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  1. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    Last time I checked, there were almost 200 GS-1X jobs on USAJobs for AFRC and ANG/NG. I remember the days there were about 3...
  2. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    ARC manning is worse than AD right now and I'm not even talking ART manning. Just manning in general. Why? Mostly the same reasons as our AD counterparts with the added joy of juggling a civilian job that pays more to work less with an ARC job with an AD-esque ops tempo. Lots of AD folks have been using the ANG as a stepping stone to the airlines and once they've gotten comfy on 2 or 3 year FO pay at United or Delta they decide they want to go IRR. Most of our guardsmen who do decide to stay to 20 are pulling the handle right at 20 versus going to 28 years as a Lt Col as many have done in the past. There is no commitment for most of our guardsmen and there is no incentive bonus to stay. Instead, all of the good deals are long gone and we get thrown alternating CENTCOM and PACOM rotations to fill that have a lot of people deploying twice per year in addition to trying to maintain mission ready status at about 1/4 the cost of our AD counterparts.
  3. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    We just hired a Marine into our ANG unit, but keep in mind, the ANG isn't giving bonuses out to traditionals. They need to start.
  4. Pilot Shortage Deepens, USAF is SCREWED.

    What I find disturbing is that the ANG is at 84% manning. The worst of them all. Definitely not the ANG of the early 2000's.
  5. Help with a Divorce

    If the case goes to "Discovery" and you are hiding shit, your once-lovey could hire a forensic accountant and unless you've been making random, small cash ATM withdrawls every week for a few decades, they will find where it is going or at the very least, where it came from. It ain't easy to hide a money trail.
  6. Help with a Divorce

    First off; I feel for ya. Find a lawyer who knows his/her shit about military divorces. You haven't been married too long so it's not that big of a deal, but it helps to know the in's and out's of a military divorce. Keep it mind, if you don't pay into survivors benefits, if she is entitled to a piece of your AD retirement (if you ever get one), she won't get shit if you die the day you start collecting. Also, feel very lucky she is being cooperative and that you don't have kids to have to drag through this. Women tend to get exponentially crazier with age and number of children. Children are $ makers for them and *some* of them will do anything to make sure they collect as much of it they can. Setting you up for a *domestic* and calling the cops on your ass, for an example. This is just something I've heard.... of course.
  7. I figured it out the other day that I would take home $40,000 more per year as an AGR right now and that doesn't even include the AGR bonus. Add to that the fact I'd never have to do another 16 hour day again to burn a double and wow.... That being said we have plenty of upt grads that foam at the mouth when given the opportunity to grab an ART job. They get near 6 figures or above to build a flight time and go to the airlines. It's perfect for them.
  8. Does anyone know how many CAP-RAP positions there are in the NE?
  9. What date is AvIP based off of?
  10. This is all f#cked up. I am getting random backpaid LES's in the ANG for $5.33 per pay period (AFTP/RUTA). I went from $650 to $1,000 by jumping from 6+ to 10+ 1 Oct 2017. The funny part is I got $28 incentive pay ($840/30) on an AFTP that paid out a few weeks ago. $840 was the old 14 year incentive pay. I wouldn't hit the 14-year Aviation service pay until next fall and besides that, that $840 incentive pay doesn't even exist anymore. Until the new policy I was in the 6-year club getting $650 or $21.67 per pay period. If they're back pay me $5.33 per pay . Based on this change I should be getting $11.63 back pay for each AFTP/RUTA. Looks like I'm going to have to talk to my HARM and finance tomorrow.
  11. This is hilarious. I am dumbfounded as to how it was even thrown on the table as a viable option without someone calling BS before it got that far. Never-the-less, it's at least good to see (or not) how AFRC values their new pilot graduates by throwing them a GS-9 job. We've got enlisted positions with higher pay scales than that. It should be GS-12 at a minimum. They start Public Affairs officers in the GS-11 to GS-12 range. There are 171 open pilot positions on USA jobs right now ranging from GS-12 to GS-15. I wonder why. I remember the day when there about 3.
  12. Sorry. I am a full timer. Not that easy unfortunately. I have enough to keep myself busy, for now.
  13. My view is that they want everything from us but have very little to give in return other than the, "Thanks for all of your hard work and for what you do!" every other UTA. I get it. I know that's really all they can do, but this $hit is just not that fun anymore and noone seems to want to throw their package on the table and say, "stop using us like and expecting us to be Active Duty-light!". Everyone is so scared of pushing back. They can't do this without us. The ARC has the upper hand. I don't know why ARC leadership can understand that.
  14. Civilian T-6 IPs?

    Blue-suiters are contractors. If they make these IP's feds (GS's) there are sure fire ways to get a fed fired. Contractors? Different ball game. A fed will have a "supervisor" there and it will most likely be at the very least, the SQ/CC.
  15. I'll roll the dice and not do ACSC. If I don't make O-5 without it and with all the other things on my resume, I'll happy drive off into the sunset with an O-4 retirement. If my life depends on $300 per month when I'm 60, something went terribly wrong.