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  1. Yeah well, in theory we are producing more new pilots so it's all good...
  2. Gazmo


    Well, naturally there are always three sides to every story. Her side, his side and the truth. I am sure some dudes get caught hammering some other woman and their wives go ballistic on them. Fare enough, I guess. That probably still isn't grounds for such behavior. People have their standard marriage stressors. Some can work through them and others probably weren't meant to be from the start. Other dudes get caught into a relationship with chics with legit pyschiatric issues like we talked about before, which is a whole different ballgame. This goes waaaaay beyond the standard stress any normal married couple could imagine. BPD, NPD, ASPD, etc. These are all real things out of the DSM. Think serial killer. Most serial killers, in addition to being mentally psychotic, exhibit other traits like BPD, NPD, ASPD and/or sociopathic behavior. I honest to god think women with these issues walk amongst us transparently a lot more than men do because most people simply don't see women being capable of such vindictive, evil behavior and when they are, it's almost always viewed as justified - "Oh well he cheated on her so I don't blame her. I would have cut his dick off!". Ok, but what happened BEFORE all of that? Was she intentionally sucking him dry; financially and emotionally? Was she being a terrible mom and causing emotional and physical harm on their children? Was she tearing his support network apart by purposely alienating him from his family and friends. Did she have substance abuse? This is all real shit and I know men do this stuff also, but we are almost expected to be assholes like this so it is no surprise. However, I think women have a lot more influence on relationships/marriages and ultimately have a lot more power (not physical strength) than men do. Getting out of an abusive relationship like this takes planning and being able to think like your adversary. Of course it's not easy to think like a narcissist unless you are one, but after living with it for 6-7 years you learn after getting burned a few hundred times hoping you'll wake up the next morning with her being normal for more than a few days at a time. At the end of the day, like Duck said, it takes a hell of a lot more work for a man to get what he wants out of the courts than women. As a man, you are expected to hand over your money, your house, your kids and testicles on a silver platter without contest.
  3. Gazmo


    Great question. First, if you honestly see yourself with a significant other that is willing and able to play those cards, you need to protect yourself before it happens. Be a few steps ahead of them. I could go into great detail of the shite I've dealt with over the years, but forgive me for not wanting to spew my bad decisions and dirty laundry on a public forum. I can, however, write a book and can at least give you some pointers. Like I asked earlier, is the other person willing and able to play those cards? Do they have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain? If you are dealing with someone with NPD, I gaurantee they've thought about all of this before you have. You cannot make this stuff up. By the time you get a handle on the way such a person thinks, you will be sitting there with your dick in your hand wondering HTF you ended up in such a shitty place only to discover that this person tactically set themselves up and covered every base they could. These people are very smart, but definitely not in a good way. Find out the laws in your state for recording, both audio and video and take advantage of it. If it is a two party consent state, you are screwed, but many states are a one party consent state. When it comes to domestic violence, as a man, you are 99.69% screwed even if she left marks on you and short of audio/video surveillence, the local PD is not going to bother bringing out a forensic pathologist to figure out who hit who first or if you were simply protecting yourself and left a mark on her in the process (or if she was drunk off her ass and fell on her own). She may not have a job. You have one that requires you to sign a Lautenberg statement to carry a weapon in the Armed Forces. You can't do that with a DV charge. If you are dealing with an escalating situation with a person like this, call the cops first and file a compaint whether she touched you or not. CYA. The more complaints the better, especially if she drinks a lot. Get it on paper so it can be used in court. If you have audio recorders/cameras in the house, more power to you. Pour all the alcohol in the house down the drain. If you have weapons, get them out of the house and give them to family or a good friend to store so the cops can't take them in the event SigO claims you threatened to kill her. If you are going through something as shitty as this, talk to your supervisor before they find out something from someone else. I know most of us dudes don't want to talk about shit like this with anyone, especially with a fellow coworker and in the line of business we're in, but it looks better for you in the event psychobitch decides to call your boss and threaten your career. Again, record as much as you can when you can to CYA. I would refrain from leaving the home without a court order forcing you to leave. Document, document, document.
  4. Gazmo


    Unbelievably funny.... and very accurate.
  5. Gazmo


    Oh definitely, but I guess my advice is, don't commit and jump into it without knowing 110% you want to spend the rest of your life with someone resist the social peer pressure that everyone needs to get married to be happy. This tends to lead us down the path of settling for less than what we want out of someone.
  6. Gazmo


    Try to resist the American "dream" to be married and have kids with the nice house with the white picket fence and a dog in the backyard. It's really over-rated and there is an almost 50% chance there will be one huge, steaming pile of dung sitting on top of it when it is too late to get out (without financially and emotionally destroying yourself). I get it. You meet that "perfect" chick who gives great head and seems normal, but there is literally a 50% chance she is a f#cking psycho.
  7. Gazmo


    Money seems to be a common theme with divorces and the reason why most women want full custody is to get as much money they can get. The courts don't regulate where the money goes or what it's actually used for. They just want you to throw tens of thounds of dollars per year her way to be mismanaged and wasted. BTW, If you have never seen Bill Burr's "Gold Digging Whores" standup, Youtube it. It is classic. Anyway, from personal experience with this subject, as far as BPD and other things like ASPD (Antisocial Personality Disorder) and NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), they are real and some people get totally sucked into relationships with these "monsters" and only find out after it is too late. Living with or even worse, being married to, a person with any one (or more) of these is a living nightmare. I would rather have testicular cancer than be married to someone like this because there is at least a way to treat cancer. Dealing with a person like this is a losing battle. You will never win unless you separate yourself from the person. Unfortunately, in this F'd up society we live in and legal system we deal with, men dealing with a women with any one of these disorders almost always get destroyed in one way or another. Mostly because the family law legal system favors women and because society does not recognize the fact that there are women out there with these disorders destroying their husbands lives. In fact, whenever you read an article about NPD, 9 times out of 10 it almost always refers to the person with NPD as a "he". People can't fathom the damage a woman with one of these disorders can inflict on her husband and their children and it is very easy for them to hide behind the image of being the "poor stay at home mom". Guys live with it because these women have bucket-loads of power. They can ruin careers, tear your family apart, destroy you emotionally and financially. Not saying there aren't dudes out there with these disorders, but the percentage of women out there with them is a lot higher than you would think and there's a lot of husbands out there just willing to put up with it because they don't want to say anything or do anything about it. I commend you for GTFO of there. Bravo!
  8. Gazmo


    Pick any one of the 7.
  9. Yeah I get my fill of moving bugs around the airspeed indicator (which often are missing or break off) on the KC-135.
  10. We fly speeds out of speed cards for the E190 at AAL also. Round your Landing weight up to the nearest thousand and plug those numbers off the card into the CDU so that it brings the bugs up on your speed tape. Yes, it is so easy a caveman can do it.
  11. And the maneuverability of one also...
  12. Here is how we stop the bleeding: Another major conflict with country of your choice, economic recession, oil prices $100-150 a barrel again. Airlines trim flight schedules, park airplanes, stop hiring/furlough. Throw in a little Stop Loss for the cherry on top Done... just enough to cause another decade (or more) of disfunction and paranioa to keep pilots around. Not age 67. Not the fear of "one pilot cockpits". The above and knowing who we are and what we do, this scenerio is not very far-fetched. Discuss....
  13. For years I resisted a CAC reader at home. Especially as a full-timer. The last thing I wanted as a full-timer in a non-leadership position was the ability to work from home. However, now as a DSG, I like it and I've gotten over the fear that the government's going to look at my porn. My unit does have a telecommute policy so there are certain things we can do at home and get paid for it. It's only about a 30 minute drive into the Squadron for me but the ability to login real quick to check some email or make a quick revision to a DTS voucher (for the 3rd time) or sign some AROWS stuff from home even if I'm not getting paid for it is worth more to me than driving my ass in, which these days tends to just put me in a bad mood whenever I walk through the door. So.... I'd rather just do the quick stuff at home well I'm on reserve with the company. Whatever the case may be, it's all just turning into one big pile of suck.
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