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  1. You have no idea how much I was worried about that.
  2. Some people will tell you that you should go Guard/Reserve to guarantee a certain airframe. There's certainly a lot of truth to that. But if you are making the decision between AD and Guard/Reserve to avoid being an RPA pilot, I would offer that your odds are similar if you make either decision. If you earn an AD pilot slot, you have 'guaranteed' that you won't be an RPA pilot based on the current situation in UPT in which no one is dropping RPAs. That could change. Similarly, you could be hired by a Guard/Reserve unit and be 'guaranteed' that you will fly a certain airframe and that you won't be an RPA pilot. But I have heard more than one story of an individual being hired by a unit only to be halfway through UPT and find out their unit is switching airframes. And yes, that switch has been to an RPA. There are certainly plenty of caveats and dynamics that play in to those situations, but the bottom line is that I would caution you to be making a decision on AD vs Guard/Reserve because you don't want to be an RPA pilot. There are plenty of other worthy reasons to be making that decision. Can't say I blame you for your line of thinking though! Just checking your blind spots.
  3. Words fail me when I try to describe how good of a dude he was. There are few people I can think of both in and out of the Air Force that I’ve met that have zero character flaws personally and professionally. Even I would scoff a statement like that, but he was definitely one of them. I just can’t believe it. Anyone who got the chance to fly with him is a better aviator for it. Cheers, Graz 🍺. I’ll miss you brotha.
  4. I fly with a Citizen Skyhawk in a high G airframe, as do many other pilots I know. Haven't noticed the timing get thrown off, but it hacks itself every night via radio signal so it's always spot on.
  5. You and I have had enough conversations to know there is no "fun" one
  6. Semantics, but it was actually the C-17 guy that was coming from a white jet tour. The 135 guy did a requal in 38s at Randolph, then IFF. Great dude.
  7. One of them was a T-38 IP at the time he was selected for crossflow. The other MAF guy went through a T-38 spin up. One was a Maj select and the other had already pinned on.
  8. Once you have wings on your chest (RPA or otherwise), I believe the rule is to wait 2 years to apply, and 2.5 years to actually leave the career field. At least that's the way it was when I applied a couple years ago if I recall correctly. Good luck
  9. If all you're worried about with regard to applying next year is that you won't get the 2-star to sign an LOR, can you not just ask your leadership to send it up with the understanding that the LOR will be used for an application to next year's board?
  10. Thread bump. I'm a few months away from filling out a dream sheet, but I'd love the most up to date info I can find. I'll be selfish and put in a request for things that tend to drop from the 38 side of the house, especially those that haven't been talked about in this thread yet (35s, C Models, etc). Please brag/bitch about whatever comes to mind. Also, drops from 38s have been pretty great lately, but I've been slightly curious as to how the respective B Courses are handling what would appear to be a larger than normal influx of studs (sts). Lastly, I'm a late to rate guy, so if anyone has any additional wisdom to pass on with respect to choosing an airframe, please let me know. Thanks
  11. XL Track Select 18-03 8 x T-38 (includes 2 Saudi, 1 Guard) 1 x Helo 13 x T-1
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