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  1. Wild is one word to describe it. Hope nobody in charge gets ruffled feathers over that HD video.
  2. Block the retards. You’ll never have to see him again, until someone quotes him.
  3. Totally agree. Just binged that this weekend...was surprised at how great the flow of the 2018 season was narrated, and the HD video of the races was fantastic.
  4. The perception of “bullet proof” is probably why she got as far as she did. SJW, assemble!
  5. Ok so after more homework at the unit, looks like my ROPMA board will be Apr '20 for an Oct '20 promotion. When would be the earliest I should transfer to the reserves to Cat E? Wait until the results come out summer of 2020? Earliest to submit 1288 is PRF Accounting Date, which is 150 days prior to your board. At that point, you've been "accounting for" under your current Senior Rater, and he/she would have to take additional action to remove you from the MEL for that upcoming promotion board. That normally would include someone with negative personnel action, or someone who hadn't been on station very long. All subjective based on your Senior Rater and your time on station. (All those possibilities are listed in the Promo Board Announcement MFR if you can to read the details) The other calculus is how long it will take to change from Cat A to Cat E...I've been told by more than a few (including the interviewer who hired me) to expect 6-10 months. With the long processing time (and I'm told no one gets a fast track), you're safe to drop papers (get your 1288 signed) after the accounting date. For me, the 6-10 month wait will not only include the promotion board itself, but also the board results announcement, and the beginning of the next FY, where I'll pin that rank on. Not tooting my horn about the chances for the promotion, but let's be honest, for a Cat A Reservist, it's a simple PME check from AFRC. The SAFEST time to drop is after you've pinned on that rank you'd need to get through 20 YoS. Then it's in the bank, no one can change it. However, I think the plan outlined above would work due to the extended processing time to become a full time ALO. I guess I'll let you know if I crash and burn. The alternative for me is almost 6 months of mandatory orders next year...no fr!cking thanks.
  6. Thanks dude. Simply stunning storytelling. WOW.
  7. It helps IMMENSELY, and thank you. I also haven’t found the AFI ref for the sanctuary diff for Cat E; I heard it primarily while interviewing for the CAP position. Will see if I can get some hard data on why I heard that so many times. Again, thanks. I’m about to ALO myself, I’ll pass along any lessons learned.
  8. Guess I'm still the only dude that cares about this one, as I post the 3rd consecutive time in almost 2 yrs. To answer the above question: Whatever rank you have entering Cat E, expect that to be the rank you exit Cat E. If you're already a LtC, that's a good place to be. If you're a Maj with prior E time, you may be good there as well...as long as you're not twice passed over as a Cat E. The sanctuary rules do not function the same as with Cat A (flyers) and Cat B (IMA). If one is twice passed over as a Cat E, recent history shows that continuation is not offered, meaning that dude has to get out with only a couple years to go to 20. It sucks. The rub: The ARPC promotion results for 2018 show that 4/4 Cat E CAP dudes with PME made LtC. That is the only document that reflects that...all the CAP and ALO leadership with which I've interviewed have told me the exact opposite. Furthermore, the CAP is under a hiring freeze effective 2 weeks ago. Duration unknown. For an organization that lacks a UMD and therefore any discernible budget, most likely scenario is the CAP overages will lessen through attrition. That means the freeze will potentially last quite awhile as their swell in numbers very slowly reduce. So in an attempt to reignite this thread...anyone know these unicorns getting promoted as Cat E? Just curious how reality looks on that side of the CAP or ALO fence. Thanks.
  9. Draft, unsigned, dated 1 Feb. Still working to SEE the final, and how it may change. No one seems to have the final. Efforting.
  10. Thanks for your input. The MFR was in draft until yesterday, with changes prior to official signature and release.
  11. LtG Scobee MFR released. More details, but 120s for tankers have arrived. Local leadership should be distributing it, I don’t have a copy yet to post.
  12. No justification needed. If this forum turns into a free-for-all like APC, I’ll be gone forever tonight. For now it still provides some useful information in between sport b!tching by maintaining a usefully organized & searchable narrative. It’s not rocket surgery.
  13. Mids pls delete all garbage not concerning the KC-135 120-day deployments. This is still developing, and there will be updated to talk about once the final message drops. Everybody else, make a new thread. GTFO here
  14. Funny about the 8 years. I had an 8-yr SWA guy in my FDX new hire class. He hasn't looked back. Tells us that the frenetic pace of constantly sprinting through his day is a young man's game, and he didn't want to wait a decade to upgrade. He's always reminding us how lucky we are to go right to widebody FO and put years back on our lives. Don't misread me...I'm not shitting on SWA. That company runs lean and profitable with a knife in its teeth, recently illustrated by breaking into HI. This mx union squabble will blow over. It's all just contract politics. My ONLY point in sharing that is the whole trash/treasure concept. It's impossible to say that one particular airline/domicile is the best. There are too many family/personal variables. Also, more power to those guys who take narrowbody CA @ 100%. I think they're nuts, and hope they're all senior to me. My ignorance of narrowbody schedules is bliss. I understand conceptually what they do by looking at bidpacks...I know enough that I'm not interested. As described above, I've become accustomed to changing into PJs, destroying catering, airborne naps, then at least a day (if not two or three) off the explore new places.
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