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  1. Called last week and they said it should be soon! Hopefully we will hear back this week man. Goodluck and Cheers!
  2. Just reaching out to see if anybody else that Interviewed with the 193d SOS out of Harrisburg, PA has heard anything back yet? Thanks
  3. Afternoon All! Looking to get some tips/advice for a UPT board interview over the phone. I am currently enlisted in the ANG and deployed overseas. I was selected for the opportunity to interview with an ANG unit and they are completely understanding of my situation and willing to do it over the phone. I've interviewed with several units in person and this will be my first phone interview. Any suggestions to help counteract the lack of face time? If you've interviewed via phone please feel free to share your experience/thoughts. Thank you!
  4. Never outa the Fight! Love that advice dude! Also Check on the age and they bumped it up to 33 so that's great news. Is it true that if selected as an unsponsored reserve candidate and you haven't been picked up yet in UPT there will be a AFR Liaison Officer to help you get sponsored while you focus on training? Thanks!
  5. I'm currently 28 so I'm going to keep putting in for guard/squadrons and ill keep the unsponsored route in mind if nothing has panned out and I'm getting close on max age. Thanks for the info and the suggestion!
  6. Hey FDNYOldGuy thanks for the feedback! I believe they bumped the age cut off for unsponsored board as well but I will have to double check. Sounds like the un-sponsored board is not a bad route to take for heavies! Yea its hard to overcome some of those AFOQT scores. Might have to retake it in the future if nothing has panned out. Going to keep grinding it out and Let Jesus take the yoke! Appreciate all the info!
  7. Thanks in advance to all reading/offering your opinions! Looking to see how I stack up and your opinions on my next move. Currently Shot-gunning Apps to the majority Guard units hiring. Leaning towards Heavies but open to all except UAS. AGE: 28 MIL EXP: Rank-TSGT, ANG, F-16 CREW CHIEF, TIS:10+years w SECRET Clearance AFOQT: P:97, NAV:67, AA:33, V:38, QT:29 PCSM:81 (61-80hrs=85)(81-100hrs=89)(101-200hrs=92)(201hrs+ = 96) FLIGHT HRS: 52 w/Student Pilot Cert,FAA 1st Class Med DEGREE: AEROSPACE OPERATIONS GPA:2.70 Weakness: 1.My college GPA; cant change the past but have learned from my past failure and willing to show how. 2.Flight Hours/no PPL; Right now I am working on getting my PPL and bumping my hours up which will also increase my PCSM. After shooting out apps to various UPT openings I've had 4 interviews so far. Unfortunately I haven't been offered that UPT slot yet. I've been offered and turned down a WSO(B1) and NAV(C130). I recently found out about the Reserves Un-sponsored Board and am very interested in that route as well. My only worry with going unsponsored is that if I don't get picked up before finishing UPT I could potentially get stuck flying some damn drone. Ultimately In my position at my age would you keep grinding it out and stick to applying for Guard slots for a few years and keep the reserves as a back up, or just go all in on the unsponsored reserve slot? Thank you!
  8. DifferentViper if you don't mind me asking, were you picked up by a guard unit or a reserve unit for heavies? I'm currently enlisted ANG and trying to decide if I should keep trying for a guard slot or go the unsponsored reserve slot.
  9. For those guys that have gone through the Unsponsored route have you seen any guys end up not getting sponsored right before track night? I'm worried that I would get stuck flying drones if I didn't get picked up.
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