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  1. ImNotARobot

    Commanders are dropping like flies this year

    Wait...are you suggesting the institution would push a gender-biased agenda where no actual story exists in order to fabricate favorable optics only to cut its own throat with soon thereafter because someone is a fvcking human being? The machine has chewed up and spit out another pretty face. Sorry for the sarcasm, but I'm not surprised at all. This is called a Monday in AMC. Why dudes and dudettes somehow think THEY are different, THEY can affect change, THEY will make it through the command crucible is beyond me. I also didn't know a flying Captain could be the commander of anything beyond the snack bar. Guess the attrition numbers may have some merit.
  2. It's sad, funny, and miscalculated. When the new AMC/CC rolled in from AFRC, I was hopeful that she would remember how she was brought up. But to increase the pressure/required time away on part timers (farmers, dentists, accountants, firefighters, police officers, business owners, and yes, airline pilots) is absolutely backward thinking. She is effectively accelerating her manning crisis, which I didn't think was even possible. I understand that McC AFB just got the first KC-46s. I also understand that it will take years for those AD/ARC units to fully stand up as combat ready. In the interim, I understand that all other KC-135 units will be required to somehow backfill insane and rapidly increasing tasking levels. I also understand that AD guys simply can't comprehend what it's like to say no to shitty deals. I was AD for over a decade, and when I arrived in AFRC, the grass was definitely greener. I couldn't have understood the balance of two jobs with family like a TR until I lived it though. I guess I also now understand that the AMC/CC is willing to break the ARC in order to show that she can swim with the big fish on AD. What the "leaders" and staffers don't understand is the part timer has already quit once (at least), and is fully willing to quit again. It's no longer a question of "when this mil job stops being fun", it's a question of it decimating a family and primary job structure BUILT around a PART TIME military job. Guys are going to lose their businesses over this change. We all joke that AFRC is AD Light, but these administrative changes aren't just heavily leaning on the ARC, they are attempting top produce another AD branch outright. Enough preaching about patriotism and commitment while sh!tting down our throats. When any sane TR with another job/life has an opportunity to stop the madness, you're damned right they're going to jump. And that will subsequently break the ARTs who remained behind for their own reasons. As I stated earlier, these frenzied policies greatly simply the way forward for many families. No longer will you see a LtC staying until 28 years, or a Major to 24 years.. Every single TR will be punching after the minimum commitment is up. Congrats on that 4th star MaryAnne. You wear it well.
  3. BFR? Help me with that one. Getting old sucks, Goggle Machine no help.
  4. Know? Officially released? I know nothing. But the rumor of that change officially dropping is at least two months old. AFRC will know no fury like the airline pilot scorned. This is going to greatly simplify the path forward for many Reserve pilots.
  5. ImNotARobot

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Goddamn all this talk reminds me with shivers what AD goes through...a mystical journey with ever-changing rules shrouded in secrecy where success is mostly a question of luck and timing. Mercy on your souls for staying with AD. I know not everyone has a choice to exit early. Best of...luck to those who remain. It’s literally the sharpest tool in your bag.
  6. ImNotARobot

    The Next President is...

    That’s solid MFing gold.
  7. ImNotARobot

    WTF? (**NSFW**)

    Totally agree
  8. ImNotARobot

    The new airline thread

    My lack of sensing tone on the internet aside...I did not perceive you as being a d!ck. My good luck wishes to you and all is genuine. I updated 6 apps for 2.5 years in the black vacuum of the airline app websites. I watched younger less qualed dudes getting called, hired, and starting dream careers. I chose to live vicariously through their triumph instead of being a whiny b!tch. It was the only sane choice. I helped guys were I could, and it was reciprocated when able. All I mean is...good luck. Once you break through the HR electron war, the job on the other side is TOTALLY 100% WORTH IT.
  9. ImNotARobot

    The new airline thread

    That’s a good attitude. The job is an apex predator. It needs no introduction. This HR goatrope makes it look like amateur hour. Stay the course man, and good luck.
  10. ImNotARobot

    The new airline thread

    The new website is totally stupid. You applicants are in for a firestorm of bvllsh!t trying to refine your details. I'm speechless at what a lackluster job the company did in taking control of the app process. Hope you had a recent pdf print of your PC app, since nobody told you that your entire old app would be deleted and "synced" to the new system. Good luck NT, and anyone else enduring the pain of transferring their entire app. The flying job is worth it...but this sh!tty website is ridiculous. Previously the smoke/mirrors of UPS's website was the cryptic winner of worst airline app. Nice job FDX...your app is now officially the worst POS of all the majors. I'm sure with AAL's highly agile hiring practices (no sarcasm), we won't lose great guys who freakin give up on this BS.
  11. ImNotARobot

    The new airline thread

    For everyone’s SA...yesterday FedEx changed their application website away from PilotCredentials. Link below. If you had an app on file, they’re saying it all transferred. Login ASAP and make sure that data sync worked! Good luck to all. Boxes > people. https://careers.fedex.com/pilot
  12. ImNotARobot

    What's wrong with the Air Force?

    Ignore trolls. He will eventually go away. Unless we ban him first.
  13. ImNotARobot

    Promotion and PRF Information

    I’ve blocked this clown... if we can’t kick him off the board, we can at least not quote him. For the love of all that’s holy. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. ImNotARobot

    It's Official, OCPs are Coming!

    Ladies and their handbags. Honestly, who gives a shit?
  15. ImNotARobot

    Promotion and PRF Information

    Should be 1 Oct, first day of the new FY unless your local leadership holds you to 7-yr ROPMA. Which is stupid if they do.