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    RIP Doc

    Where Are the Heroes
  2. Bergman

    RIP Doc

    Possibly flying a SU-27
  3. Bergman

    Flight Pay increases

    Crazy talk, indeed. Just doing my part to help solve this retention crisis...
  4. Bergman

    Flight Pay increases

    Truth. Air Force circa 1985-1990 sounds about right for starters. All airline talk aside, if the AF was serious about using money to aid retention, they would have doubled the previous aviator bonuses. $1000/mo increase would at least get people's attention. Edit to add: OBTW, give ARC guys the full flight pay whether they fly or not that month, just like AD. End this pro-rating the flight pay to a daily rate bullshit.
  5. Bergman

    Flight Pay increases

    I've met a few guys who are making that kind of money, but if we are being honest they are very, very senior in their category and also work their asses off. I'm a commuter that only works 12-15 days a month at the airline due to ANG commitments (I know, I know...I need to retire already), and I don't do any short-notice premium pay flying, so that's where my $200k number came from. The captain I flew with last week mentioned he made $180k/year working 8 days a month. Buys his own first class tickets to get to/from work and doesn't have a care in the world. I want to be like that guy!
  6. Bergman

    Flight Pay increases

    Hell yeah, a $160/month raise?!?! Screw that $200,000/year airline job now!! All sarcasm aside, its a step in the right direction but honestly a drop in the bucket, and likely the wrong bucket at that. Let's work on decent leadership and looking out for your people.
  7. Oh wow. This will end well, I'm sure. Guys who are topped out at O-5 with over 20, with an outside airline gig, who are just staying around (losing money!) to fly the mission and teach the young guys, are going to bail in droves. Probably 20% of my squadron fits this demographic, and I promise you none of us will do a 6 month deployment.
  8. Bergman

    North Korea at it again

    Tell your brother to get his shit together and start pulling his weight for the family!
  9. Bergman

    Finance Problems

    Shack. I've used this many times and it works. Stay polite (don't give up the moral high ground!) but don't leave until you get some concrete answers from someone who knows WTF they are talking about.
  10. Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity by finishing the quote.
  11. Bergman

    joining ANG

    Echo what Evil said. Will add that yes, you can apply to any ANG/AFRES unit you want. Most people send apps to several units, if not every single unit. It helps to have local ties or a logical reason why you are applying at that unit, as most units have been burned by the guy who applies, gets hired, then bolts for his hometown unit 6.9 months after finishing training. Not sure that a huge amount of flight time beyond PPL is all that big a factor, at least at my unit. Soloing and having a license show aptitude. The AF can teach the rest. More important is not being a dick. The AD boards are all about scores and GPA but in my experience the ANG is much more concerned with personality and fit.
  12. I don't know a single RC-135 EWO that has struggled to find a comparable salary job on the outside. Even the guys that got RIFd a few years ago. Many of these guys are just as highly trained as pilots. The training pipeline is probably longer honestly. They just don't have the airline pull. But they do have striped polo shirts, leather weave belts, velcro shoes, and cell phone holsters. So they've got that going for them.
  13. Hope you had fun during that casual year! Because it looks like you blew about $10k a month doing it! hahaha. That's a shitload of hookers and blow. Or so I've heard.
  14. Bergman

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Now THIS is what's right with the Air Force. Finally. This guy gets it.
  15. Bergman

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Haha! This is 100% accurate for me actually, although I did buy the Porsche very used. You forgot the part about "...and only working 13-14 days a month." Shack on your retention and "not the same Air Force" comments.
  16. I remember seeing a shitload of those at KRND in 95.
  17. Bergman

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    The Sport of Kings!
  18. Indeed, well played on the Simpsons quote! I would say that younger guys are in a vastly different position than the guys nearing the end of their ADSC. Obviously if you aren't near your ADSC ending, you don't really have a choice so almost not worth worrying about a lot of the airline banter right now. Maybe keep an eye on getting as much time now so you're ready if/when you decide to leave. Hopefully the things we are bitching about today will get fixed in the near 3-5-7 year timeframe. That could provide you with a completely different USAF experience than many of us have had, and I sincerely hope that's the case. The problem is, I've been watching this ball of shit roll down hill for a long time now, and I honestly can't think of one single thing that has gotten measurably better during my career. That doesn't give me a lot of confidence for the future, but I remain hopeful. Could not agree more. The bonus needs to be $80,000-$100,000 per year just to bring compensation into the ballpark of what you can make in 2-3rd year at a major airline. THEN start talking about all the other crap...poor leadership, never ending deployments and TDY, BS 365s, etc. I do maintain that if the other BS was fixed, losing money by staying in the AF would be less of a factor. Right now it just adds insult to injury, "You're going to treat me like shit, take me for granted, send me away from my family AND PAY LESS?" Fucking RUN fellas.
  19. True! But there is usually a reason the mob is pissed in the first place. Many of us have been on this board since we were Lts just looking to make it through flight school. Now, many years later, we have spent entire careers either getting screwed or seeing our buddies get screwed (sts) by the AF, all the while watching the warrior ethos and camaraderie depart the fix as well. After suffering through poor leadership who spent decades treating us poorly and taking us for granted, we finally have other options. They (the generals) didn't earn or appreciate our loyalty when they had the chance, so why give it to them now? Fucking RUN fellas.
  20. Bergman

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Ha! They already have it...its called the ANG!
  21. Bergman

    Leadership at the 'Deid

    So what's the story on the new yes-man who is going to be running things now that BG James is gone? I'm going to suffer through one last trip to the shithole this fall and then cruise into retirement (eventually).
  22. Rejoice! They've fixed the pilot shortage with this bonus offer! Or, the guys who were staying in anyway just got richer. I think Goldfein's quote was pretty good, and the closest thing I've seen in a while to a GO actually valuing pilots. Having said that...RUN! If someone has more than 2-3 years to go, I honestly can't imagine a scenario where I would pass up airline seniority and risk a 365 or multiple-179 gangbang in the 17-20 year of service window. Until actual performance proves otherwise, this is all eyewash bullshit.
  23. Bergman

    Finance/DFAS Debt issue with no resolve

    I agree that eventually you will likely need to get your Sq/CC involved at a minimum, if not Congressman and/or IG. It's been a while (thankfully) but I used to have pretty good luck on AD going to finance and pretty much standing on their desks saying over and over, "I am not moving until I talk to an officer in your chain of command. Or all of the officers in your chain of command." A couple of times I ended up talking to Lt's, then eventually on to a Captain (I was a Captain at the time) but more often than not, some E-7 or E-8 would come out of the woodwork and voila! my problem was solved almost immediately. YMMV.