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  1. So many cool pictures from the U-2
  2. I stink at putting in links. Gif from U-2 cockpit @ 70,000
  3. Cargo airlines are booming my friend. FedEx/UPS/ACMIs are all hiring, and are projected to continue for the next couple years. FedEx is projected to hire over 400 next year. I know that’s not what you’re asking, but just want to correct information on here. Don’t let the USAF’s fear/loathing about their various welfare programs put your family in a less than optimum position.
  4. The release for that board has been in the 3rd week of August for the last two years. I’m talking about the AFRC O-5 board; apologies if you guys are talking about Active Duty.
  5. Cool pic from Reddit https://reddit.com/r/WarplanePorn/comments/hwdxt6/burr_01_returning_from_a_mission_this_afternoon/https://reddit.com/r/WarplanePorn/comments/hwdxt6/burr_01_returning_from_a_mission_this_afternoon/
  6. Many unsubstantiated rumors about FedEx starting interviews again in the near future. The most likely case is that interviews are starting back up again due to hiring pool depletion. FedEx is at peak+ loads, with cargo backed up throughout the global system. The peak+ surge may continue through peak actual (holidays) and into next year. It appears that virtually all seats are understaffed, with an emphasis on the international aircraft (777, MD-11). The company keeps pushing off a system bid (allowing bidding of seat changes) because they can't even take a breath with the increased volume, much less allow instructors and students time in the schoolhouse. It's the polar opposite of the pax industry side. I don't mean that as a jab, I mean to say that guys are getting burned out on the cargo side, and I presume that doesn't just apply to FedEx. There are ample opportunities for 1.5x pay trips. FedEx pilots could work virtually every day they are legal if the company was choosing. The point of sharing all that: This is a good time to get a FedEx app refreshed if you're looking at the cargo side. Don't take my word for it...read last quarter's earnings report.
  7. https://www.airforcetimes.com/opinion/commentary/2020/07/01/dear-white-colonel-we-must-address-our-blind-spots-around-race/
  8. https://v.redd.it/dza3i4sesy651/HLSPlaylist.m3u8
  9. https://thumbs.gfycat.com/ShadyImaginativeGrison-mobile.mp4 Different angle for the Falcon recovery landing. The video of that landing cut out while I was watching on nasa.gov. Sweet shot. Talk about the proverbial “heaving postage stamp”. Holy crap.
  10. Agree with all above. What an awesome thing to watch.
  11. Thread successfully derailed fellas. Maybe we can move this mask discussion to another thread? FedEx is draining the pool of successfully hired interviewees. Although exact future timing is unknown, it appears the original pool of roughly 200 will be empty by EOY. FedEx was hiring a little over 400/yr prior to stopping in Nov 2019. New interview timing is currently unknown. My educated guess is sometime in the fall. Also unknown is the approx number a year target for the company post COVID surge. Best of luck to all out there in this newest version of the job hunt.
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