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  1. No no no.... I clearly remember the guy at the front desk said all weapons are carried internally. πŸ˜‚ πŸ™„
  2. This is the F-35 Stealth fighter.... oh wait nevermind we hung externals on it.
  3. Can someone post a rollout photo when it happens?
  4. Key words right here.... Asked specifically if the Boeing T-X might be considered, he nodded and said, β€œIt could.”
  5. They tried this once before, I always thought it would have been a good ac. What is everyone's thought and obviously this is purely hypothetical at this point but if the YF23 had won would MD still be in business as MD today?
  6. He wouldn't have happened to be with the 142 FW would he?
  7. How U.S. Taxpayers Are Spending $1.8B For Afghanistan To Fly A Couple Dozen A-29 Attack Planes The estimated annual sustainment costs alone are more than twice what the U.S. Air Force pays to operate a squadron of F-16s for a year. So based on this information we should buy US Pilots more F-16's then right
  8. I heard this once from an Apple guy and to this day it continues to be the best description I can find. Apple is best if you are ok with a company telling you what your device needs to be and have. Samsung is best if you want to decide yourself. Example developers have to submit thier apps to Apple, if the company feels it can make money off what you developed then you can pay to put your app on the app store. With Google you can simply upload for everyone benefit. Work makes us use iPhone but for personal I have had Samsung for the last four generations of phones ; Samsung has always been more intuitive and when you have both you learn how accurate the first statement is.
  9. Based on what I had in the last program, aircraft were sold at $25m each for same packaging. The key question in the award is three words and how much those will cost. Some additional info actually only an 800m increase not 1.8b.
  10. Technically that is an EMB-314 not an A-29 but meh... Two props forward it might actually have a reasonable CG range finally that would allow additional weight to the rear for ER tanks..
  11. Thank you to everyone on the responses. I am going with the Pad and FF as everyone has suggested, have used it in the past and liked it just didn't want to invest if anyone knew of something new around the corner.
  12. I have both Samsung which I like and Apple due to work which I tolerate. Have used Foreflight in the past, I plan to go the usual route of the Ipad etc.. just wondering if anyone had a better/different take on the same topic.
  13. Looking to invest in a new Ipad Pro and Foreflight + Jeppesen, before I drop a far amount of money on this setup I was curious if anyone had some better options or advise on why to go this route or why not to go this route? Aircraft already has a GNS430 as primary so this is more big screen for pubs, flightplanning, weather, take out of the plane ease of use type function. Thanks in advance.
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