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  1. My FE and ATP ratings (paid via GI Bill) gave me two classes worth at Riddle.
  2. While going to the U of Hawaii I majored in sailing ( no shit 3 yrs sailing scholarship) and struggled thru business school after dropping out of engineering. Took five years to graduate (who graduates from U of H in 4?) and was a DG out of UPT. Go figure. Studying hard for an exam:
  3. I am in AZ and need a Flight Review. Can pay with toilet paper, masks, and/or Purell.
  4. Glad to see another Ron Fogleman fan and totally agree as being one of the best. He brought back "Crud" to the Polly bar when he became the Division CC at DM in '85.
  5. Re the vid: Friends don't let friends buy 150hp Cardinals.
  6. I had an '88 RV-4 for 20 years and was always tinkering. Purchased a 2010 RV-8 5 years ago and it has been pretty much gas and go. Newer RV's seem to be set up better. Define your mission. RV's are not as solid as a spam can. Flew mine MN---> AZ in one day and I was still vibrating when I went to bed but would never trade it. My -8 is the last plane I will ever fly.
  7. That says it all. Careful who you run with on layovers.
  8. Lyle was on my no-fly list prior to the incident. Having said that we were glad he was able to overcome all obstacles and return. Great credit to the CEO Dasburg.
  9. Springer


    47 years with USAA and NO claims auto or home with the exception of windshield replaced last year. Getting the runaround on a house claim now. It ain't the same USAA of old.
  10. Huggy I was wondering how long it would take them to catch on. You better be using my checklists! TDY to Honduras. The Hondurans were transitioning from the F-86 to the A-37!
  11. Waaay back in the day UPT grads that received FAC assignments (O-2/OA-37) were guaranteed a fighter after a 3 yr DM tour. I was a flight/CC and my guys went to F-15/F-16/A-10. Most are airline capts now but one retired as Wing/DO at Cannon.
  12. I went at 59. How much time does that buy me?
  13. https://americanmilitarynews.com/2020/02/gen-goldfein-approves-gender-neutral-change-to-air-force-song/
  14. I was there when the bypass issue came up. You have it right. They were going to elevate it over the washes. I was pretty much against it. The growth was already out to Reddington Pass and most homes were on multi acre lots. I never get near Houghton....so depressing driving from the NW side of town. Sally is up against the leftest Mark Kelly.
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