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  1. This made my day. So true. Big Blue is so fucked and 99% of the O-6s and above don't give even the slightest shit. Run fellas. Fucking run!
  2. I think that's my next adventure when I can hold widebody in Atlanta. Talked with a 777 FO who flew 6 4-day trips IN A YEAR sitting reserve. At $232/hour. The trips were all one leg out, 48 hour layover, 1 leg back. Oh, with two crews...so in crew rest half of the two flights also. Although I have to say, my regular schedule has been pretty awesome lately. A full 81 hour schedule for March has 3 4-days and a 3-day, and all but one of those trips has a 33+ hour layover (entire day off) so not really working that hard. I bid specific layovers and usually have enough going on they don't even feel like work.
  3. Saw this on an airline FB page this morning and thought it was oh so true and worth sharing as it captures the difference perfectly. Shared without consent so hope he’s not pissed. “I just got my new Delta ID. (It's been nearly 2 years already!?) It reminded me of the process required to get a new military ID. Block yourself off for at least a couple hours so you can sign in at MPF and then wait for 30-45 minutes for your turn to see a "technician." Then, sit in a chair and watch an overweight civilian with 13" acrylic fingernails or an 18-year-old scared of his own shadow peck away at an archaic computer for 45-60 minutes, waiting for that golden moment when you finally get to enter your new (not new) pin into the keyboard twice (and then twice again when the tech pushes the wrong button and needs you a do-over.) These two processes contrasted so sharply I can't help myself: I got a pop-up a few days ago when I signed in to the company system to trade the trip I was scheduled to fly for one that better fit my personal whims at the time. (No requirement to as Top 3...or any other human being...for permission on the schedule change.) The system said the ID would be delivered to my Chief Pilot's Office this month. (I hadn't even realized that it was going to expire.) "Good deal," I thought, "I'll have to look for that in a few weeks." As I was walking past the CPO to start work today I figured I might as well stop on by...on the off chance it's already there. Sure enough! Hand the secretary my old card, put the new one on my lanyard. Done. Wait! No forms to sign? No new picture required? No waiting? And this gets me into some of the most strictly secured infrastructure in the world? Yep, have a good day! (Big smile.) Pay: far better Flying: far more Time at work: far less Overall life stress and frustration: lower, beyond compare This job doesn't suck.”
  4. Was this self-inflicted based on your aircraft selection? If you bid the 787 at the earliest opportunity, I don't have a lot of sympathy for your plight. "For your information, you stuck it in your own ass!"
  5. Great American! I remember watching the shuttle launch as a young kid. One of my heroes (even if he was Navy!) IIRC almost 10,000 hours in the T-38 as well. Damn! Time to step it up Huggy.
  6. As stated by my copilot, while climbing out the other night over Doha, Qatar, a sprawling city of well over a million people, located a distant 16-19 miles from base yet might as well be millions of miles away to the average crew dog: "We aren't deployed. The Air Force just hates us." Truth.
  7. Did you get the Bluetooth? Or at least the version with the 3.5mm plug jack? It's life changing on long sorties.
  8. The new guys we are getting out of FTU can barely fly as it is! They get 6ish flights and take a checkride. Then show up back home and get 6-9 more flights. That is obviously with the full-up T-1 syllabus. Typical USAF thinking...save hours on a $1000/hr jet...only to spend more hours on a $10,000/hr jet a few months down the road. Idiots.
  9. Punish the guilty? Charge him with murder; prosecute to max extent allowed by law. Lock him up and throw away the key. Done.
  10. Imagine the CEO of Southwest Air Lines telling all 55,000 employees nation-wide that they, or their family members, can’t drink or buy alcohol. Just for perspective. Absolutely asinine. We’ve devolved from leadership to management...and now we can only muster “really shitty management.” FML. Where’s the exit? This incident involved .001% of the military people and dependents on Japan. So let’s punish everyone.
  11. It's good to hear that you've been happy so far. Let's see how you're doing after the staff tour! haha
  12. Only funny because it's true. So much for comm brevity! lol
  13. "Maverick, you just did an incredibly brave thing. What you should have done was land your plane! You don't own that plane, the taxpayers do! Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash. You've been busted, you've lost your qualifications as section leader three times, put in hack twice by me, with a history of high speed passes over five air control towers—and one admiral's daughter!" Peggy Benjamin??
  14. We are seeing the same thing as well. Many of our part-timers were really guard bums, averaging 20+ days a month at the base in some fashion (Drill, FTP, alert, SOF, office days, whatever) but now our part timers are TRUE part timers...drill weekend and then maybe 2-3 additional days a month. With 6-9 formerly productive guard bums getting hired, that's a swing of 120-180 days of effort per month that isn't being covered by other people. We've had 20% of our squadron retire at 20+1 day in the last 6 months. Several guys are just not taking checkrides and/or otherwise maintaining MR status for their last 6 months. Stickin' it to "leadership" one last time. hehe
  15. I'm headed over there soon. Have been told that the Sq/CC is a typical clown act more interested in making O6 than actually taking care of the crews. Anecdotal evidence verifies....Was forwarded a lengthy email directly from said clown concerning approved patches and hat wear. Focusing on the important stuff apparently. SMH. edit to add: have been told they are using 8 hour show-time windows for crews now. Apparently the way we've done it for 15 years wasn't good enough for this guy so they're re-inventing the wheel.
  16. Meh, fuck 'em. If he's pissed enough, maybe they'll kick you out and you'll be happier at the airlines 5 years sooner. An OG getting butt hurt about something like this, and the fact you're fearful of reprisal, is messed up. Totally believable, but just plain wrong. SMH. We need better O-6s and above.
  17. Bergman

    RIP Doc

    Where Are the Heroes
  18. Bergman

    RIP Doc

    Possibly flying a SU-27
  19. Crazy talk, indeed. Just doing my part to help solve this retention crisis...
  20. Truth. Air Force circa 1985-1990 sounds about right for starters. All airline talk aside, if the AF was serious about using money to aid retention, they would have doubled the previous aviator bonuses. $1000/mo increase would at least get people's attention. Edit to add: OBTW, give ARC guys the full flight pay whether they fly or not that month, just like AD. End this pro-rating the flight pay to a daily rate bullshit.
  21. I've met a few guys who are making that kind of money, but if we are being honest they are very, very senior in their category and also work their asses off. I'm a commuter that only works 12-15 days a month at the airline due to ANG commitments (I know, I know...I need to retire already), and I don't do any short-notice premium pay flying, so that's where my $200k number came from. The captain I flew with last week mentioned he made $180k/year working 8 days a month. Buys his own first class tickets to get to/from work and doesn't have a care in the world. I want to be like that guy!
  22. Hell yeah, a $160/month raise?!?! Screw that $200,000/year airline job now!! All sarcasm aside, its a step in the right direction but honestly a drop in the bucket, and likely the wrong bucket at that. Let's work on decent leadership and looking out for your people.
  23. Oh wow. This will end well, I'm sure. Guys who are topped out at O-5 with over 20, with an outside airline gig, who are just staying around (losing money!) to fly the mission and teach the young guys, are going to bail in droves. Probably 20% of my squadron fits this demographic, and I promise you none of us will do a 6 month deployment.
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