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  1. The problem with trying to sell that watch on an AF forum is that it looks like it has Navy wings on the face. I would try the navy site, they have a tread just for watches as well.
  2. Just a general question on the F35 I have noticed in just about every photo of the F35 taking off that it is always in full burner, is that amount of thrust needed for takeoff or just the pilots preference?
  3. I am surprised no one has mentioned the new Godzilla yet... I thought it was a fun 2hrs, typical Godzilla and stupid humans but overall fun. Plenty of Ospreys in it and a neat B-2 hybrid that stretches belief, then again we are talking about 100 foot tall radiation breathing lizards.
  4. I would actually say this is less of a motor racing movie and more about corporations battling each other for dominance in a market. Should actually be pretty cool if they don't wander to much with hollywood liberties.
  5. CVR FDR circuit breaker pull Post flight debrief to mx = something wrong with CVR. Mx resolution = pilot stupid, cb popped Smiles all around..... or so I've heard šŸ™„šŸ˜‰
  6. No no no.... I clearly remember the guy at the front desk said all weapons are carried internally. šŸ˜‚ šŸ™„
  7. This is the F-35 Stealth fighter.... oh wait nevermind we hung externals on it.
  8. Can someone post a rollout photo when it happens?
  9. Key words right here.... Asked specifically if the Boeing T-X might be considered, he nodded and said, ā€œIt could.ā€
  10. They tried this once before, I always thought it would have been a good ac. What is everyone's thought and obviously this is purely hypothetical at this point but if the YF23 had won would MD still be in business as MD today?
  11. He wouldn't have happened to be with the 142 FW would he?
  12. How U.S. Taxpayers Are Spending $1.8B For Afghanistan To Fly A Couple Dozen A-29 Attack Planes The estimated annual sustainment costs alone are more than twice what the U.S. Air Force pays to operate a squadron of F-16s for a year. So based on this information we should buy US Pilots more F-16's then right
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