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  1. As a former Marine, I can heartily agree to that! I’ve never before and never after have been in a situation where everyone was truly equal, for better or for worse.
  2. You got this, stay focused but relaxed.
  3. Abolish laws and everyone in the city is instantly innocent.
  4. She’s the one I’d actually feel good voting for
  5. Me and my friends up here are just ignoring the bitch and enjoying our lives.
  6. I live in Michigan as well, our governor has gone well beyond executive power
  7. I am dumbfounded at how the police have turned against the citizens here in Michigan. I’ve lost all respect.
  8. Hunt every one of these animals down and kill them, period
  9. That’s what you’re fighting for......
  10. “Presumed innocent” doesn’t mean just take it when someone attempts, or appears to attempt to kill. If I was convinced someone was trying to kill me, I wouldn’t think to myself, well their skin is a certain color so I’ll just let them do it.
  11. All hail the giant moth
  12. Saying I’d deal with a C-130 unit......as a last resort probably won’t help.
  13. I’m sure PC types will make sure that gets changed
  14. I think it's not mocking a huge part of the population from the podium. Kinda hurts your chances of winning an election.
  15. Obama's going to give her a blanket immunity before he leaves.
  16. We gave him our confidence,now let's see if he's really on our side.
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