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  1. Just got a rejection e-mail from MA.. Good luck to everyone who got selected!
  2. Anybody gonna be at the MA 131st meet up on Friday?
  3. Im not sure if the squadron Im applying to has openly stated they want the 35 (its not Jax). Those 14 slots are probably going to be filled over a period of 5-7 years
  4. Thats the plan, although like everybody, I have my preferences. The Colonel I met with told me that the squadron Im applying for has to fill 14 slots, which is pretty excellent. I have high hopes and low expectations
  5. I plan on applying to several units across the country ranging from heavies to F35 squadrons (because, why not?) I know VT ANG will probably only hire from within, but maybe they'd be willing to broaden their horizons if I impress them with my bad puns and dad jokes
  6. I called a recruiter over there about three months ago and asked if I could swing by just to show face, sweep the hangar floor, or shake some hands. Something to get my name floated. They said that they "don't really do that" and I should just show up for the applicant meet in greet in March, which I am planning on attending. As far as the medical stuff, I dont have anything sketchy like that in my medical history that would warrant any red flags (at least, I hope not). My main concern however are my eyes. I *barely* got the 1st class without glasses. I have a minor astigmatism that makes my vision not perfect. Im willing to get PRK but I dont want to DQ myself by going to the wrong doctor, and I dont want to wait until two weeks before OCS to get surgery. I will be bringing this up with someone over there as soon as I get the chance Thanks for the reply!
  7. Howdy, I am currently attending a state university and have been planning on flying fighters for as long as I can remember. I am a young 20 years old and pushed through college in 3 years (May '19). Here's my current stats: AFOQT: 94 Pilot 75 Nav PCSM: 98 Major: Aviation Science w/ Flight Training Concentration GPA: 3.51 205 Hours with commercial multi w/ instrument I have met with several officers in the ANG including the wing commander. They told me now is the time to apply! The unit I am applying to currently flies F-15s, and are supposedly getting either a newer version of the F-15 or F-35s within a few years. Either way, they are planning on switching airframes. What are my chances? I was told to enlist before applying to this unit, however that would mean missing school and ultimately applying for a job I wouldn't want to have, and delaying my track to achieve the slot. I feel like if I just signed on it would be as if I were trying to pander to the board, saying "See?? I'm committed! I have no interest in (enlisted job), but I'm using it as a stepping stone!" Don't take this as "this peasant work is below my rich blood!" I sweep floors, clean pools, jackhammer cement to pay the bills. I am a musician, mechanic, artist, surfer, etc and I think I would fit the 'whole person' concept pretty well. I exercise regularly. I am concerned about a couple of things. 1.) Not being enlisted. The wing commander says that they hire off the street occasionally, so its not impossible. 2.) Age. Would they say 'yeah apply when you're older'? I have some solid letters of rec, one from a Colonel. One is from the director of flight operations at my school, and the other is from a world renowned professor. Thanks!
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