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  1. Chances for Fighter Units?

    Let Mr Buckley be a lesson to some of you younger dudes on these forums. There are always people watching and it wouldn't take a rocket scientist from Buckley to figure out who he is and throw his package (sts) out from any future hiring board for being.... less than a good dude. You may not like the way some of the older guys respond to your posts, but showing a blatant SNAP attitude like the one currently being demo pro'd is a sure way to make a first and only impression. The reality is people that have come before you have created a pretty awesome culture where respect and humility go a long way. So when you're obviously being called out by multiple people, lose the ego and take the criticism. If Buckley bro was smart, he'd do just that. But I'm afraid that ship has sailed my friends...
  2. New SOS in-correspondence

  3. Non-Rated OTS Selectee to Pilot?

    If all you're worried about with regard to applying next year is that you won't get the 2-star to sign an LOR, can you not just ask your leadership to send it up with the understanding that the LOR will be used for an application to next year's board?
  4. Line Up Cards

  5. Thread bump. I'm a few months away from filling out a dream sheet, but I'd love the most up to date info I can find. I'll be selfish and put in a request for things that tend to drop from the 38 side of the house, especially those that haven't been talked about in this thread yet (35s, C Models, etc). Please brag/bitch about whatever comes to mind. Also, drops from 38s have been pretty great lately, but I've been slightly curious as to how the respective B Courses are handling what would appear to be a larger than normal influx of studs (sts). Lastly, I'm a late to rate guy, so if anyone has any additional wisdom to pass on with respect to choosing an airframe, please let me know. Thanks
  6. XL Track Select 18-03 8 x T-38 (includes 2 Saudi, 1 Guard) 1 x Helo 13 x T-1
  7. What are my chances?

    If they are indeed nothing to worry about, I would never mention them ever again, especially to an Air Force flight doc. A quick scan of the Air Force Waiver Guide will reveal that anything more than a single episode of Atrial Fibrillation is non-waiverable for FC1. Seriously, if your doctor has no kidding told you that you have a completely healthy heart and you believe him, do not bring it up when you go in for your FC1 with the Air Force.
  8. Air Force Cruise Videos?

    The sad thing is many of those videos that end up on youtube get thousands of views and probably do better work recruiting than most of the officially endorsed products out there. But that's none of my business...
  9. 2017 Active Duty UFT Board

    Once again, this is not confirmed, but a guy I was talking with at a drop night a couple nights ago apparently knows the guy running the board, and he said upwards of 75 slots this year. The dude could be blowing smoke, but you asked if anyone heard anything...
  10. No ppl, but lots of flight hours

    There's no way to know for sure (i.e. I don't know anyone that was on the board), but yes bluedevil is correct that everyone picked up on last year's Active Duty board had a PPL. See below for the source document he's referencing. High PCSM seemed to be another indicator, and good news for you that having/not having a PPL doesn't influence your PCSM, which I would hope is fairly high with that many flight hours. Either way, as with anything, timing plays a huge role in these situations. Good luck...
  11. AFOQT baseline population

    When I took the AFOQT at the Academy, they made us come in on a Saturday, told us our scores wouldn't influence our AFSC selections, and as soon as we were done we could carry on with the rest of our weekend. So you can guess how much effort I put in to that test. Just get a study guide and rock it.
  12. 2017 Active Duty UFT Board

    Someone who knows someone at AFPC. So just like any rumor on this website, take it with a grain of salt. Either way, its not hard to increase from the 15 slots they offered last year.
  13. 2017 Active Duty UFT Board

    Highly recommend retaking the AFOQT after getting a study guide. If you scroll up on this thread, you'll see that on last year's board, the average PCSM was a 92 and the absolute lowest was a 78. Additionally, everyone that got picked up had a PPL. It's all but a requirement these days. Your PCSM should go up a bit after you input your flight hours, and the PCSM website should tell you about how much it will raise (http://access.afpc.af.mil/pcsmdmz/PCSMscores.html). Also, here's the AFOQT study guide I used before I retook it: Study Guide . My pilot score went from a 77 to a 97 after using it, so it definitely helps. I did hear through the grapevine that they'll be offering more pilot slots this year, so YMMV. You've got plenty of time between now and next year's board to get your ducks in a row, but do not waste time with the medical issue. As I'm sure you're aware, waivers can take a while to process, especially if you run in to any hangups along the way. Good luck.
  14. Studying for AFOQT

    The search function will be your friend. This may surprise you, but you're not the first person to ask that question on this website.
  15. History Friday

    Saw this gem the other day...
  16. I hope they were crushed by IPs on gradesheets and bros over a beer accordingly. I have no intention of rolling in to any flying squadron pretending my drone hours mean anything. Just happy to be going there dude.
  17. One of the lucky few... But as is true with most people getting those types of orders, it's a unique situation.
  18. I can't tell you what will happen either. Guineapig has ample reason to fear the worse. That being said, at a recent professional development day off from droning (read drinking and smoking cigars) the newer 18xers seemed quite content to continue to stay in the career field. Hopefully that echoes true for the foreseeable future. I'm done though. Peace Creech.
  19. Bases seem to be randomly assigned apart from ENJJPT which is boarded if I recall correctly. That being said, I've heard of dudes getting assigned a base they didn't want and then finding someone else who had the base they wanted while the other person wanted their base, so they emailed AFPC with their names and desire to do a one for one switch and the request was accommodated. Not sure if that's still a thing
  20. 2017 Active Duty UFT Board

    I'll echo the above sentiments. I too got picked up on that board, and it seems like my strong points mirrored his. I'm also a rated guy and DG'd my training program, have my PPL, didn't get the best wing strat as far as application packages are concerned, but I had a 99 PCSM and a 97 Pilot AFOQT. So it seems to me that's the common theme, as well as as the fact that most of the people that got picked up come from rated backgrounds. If you don't have good AFOQT scores, go get a study guide and retake it. Then retake the TBAS if you need to, build some flight hours, and your PCSM should shoot up pretty high. I also have an ETP, but for a medical issue. So between the two of us, shoot questions our way if you got em.
  21. Escaping RPAs

    Just had a guy in my squadron get released back to the C-5. He drives to Dover this Friday.
  22. You'll barely have time for one of those programs, so no, you can't be on both the Flying Team and Wings of Blue. The only person I know of that did something similar to that was one of my competition teammates on the Wings of Blue was also a member of the Boxing team. But he was a freak among men. I still don't know how he had the time and stamina to do both. As for being a soaring IP, I'm not saying don't do it, but my personal advice is stick to something with the word "team" in it. So if you become a Soaring IP, try to get on the Acro or Cross Country "team" within the Soaring side of the house. The reason I say that is most soaring IPs I knew thought it was cool for the first couple months and then didn't really enjoy it much after that and told me they were always a bit envious of the camaraderie that was shared among those of us on the Wings of Blue. And here's a hint- Being on any of those teams really shouldn't be about the activity. Yeah skydiving all the time was cool, but it was my teammates that made it awesome. The stuff we were doing was just icing on the cake.
  23. Not exactly. USAFA is your best chance at getting a pilot slot if you want to talk strictly about odds. Put it to you this way, the Academy by itself gets about the same number of pilot slots for one class that the whole country's ROTC class gets. So if you want to all but guarantee a pilot slot, go to USAFA. HOWEVER- once you get to UPT, you're competing on the same level playing field as everyone else- ROTC, OTS, and USAFA. Your diploma from USAFA isn't going to help you or give you a leg up on your peers in UPT who are also trying for a fighter slot. Since your goal here is to become a pilot, your degree won't really help you or hurt you. You'll take enough core engineering classes at USAFA regardless of your major that will "shape your mind" around techy subjects, so major in whatever you like. Everyone graduates with a Bachelor of Science, whether you major in Philosophy (and yes, that's a major at USAFA now) or Physics. That being said, if you have any aspirations to become a Test Pilot at some point in your career, you'll need to have majored in engineering. So keep that in mind when choosing... I knew a few homeschooled dudes there and they didn't seem to have any advantage/disadvantage. You're either a bro to your peers or you aren't. Be humble, help out your classmates, and don't take things too seriously. If you plan on trying to make the Flying Team, finish your PPL. I'm not saying you can't go to USAFA without a PPL and still find the time to get it before Flying Team tryouts, but I'm saying you can't go to USAFA without a PPL and still find the time to get it before Flying Team tryouts. And if you're like me and didn't find the time to finish it before I went, feck it. Try out for the Wings of Blue instead. As a former team member, we had the most fun of anyone at the academy, and no one will ever convince me otherwise. Ever. At this point, you're getting a little ahead of yourself. First, manage your expectations. Dropping a raptor or strike eagle out of UPT isn't just about how bad you want it or how hard you work. Timing is everything. Go check the most recent UPT drop out of Vance on another thread on this website, and you'll see that only one person in the class got a fighter which happened to be an F-16. When you graduate UPT, you're at the mercy of the needs of the Air Force. If they don't need any raptor pilots at the moment, then no one in that class will drop a raptor, even if the number 1 graduate listed F-22 as their number 1 pick. That's just the way it is. But to answer your question, start developing a solid work and study ethic. Lame answer, I know, but that's what will get you through any rated training program better than anything you can study or work on now. If you're talking about percentages, the Navy has the highest percentage of fighter pilots. So decide if you want to live on an aircraft carrier for a significant portion of your life. No thanks... Is it possible? Yes. Should that be your goal from the start? No. Every service academy class has a few of their graduates that cross commission in to a different service branch, but I wouldn't bank on it. If you drop a heavy out of UPT, you're flying heavies for the rest of your career. Have there been exceptions to that rule in the history of the Air Force? Sure. But those instances are few and far between. So the straight answer to that is no, you cannot cross train to fighters after entering the heavy world. That being said, don't knock it before you try it. I have plenty of friends that fly something starting with a "C" that wanted fighters originally but that now love their aircraft and are glad they fly it. Hope that helps man. You're welcome to PM me if you have any other questions. I don't come close to having all the answers and much is to be gained on this forum from folks wiser than me, but I'll pass on whatever I can to help you out. We've all been there in one way or another...
  24. Do that. Don't list anything but pilot unless you want anything but pilot
  25. Nellis AFB info

    My 2 cents: I live in Summerlin. It's been a nice part of town for a while and it keeps getting better. The Downtown Summerlin area was completed about a year and a half ago- cool new area with lots of awesome restaurants and stores. Couple that with the Boca Park business area and you really can't get bored. Yeah its on the other side of Vegas from Nellis, but put it to you this way: I'm stationed at Creech which is much farther than Nellis and I've never once regretted living here during my commute to work.