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  1. Well with that paintjob, The Tampon seems appropriate.
  2. In other news... KC-135's continue to get $hit done 'round the world...60+ years strong.
  3. Thanks. We have had a few guys get promoted to O-5 at ROPMA in the Guard having started ACSC, but having not fnished it. Seems like the dealbreaker though is not being an IP.
  4. When I went through T-6's 16 some odd years ago, my class had 5 dudes with CPL/IFR/CFII ratings with 400-1,000 hours of flight time (to include myself) and we were ranked 1 thru 5 in the class. Coincidence? Definitely not, BUT, and this is a big BUT, we were all willing to forget a lot of what life was like in an a GA aircraft flying under FAR's and use our seasoned basic airmanship to our advantage (and not have a chip on the shoulder acting like we knew it all). Being able to free up brain cells from having to worry about flying straight and level allowed us to learn new things more quickly. By the time some of the less experienced dudes started to "get it", it was too late. I felt I had a huge advantage when it came to the instrument phase, because most of that phase contained the same principles as instrument flying in a 172, but things just happened much faster. The playing field starts to even out once you get to the T-1 or T-38. Overall, dudes/dudets with more flight time, in theory, should be more confident in any new airplane. I used my CFII experience to my advantage outside the airplane and took one of my bros in the class having a hard time during instruments to the cockpit trainer a few times to help him with basic course intercepts, holding patterns and approaches. My advice to anyone with any extensive flying experience going to UPT is 1. Never pass up the opportunity to keep your mouth shut even if you know something from your prior experience (don't act like a know-it-all). 2. Don't be an individual with your experience and help your bro's. 3. Don't get cocky, because the margin of getting into a humbling experience is probably a bit tighter than you are use to.
  5. Cool, that sounds like me.... They're promoting some to O-5 in the ANG now without PME, but the dealbreaker if you don't have PME done seems to be the IP qual (I checked that box a long time ago). My board wouldn't be for another 7-8 months if I stay put and I think there's a 96.69% chance I'd get promoted without PME where I am. Are they letting people go past 20 as an O-4 (24 yrs is allowed, isn't it?)? I will be at 17 yrs in a few months.
  6. Good info. Thanks. Are dudes getting promoted in TR slots there? Any career O-4's? Is PME (or lack there of) a killer?
  7. Had a recent UPT grad from our unit want to fly the T-38 before coming to us to fly tankers. We honestly didn't have an issue with it and knew he was doing it to keep his options open in the event he wanted to rush a fighter unit later on. NGB wouldn't allow it. He ended up #1 and DG in both his T-6 and T-1 class.
  8. Yeah, aside from scratching my T-6 itch again, having to show up 6 days a month, not including travel, and with the chance to get tapped for a 180, I'd be safer staying in the ANG tanker world as a local. Kinda sad really. Oh well, lots to think about on that one. As painful as the Guard has become, there is an additional level of bureaucracy Big Blue needs to go through to start non-vol'n DSG's for 180 day non-flying tours. To my knowledge, it isn't happening.... yet. EDIT - despite the 180-day/non-vol hysteria, in reality, how often is this happening?
  9. Hmmm... that just severely killed my boner. WTF are they thinking? Someone should turn that off NOW! Great info though! Appreciate it.
  10. Ok so I am kicking this idea around of applying to a TR T-6 IP job. I have always wanted to fly the T-6 again and not getting any younger. DSG tanker IP / airline dude right now. Flew the T-6 at Moody. Got a current, signed 1288 in hand. I would unfortunately be a commuter at any one of the bases. Reserve vacancy site shows a few jobs open at CBM. How long is PIT? I read above they expect the average TR to participate 6 days a month. How are the TR's paid? 48 IDT and AT or are there additional pay days (FTP)? Do they pay for travel / billeting when you are in town? I only mentioned Columbus because I think it'd be the easiest place to commute to from the Northeast using jumpseat/nonrev with the company.
  11. Anyone who can answer some questions about being a reservist at a UPT base (T-6's at Columbus specifically), could you hit me up offline? Thanks in advance!
  12. I think it's safe to say that the majority of that 30 some odd % represents the dudes and dudets who have very little interest in flying airplanes as a career and eat that command/staff $hit up for lunch. We probably won't see the number drop much more, but it is still 30% less than what they'd like it to be.
  13. FYI, it is the 141 ARW.... not ARS. 141 ARS is in Jersey.
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