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  1. I’ve read that the Saudi student had been in PCola since 2017. I did half my UPT with the Navy, but not PCola. I know the Navy washback system was a bit less formal than the Air Force way. Still, 2 years in primary? Am I understanding that right? WTF
  2. He allegedly hosted parties beforehand. https://apnews.com/75a8adc71422596a54052540fabb7230
  3. He quoted UBL. WTF. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-florida-shooting/saudi-suspect-in-u-s-navy-base-attack-linked-to-anti-u-s-twitter-screed-idUSKBN1YB0FK
  4. Corrupt politicians. Redundant. Like assless chaps. All chaps are assless.
  5. Worked like a charm. Thanks for posting!
  6. We need to get you on Rogan too! But tell us here first, so we can let you know if it’s believable. There will be no shortage of opinions, I’m sure of that.
  7. I will now be on the lookout for flying Tic-Tacs off the coast of CA. In all seriousness, dude sounds like he's telling the truth. Call me a believer. I will leave the chemtrails switch on MINDCONTROL - FULL in his honor on my next flight.
  8. The -135s PMCs also make the landing phase difficult. Each Power Mngment Control isn't fully active below 70% N1...also known as every approach ever flown. So each of the 4 throttles are commanding some goofy fuel flow/power setting. Tanker dudes get used to this abnormality by (usually) only adjusting two sym throttles at a time, allowing the resulting power change to take effect, and then fixing it again when it's all jacked up. Guys who try to keep the throttles aligned, or worse, keep adjusting all 4 throttles constantly, get unstable on final with PIO due to the the swept wing & underslung engines. The experienced tanker dude known the PMC hate him and hate each other below 70% N1...and waits to see what he gets. The known power setting is a place from which to deviate. I agree with the above Google find on the MD. The MD-11's inception has some undertones of the 737 Max issues. The DC-10/MD-10 was the original design, so MD stretched the fuselage out 40', and then had to make the rudder smaller due to CG issues with the new longer moment arm. Then MD put more powerful engines on it. So the flying characteristics weren't the same as a -10, but wait, we'll just add some automation/bells/whistles (LSAS, parallelt rudder) to compensate for the pilots. The single MD-11 type rating allows pilots to fly the -11 and both flavors of MD-10 (MD-10-10, and MD-10-30, the -30 is the KC-10). Does this sound somewhat familiar? MD-11 wing design is also an issue. I haven't flown the T-38, but I understand that short stubby wings like to go fast, don't like to go slow. MD-11 wings are similar in that respect. The Boeing wings are all kinda the same; big, fat cambered bars that can generate lift throughout a wide range of speeds (although this design does limit the top speed of the airplane). The MD's wings are closer in design to a fighter aircraft; thinner, swept back. This provides a higher top end speed, but also squirrelly characteristics down low on final...high deck angle, higher approach speeds than are normal to transport category aircraft. VVI=GS/2, so with approach speeds in the high 170s when heavy, the VVI is 800' down, vice 700' down. A comparatively small performance window. Throw in some gusty winds, transitioning out of a low ceiling at max gross landing weight, and you get the picture. I'll say this...the MD has definitely earned its horrific accident history. It's not just 3rd world, barely trained pilots who have trouble processing the automation/landing characteristics on the MD either. Google FX80 @ Narita. I speak only for myself...the MD is the most difficult plane I've learned to fly. It's overengineered, This airplane, as built, would not be certified by today's standards. So FedEx trying to handpick guys to manage that monster right out of the gate doesn't seem crazy to me. But choosing C-17 background who fly on the backside of the power curve and add power to flare seems backward. And choosing USN 3-wire trap dudes seems equally incorrect. But they don't pay me to make those decisions.
  9. Ironically, they figured that out the hard way. C-17? Add power to flare. F-18? Hit the 3-wire with AB ready. Neither habit pattern translates well to managing the tight constraints of landing the MD. I've been told that FedEx has since gone away from those two backgrounds for the MD. But yeah, they were recruiting those specifically for a period. The KC-10 bubbas are obviously the best background for it. That's not a knock on 17/18 dudes either. As an IP in a couple different heavy military aircraft, I'm very familiar with negative transfer myself. I've murdered a lot of penguins trying to break habit patterns and just be normal in a new airplane. Takes me a few reps before I can get it down...I'm no Chuck Yeager.
  10. Combining the collective wisdom of the last two posts...you guys are correct with the "foul jobs program". For all the USG's faults, it has never claimed to be efficient. It never claimed to save the taxpayer's money. It never claimed to provide the list of ready volunteers with a long, stable career. Although 1st and the 15th paychecks are virtually assured into infinity (the jobs program), it certainly is foul in almost every respect. I can only speak for myself, but for the first half of my career, the rose-colored glasses allowed the good to outweigh the bad. Then around the 10-year mark, the glasses were punched off my face, and that decade of experience and observation created a single goal...reach escape velocity before the foul jobs program created an indelible negative mark on my family's future. So thankful and lucky that the airlines hiring was there to greet me and thousands of my contemporaries. I wish that luck upon all of us who raised our hands to volunteer...a choice for you to easily transition out when the requisite pain threshold is reached. YOUNG PEOPLE: Knowing what I know now, I advocate hard for ARC positions. The Guard / Reserves allows you to maintain maximum flexibility while participating in the USG jobs program. If you love it, they will absolutely allow you to volunteer to come onto Active Duty. If you hate it, you'll have ample opportunity to weave other jobs/locations. Go ARC. Have contingencies in place. And no matter WHAT, never expect the USG to take care of you. You will be disappointed.
  11. Didn’t notice, but that’s interesting. The details around this are so bizarre, I wouldn’t doubt it
  12. Belongs here, and maybe the airline thread. http:// https://www.foxnews.com/us/florida-mans-murder-plot-against-wife-backfires-after-hes-left-paralyzed https://www.pilotonline.com/news/crime/vp-nw-navy-captain-paralyzed-20190927-m3s7zwirejhufodaxjl762dppi-story.html?outputType=amp
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