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  1. RegularJoe

    Gun Talk

    Thanks guys. I appreciate the feedback. Gun is for my wife she is looking for something lighter than her 1911 I will stick with my XDm
  2. RegularJoe

    Gun Talk

    Anyone able to speak to the new XDE from Springfield in .45 Is it like the XDm series? Looking for anyone that has it or shot it that compare to the XDm
  3. RegularJoe

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    But Holmes said he was not concerned that the tragic event would have “undue impact” on whether the experiment moves forward, or whether the service tries similar efforts in the future. “I don’t think it will have a chilling effect on future experiments,” he said. “Whenever you’re trying something new, there are risks of trying something new and working through it, and without knowing exactly what happened, and certainly without trying to insinuate exactly what happened — aviation’s not necessarily risky, but it’s unforgiving.” “I think we’ll take a look at the data we’ve gathered, [and] we’ll continue ahead with our process toward deciding whether we want to go forward with the program.” Wait I thought these were combat proven platforms......... It is truly unfortunate that it always takes a good person's life and skill to prove the futility of some of these programs to people that should be listening to start with.
  4. RegularJoe

    The Next President is...

    Is it that the process is broke? Or is it we don't actually enforce it because the public care's more about world opinion then our actual imigration laws? Every country on the planet is doing the same thing as the United States, if the press would report that then people would actually respect laws of said countries instead of walking over them and claiming it is in human interest. ** My .02 - it is the USA responsiblity to take care of the legal citizens of this country, NOT appeal to people who's first act getting here is to commit a crime against the country by violating it's imigration laws. Technically anyone who enters a country without consent can be considered an invader, perhaps we should declare war on Mexico for their invasion of the US - oh wait....we did that once already. Sweden is to reject up to 80,000 people who applied for asylum in the country last year, as many as half of whom will be forced to leave against their will, according to official estimates. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jan/28/sweden-to-expel-up-to-80000-rejected-asylum-seekers There are 37,288 illegal immigrants in Israel. 71% of them are from Eritrea, 21% from Sudan, 7% from other African countries, and 1% from non-African countries. Most entered Israel illegally from Sinai between 2006 and 2012, and many live in south Tel-Aviv. Illegal entry into Israel from Sinai during those years was possible because the border between Israel and Egypt was only marked by a low and easily trespassed fence. In 2010, Israel began the construction of an impregnable barrier which was completed in 2013. This barrier has put an end to illegal immigration. http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/israel-is-not-deporting-refugees/ The new Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, began a program that deports Muslims who have ties to radical groups. And something stunning occurred: the country’s violent crimes are down more than 31% in less than a year since Muslim deportations began http://toprightnews.com/heres-what-happened-when-one-nation-started-deporting-radical-muslims/ Other countries following suit. Italy Bulgaria England Germany Russia
  5. RegularJoe

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Fixed for you. SNC simply provided what the customer listed as requirements.
  6. RegularJoe

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    I'm not going to get into capabilities on an open forum but I will answer your question and you can figure out the rest. SA uses the original A-29 to fight drug dealers, cartels and wanna be terrorist, we intend to use it to fight people pissed off at us with means to seriously fire back. USAF is not going to buy a 20 year old design without some gold plating on it to make everyone happy that it is spiffy and new Last time we had a prop driven aircraft who's role primarily dropped bombs was a Skyraider.... come on now.
  7. RegularJoe

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Kind of like expecting this Then getting to the dealership and getting this
  8. RegularJoe

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    I was a senior exec for the prime, but eventually got tired of "Taco" stories about how great we were. A-29 is a good aircraft as a whole but design for USA was not the same as the one build in SA for years therefore needs to be considered like any brand new design and it has some severe struggles that people on the end side probably don't know about.. Has four fuel pumps because known failure rate of these is 90%+ Has only one hyd pump which known failure rate is 65%+ Have to fly with two tanks to ensure any sort of reasonable range however when you fly with tanks the .50 casings bounce off the tanks and get stuck in the flaps damaging them once you move them. Guns jam all the time due to design issues with empty shute If you fly with a POD then centerline station is unusable Hud is basically worthless as the PSU failure rate is 98%+ Fuel system wont transfer, single point fueling is problematic at best. Gear handle switch down doesn't always equal gear down. OBOGs is like trying to sucking air through a straw It goes on and on, so as I said before AT-6B would be my choice based on Beechcraft's years of experience and working with a known design. A-29 is really a new design that has never been tested before that is being directed by SA mgmt that has no experience or idea how to build a US Military aircraft.
  9. RegularJoe

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    AT-6B. What lurks behind the curtain in A-29 production land is of no value to us either as war fighters or taxpayers
  10. RegularJoe

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    And suddenly we have funding for a 7th Gen Fighter that will probably be designed with a stick and OBOGS system in it but no seat and delivered 20 years to late. But as long as control + Alt + Delete works
  11. RegularJoe

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    It will be interesting to see what this Swiss army knife of aircraft looks like once all the gold plating is finished
  12. RegularJoe

    AF Light Air Support Aircraft

    Considering that to be of any use the A-29 has to fly with two tanks, it would make 800 feet really tight.