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  1. Wing Re-Org Test

    And “willing to move” will continue to be a no go. Finally turning into a buyers market in that respect...either go full time at the airline, or you let me lead / promote at my home station. I realize the ART world is a bit different, but the rules are trending that way too, at least for OG/CCs in the near term. Good stuff!
  2. Read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy...it will all become clear.
  3. The new airline thread

    There is a thread started on that topic here. http://www.flyingsquadron.com/forums/topic/18929-irr-opportunitiespoints/?page=2 Would be nice to get a refresh from anyone doing this currently.
  4. No flight pay bump yet at my Reserve base. Finance told another pilot in my unit “It could take up to a year...the pay tables from AFRC aren’t correct” Not really sure why I expect anything other than gross incompetence from support agencies. Imagine if I flew an ILS (a routine task) like a finance guy files a voucher. Sorry, the system is down. Sorry, we went to lunch. Sorry, we’re closed for training. Sorry, you didn’t sign this on the correct date. Sorry, we lost the voucher. Sorry, you need to show me in the AFI where it says I have to do my job. More time is expended creating any/every excuse NOT to do a primary job than actually performing the smallest task. It’s OK though. Because they can never be fired.
  5. Check your LESs Reservists. The 12-22 yr demographic is having issues. I’m still on the old flight pay for Oct, and FM is telling us “it must be a table problem from DFAS, we’ll create a ticket and have them fix it”. Glad it’s actually working for the AD guys though. At least a few get what’s owed on time. Better than none!
  6. The Congressman is back yo

    Guess I need to look up DOXed. I can't keep up with millennialspeak(poundsign). Post deleted.
  7. Flying Videos Thread Part 2?

    Found on Imgur...no way this is shopped Herks dropping personnel during eclipse
  8. NFL Ratings are Way Down

    Well. Effing. Stated. Good day to you sir.
  9. AFRES Cat E Promotions

    Thread bump...any AFRC Cat E ALOs/CAPers care to comment on their experience? Emerge from the shadows you lurkers! :)
  10. AFRES Cat E Promotions

    I've looked into the Cat E Reservist thing myself. What I've discovered is you don't want to get twice passed over as a Cat E dude, since the sanctuary is somehow treated differently. So to answer your question directly...based on when you pinned on Maj, will you be twice passed over before 20? You'll meet your primary board the summer of your 6th FY in rank, and your "twice passed over" board the 7th FY summer. For me, that means I'll stay as a Cat A Reservist, flying planes until I'm a LtC select, then I'm going to go Cat E. IMA is also an option to get that final promotion, but for me, going to a staff to cup some GO's balls isn't in the plan. I'd rather fly, and when it's time to reduce my military commitment, I'd like to REALLY cut it. And the 35 days a year required as a Cat E in the CAP or ALO is pretty sexy. The funny part is, it has nothing to do with getting the LtC rank itself, just the security of not meeting the promotion boards before 20 yrs. The AF has shown me that LtC is simply a pay grade, and has no direct bearing on leadership ability whatsoever. I searched around for actual AFI on this, but couldn't find anything official. Any current Cat E guys, please speak up, I'm monitoring this one as well.
  11. Herk Down

    16 souls also reported on CNN http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/10/us/mississippi-plane-crash/index.html
  12. I...get it. The second half of an AD AF career is filled mostly with the opposite of what the Peter Pan line flyer wants. I say again, the solution to never growing up, flying the line, having the freedom to live where you want, go to an airline, NOT go to an airline, get paid, potentially even find happiness, etc lies in the ARC. The ARC certainly has its warts, but chief among its many advantages is the ability to say NO. And being a member of the ARC doesn't have to be a life sentence. Stay (in most cases) as long as you want. It can serve as a transition lily pad to stabilize the family while other big life pieces fall into place. It's tough to see the truth of the entire landscape when peering through jail bars, wrapped in an AD welfare blanket and handcuffed to a AF commitment. I know why the caged bird sings, Crag. And I'm sure glad I didn't let the AF steamroll my escape tunnel behind that Rita Hayworth poster.
  13. Cringe at what exactly? Getting paid more money than you can spend while having half the month at home?
  14. Aaah, invoking 9/11 to validate a decision to stay in the Active Duty thrash? That's a bit morose...ahem, I mean a conservative, safe view. Don't forget that more than two paths exist...the false dichotomy of a) stay on AD til 20 or 2. totally get out and never get any retirement money or Tricare is a ing lie perpetrated by the same POS commanders promoting the welfare mentality on AD. "Stay with us, and the money will keep rolling in...Boy, did you see the news? It sure looks big and scary out there. Thank God you took that 365...it will be a good career move for you. You're welcome." Join the ARC. Keep getting paid. Stay current. Choose where you live. Build your apps. Get hired at a major. Smile excessively while reading internet chat boards.