircraft’s backup oxygen system operated as designed and the pilots followed the correct procedures, landing safely, Schaefer said. The Air Force is investigating the incidents at Vance and has not yet identified a specific root cause, Schaefer said. The events were reported as “physiological events with hypoxia-like symptoms,” she noted. The Air Force uses the single-engine T-6 turboprop as a basic trainer for all student pilots. From the T-6, students choose one of three advanced training tracks based on their class standing. Future fighter/bomber pilots next train in the T-38 Talon; pilots on the airlift/tanker track fly the T-1A Jayhawk; and helicopter/tilt-rotor trainees fly the TH-1H Huey. In addition to Vance, student pilots also train in the T-6 at Randolph AFB, Texas; Moody AFB, Georgia; Columbus AFB, Mississippi; Laughlin AFB, Texas; and Sheppard AFB, Texas. Since the grounding, Vance AFB has partnered with Air Education and Training Command, 19th Air Force and medical, functional and industry experts to determine the cause of the incidents. That effort has included reviewing procedures for physiological events, providing refresher physiological training, background briefs and Q&A with T-6 instructor pilots, Schaefer said. “Following the operational pause, we anticipate that flying operations at Vance Air Force Base will continue as usual, with added awareness and training concerning physiological events and the life-support equipment onboard the T-6 designed to protect pilot safety and ensure continued safety of flight,” Schaefer said. The T-6 incidents come as a spate of hypoxia-like cockpit incidents plague the Air Force and U.S. Navy fleets. Both the Air Force and Navy grounded fleets this year: the Navy’s T-45 Goshawk trainers and the Air Force’s F-35Asat Luke AFB, Arizona, the service’s premier F-35 training base. Similar incidents are also on the rise in the Navy’s F/A-18 Hornet and EA-18G Growler fleets.
  7. The 133rd ARS is hiring SUPT Pilots (Non-Rated) for to fly the KC-46A. Minimum requirements include a bachelors degree, AFOQT/TBAS, and start pilot training before reaching the age of 30. View more detailed info about the board and further requirements at http://www.157arw.ang.af.mil/Units/157th-Operations-Group/133rd-Air-Refueling-Squadron/
  8. Age: 24 GPA: 2.85 Information Technology AFOQT: 98P / 99N / 84AA / 80V / 79Q PCSM: 75 with 0 flight hours. I am currently getting a few hours and will update my PCSM soon with 11 hours which will push it to 87. 4 LOR’s: 1 from my university programming professor, 2 from my current and former manager, and one from a retired O-5 AF Pilot. I am a civilian with no prior military experience. With my GPA, basically I was a knucklehead when I started college and did poorly; I lacked focus. Ended up temporarily quitting school in 2013 with a 1.5 GPA. I got married in 2015 and went back to school and busted my butt. I’ll graduate in May next year and hopefully I’ll be able to get my GPA closer to a 3.0 by that time. I’ve been on the Dean’s List 3 out of my last 5 semesters. I’ve been working the IT field for about 5 years now. And since going back to school in 2015 I’ve been balancing full-time work and school. I played competitive club soccer till I graduated high school. Lettered in Varsity soccer all four years of High School as well. Currently I play in a men’s league on the weekends and on Monday nights. I was the head coach of a high school boys’ soccer team for 2 years. I gave that up when I went back to school as I no longer had the time for work, school, and coaching. I’m open to Active Duty, Guard, or Reserves. I’d love to fly fighters but at the end of the day I’m not picky. I just want to fly. What do ya’ll think?
  9. Congratulations to all of those who got picked up for UFT 2017. You guys/gals earned every bit of it. Overall, a great year for the applicants. I am starting this new thread, not to hijack the 2017 UFT Active Duty thread that is already filled with valuable information, but to posture for the upcoming UFT 2018 AD boards that some may find useful--organization wise. Again, congrats to our bros who applied for UFT 2017 and got selected, and for those have high hopes for upcoming FY2018, let's keep working hard and charge ahead!
  10. Howdy, Married ANG guy here with a baby (both of whom will be going to UPT with me). Finally just got my dates for TFOT, IFT, and UPT. I'm sure I'll have some briefings that deal with this when I'm at drill next month, but I figured I could start getting educated on what kind of pay and entitlements I can expect during different phases of the training pipeline. Currently I'm sworn in / gained as an E3. For example, I should be eligible for BAH while I'm TFOT, correct? Just want to make sure my paperwork is squared away so that I don't have to worry about my mortgage payment while I'm away for 8 weeks. Thanks for any help / resources you can offer!
  11. Do I have a shot at any non-UAV pilot slot? Heck, I'll go for fighter just like anyone else but I think I wouldn't be completely bummed if I got to fly in anything with wings. Should I just go for reserves so I know where I'm headed exactly, or active-duty for the best chances? Once I take a flight physical and ensure I can qualify, I was considering getting a PPL if that would help. Big investment though so want to be sure I have a chance. Also, wrong section but, I feel like my eyes are on the borderline for acceptable at 2.75 (20/200)... unless there's waivers... is it possible to get Lasik as a civilian now or is it still only available with a USAF surgeon? Dad wanted me to go navigator reserve at a nearby C130 base (910th) but I thought why settle there. Took TBAS and AFOQT this month. I think I mostly just did bad on the control stick portion of the TBAS, despite a lot of flight sim games... think an FPS game with a flight stick would've been better. Age: 22 (Oct. 24, '95) AFOQT Scores: Pilot: 86 Nav: 99 Academic: 91 Verbal: 86 Quantitative: 87 PCSM: 52 (ouch) 1-5 hours: 57 6-10 hours: 62 11-20 hours: 66 21-40 hours: 70 41-60 hours: 74 61-80 hours: 79 81-100 hours: 83 101-200 hours: 87 201+ hours: 90 Flying Hours: 0 GPA: 3.91 in Mechanical Engineering. Graduating in May. Extra Curriculars include Eagle Scout / current Assistant Scoutmaster for local troop, engineering & project management work experience, engineering honors society and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).
  12. I have had two interviews. One guard A-10 unit June 2017 for Indiana and the other was a reserve F-16 unit in Homestead Dec 2017. How often have people interviewed for fighter slots? What do you think my chances are? Age: 23 CFI, Commercial Pilot, and Instrument Rated. 650hrs flight time PCSM: 95 AFOQT Pilot: 85 Nav: 44 Academic: 48 Verbal: 47 Quantative: 53 GPA: 3.0 Some of those test scores are mediocre, but I think the GPA, flight time, and previous interview experience helps. Hoping to get a UPT slot sometime soon.
  13. Starting a thread for 2017 Active Duty board. There is an annoucement out on myPers and packages are due in November. One change from last year is that if you are medically eligible, you must select and rank all of the rated positions (Pilot, Nav, RPA, ABM). So basically if all you want is pilot and you are offered something else and decline, then you will no longer be eligible to apply to future boards. There is also a website on the AF Portal with some raw data on the selectees from the previous 3 years. Interesting to note that of the 14 who were selected last year, all 14 had PPLs. Food for thought.
  14. Current Army C-12 aviator here. Since the demolition of the Air Force FWQ, I'm assuming that on occasion you get some high hour Army fixed wing bubbas and/or prior helo guys in upt. I was just curious if they go through the exact same curriculum/same hours/etc as the regular students (Seems silly that I'd need the full academic curriculum/the full flight hour load if I already had 1000+ hours in a C-12 and 500+ in a Hawk). Also curious how many guys you all see going through UPT above age 30. Thanks!
  15. I'm a current ROTC cadet that just got an assignment to attend UPT at Laughlin later on this year. If anybody has any useful information about the base, instructors, or just tips for UPT in general I would greatly appreciate it.
  16. I need some realistic advice. I'm 26, and my College GPA matches that (2.6). Nothing I can do about that. Short explaination: I worked several jobs/owned a business (wedding photography) and plain just didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I haven't taken the AFOQT yet (will in May), but I did take the ASTB (Active Duty US Navy Selection Test; for those unfamiliar), and got the "minimum" scores needed to move forward with the process. My real goal is the ANG or AFR, one of the points with taking the ASTB was to get Military testing experience (however, I am still hoping to get picked up for Navy Active Duty). In speaking with an USAF Officer recruiter, he said "I've never seen anyone get picked up in the USAF rated board with a 2.6 GPA." I'm studying harder for the AFOQT, but maybe am coming to realize that perhaps I just don't cut it for Military Aviation. Don't get me wrong - I'm going to study my ass off and do what I can to crush the AFOQT, but I'm having a rough time with the math, even with a tutor. I will have my PPL within the coming weeks (wx permitting). I have plenty of leadership and volunteer on my resume. I've met with the Chief Pilot of the Unit I'm hoping to join, and know two other pilots there. Bottom line - do I need to score damn near the top to even have a shot at earning a slot with a 2.6 GPA (non-technical degree)? If you can tell, I'm rambling because I'm a little discouraged at the moment. I'm looking for honesty, so don't worry about hurting my feelings. Thanks.
  17. Recruiting is Now Accepting Pilot Applications It's that time of the year again! Recruiting is now accepting Undergraduate Pilot (UPT) applications for the FY 2018 pilot board! If you have an Undergraduate degree and are under 28 1/2 years old, you may be qualified to apply! For more information about how to apply visit the link below and scroll to the "Pilot Training" section. http://www.101arw.ang.af.mil/careers/index.asp Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) is mandatory and is being offered on a monthly basis, and is administered by MSgt Solomon Shaw. If you should have any questions regarding test dates, times, or for more information please contact him directly at (207) 404-7395. Test of Basic Aviation Skills (TBAS) is also mandatory and will need to be scheduled by the applicant through Hanscom AFB (781) 377-9915. Applications need to be submitted to MSgt Dan Goddard in Recruiting upon completion to not miss out on this opportunity. If you need information or have any questions about this process, please contact MSgt Dan Goddard.
  18. Connecticut Air National Guard Bradley ANGB C-130H **Updated May 31st 2017: All application packages must be postmarked by 15 JUNE 2017. UPT Selection Board – Now on 9 September 2017 The 118th Airlift Squadron / 103rd Airlift Wing, Bradley Air National Guard is located in East Granby, CT, approximately halfway between New York City and Boston. We are currently accepting application packages from prospective candidates interested in attending Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) scheduled for FY18. All packages will include: • Cover letter detailing your desire to be a pilot with the 118th Airlift Squadron • One page résumé chronicling your military service as well as civilian education and work history • Last 3 OPRs / EPRs (if Applicable) • TAFCSD for commissioned officers if applicable • PCSM / AFOQT / TBAS Scores (https://pcsm.aetc.af.mil) • Official College Transcript • USAF Flying Class I Physical , SF Form 93 (Report of Medical History), or FAA Flying Class III • 3 letters of recommendation • Copy of any civil aeronautical licenses and/or ratings • Copy of last page of log book containing civilian flight time Prerequisites: • Less than 5 years of prior military commissioned service prior to UPT start date • Be under the age of 30 as of the UPT start date • Possession of a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited University or College • Achievement of qualifying scores on the AFOQT • Pass a USAF Flying Class I Physical • No UCMJ actions, DUI/DWI or a history of drug/substance abuse If selected, projected training in FY18 will be as follows: • Academy of Military Science – 8 weeks • Undergraduate Pilot Training – 54 weeks • C-130 School – 7 months • Basic Survival Training – 3 weeks • Water Survival – 3 days • Home Station Seasoning – 90 days You will incur a 10 year service commitment upon completion of UPT. This can be served in a full or part time guard status. For further information or questions you may contact CAPT MIKE JACOBY at michael.j.jacoby6.mil@mail.mil Send all Packages and Correspondence to: CT ANG / 118th Airlift Squadron BLDG 22 100 Nicholson Road East Granby, CT 06026 Connecticut Air National Guard FY18 UPT Announcement.doc
  19. Hello, I am very green here and am looking for advice on the topic subject everywhere I can find it. I was hoping to gain insight from those with experience in/retired from the CAF about the pro/cons of flying a single seat fighter vs. the Strike Eagle, specifically on the individual vs. crew aircaft aspect. I've been able to get small bits and pieces of opinion from people around base, but nothing polarizing for either option. I am a UPT student and realize this may be moot as needs of the air force will ultimately be the deciding factor in the assignment I receive, but if granted the opportunity to choose, I'd like to be as informed as possible. Thank you in advance for your time.
  20. STUPID QUESTION ALERT: I just wanted to some of the guys who have been interviewed/hired for the ANG/AFRC... Have you ever submitted an application package that was less than ideal? I have had my eyes on a squadron that isn't necessarily close to where I work (about a day's drive), but it is in my home state and just seems like a good fit for me. Here are the following issues: 1. My PCSM is below the minimum for my flight hours (34). When I contacted them about it, they told me they look at the 201+ column, and to submit my application anyways. 2. I only have a class II, and not a class I medical (yet). I have amazing eyesight, and have been told that the class I thing isn't a huge consideration as long as the reason for not having the class I is the fact that you aren't physically qualified. 3. I probably will only have 1 (maybe 2) letters of recommendation. Although strong, the unit allows a maximum of 3, and I don't want them to think I'm not taking them seriously if I don't max everything out. I don't want to ruin any future chances with the squadron if they see my package and think, "Man, this guy just submitted garbage to us", especially since they're a squadron I could see myself applying to multiple times.
  21. Good evening ladies and gents, So, here I am, just signing on for a six year contract at an airlift squadron for Aerial Transportation (2T2X1) and I've run into a slight dilemma. So the squadron I am currently on with is an airlift squadron, were going from 130s to 17s in 2018 and that sounds super nice. However, a squadron not TOO far away from me flies F-16s and I've always love the idea of flying fast jets and they have alot of boards for folks. Here are a few questions to throw out to the experience masses: 1. Would it make me look like an ass getting on with one squadron just to leave them for another squadron later on down the road? 2. Would it be possible for me to become an officer THROUGH the other squadron? As in, would it be possible for me to go to the 16 squadron to the board and apply for OTS AS WELL as UPT? This is my main question, I'm curious as to if I can move from my current squadron as an enlisted to the fighter squadron as an officer-selectee and UPT candidate. 3. Any 16 guys want to talk about their life experience? Same for the 17 folks as well. When it all comes down to it, I wouldn't mind flying with my squadron if I get the opportunity too. But I would love to have the chance to fly F-16s if I can. Thank you guys for your time.
  22. First off, I know there are quite a few threads like this one, so thank you for reading mine and helping me out! Here are a few things about me: -25 year old female -5'6" - fairly athletic -3.89 GPA -Taught health and PE for a couple years, then moved into the training field in the aviation industry -No flight time, but have been studying pilot books, videos and could start PPL training if needed -Highly motivated and dedicated personality - worked full time during college to pay my way through -Haven't taken the AFOQT yet, but have been studying! I have my sights set on being a fighter pilot for a few different reasons, but would just love to fly in the military period. I've also read that flight hours are not required, and sometimes not even preferred. However, I've read in multiple forums that this is greatly beneficial. Also, have any of you called/emailed/visited a unit before applying? So, with all of this said, what would your suggestions be for next steps, and making myself as marketable as possible? Thanks again!
  23. Hello everyone! I have a question! Is it possible to receive a sponsorship for UPT from a training reserve unit? Such as 43rd FS at tyndall afb who primary mission is to train f-22 pilots, or the 69th fighter squadron out of Arizona that trains f-16 pilots? or can you only get sponsored by units who don't train such as homestead, NAS Dallas, or Utah? I am desperately trying to find a fighter squadron to sponsor me for the up coming board! I have contacted a couple so far! Luckily for me, I am prior service f16 crew chief, and have some great credentials, and also going next month to wright Patterson AFB to receive my flight physical! (got selected as alternate for my unit... doubt the primary is going to have asthma or flat feet lol). Thanks everyone and have a great day! Austin
  24. Good Afternoon, I'm looking to fly for the guard, preferably fighters, but at this point I'll take anything. I'm currently a Space Operations Officer, been in for about a year and a half now. I have a 77 PCSM with a flawless medical and 62 flight hours. Will be getting my PPL when I get to Colorado. I also applied to cross train over to pilot, and will again this year. It just seems impossible right now so I'm not holding my breath...What I'm wondering, cause I really want to fly, will I have to wait to palace chase to join the guard or can they take my active duty commitment? I'm also wondering if anybody has a list of the units that are currently hiring and how I can start looking into joining. I looked on the guard site and did some research, and realized the site isn't fully up to date. Just trying to get more information and see where I can go with this.
  25. Rhade

    UPT weekends home?

    I have been selected for a UPT slot with an ANG unit. I am trying to make the difficult decision of whether or not to seize this opportunity. In other circumstances I wouldn't hesitate to jump right in and sign the paperwork. However my fiance (together 10 years) is a type 1 diabetic and has numerous health problems. She is still young/healthy enough that she can take care of herself for the most part, but I would like to be there as much as possible for emotional support and she would stay behind if I left to support us financially as an engineer. So my question is how reasonable would it be to expect to fly home on weekends while at UPT. Again I would be in UPT as a member of the ANG so I would not be competing for my aircraft assignment. I would love to hear from you guys who went through the UPT process. Follow up question, how long is the gap between UPT and RTU (C-130s), out of curiosity?
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