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  1. Putting pilot wings on? Not sure about that. Most enlisted crewmembers take pride in their enlisted crew position and probably wouldn't want to "impersonate" a pilot. Sure there's more to the story on that one. As far as enlisted crew members not saluting Pilots, in a lot of crew airplanes where officers and enlisted crew members work together, go TDY together, live together in some cases, for days or months on end, you get pretty close and the relationship gets less formal. Is it right? By military professional standards, probably not, but when I trust that enlisted member with my life during certain phases of the mission, as long as everyone on the crew understands their roles and responsibilities while executing that mission, I don't mind it. I have, however, experienced some enlisted crew members abusing that "privilege" and allowed it to degrade the mission, which is where it crosses the line and needs to be address. It is a fine art to turn the professionalism and formalities on and off. Some people can do it and some don't know when to tighten it up. It can also cause some anomosity amongst the non-flying enlisted core because they see how well enlisted flyers are treated by the officers. Again, you need to have the SA to know when to turn it on and off.
  2. I am just guessing, but I would imagine the F-35 goes into some kind of low-speed maneuvering mode with the gear down. Keep in mind we routinely do AR in the KC-135 at 190-200 knots with Hogs and Hercs at 250k lbs with some flaps. Pretty close to min maneuver at those weights.
  3. I guess I learned something from AMIC.
  4. Since the fuel is still leaking and assuming this pic was taken shortly after the incident, I would imagine the tank on the left wing separated on impact with the ground or soon there after with a prop blade coming off the #1 engine. The right side was probably strictly F-35 damage. Just my opinion, of course.
  5. I wonder how much the Marine Corps are going to have to compensate that farmer for HAZMAT'ing his field.
  6. Supurb job. It's nice to see when people do some "pilot $hit" and live to tell about it.
  7. Buying back time isn't very cost effective for officers. It's great if you were an enlisted troop and you land a GS-12 or 13 job, but for officers it's pretty expensive and with the FERS being such a dismal program these days (it's changed quite a bit in the last 7-8 years with ART's having to contribute 4+% into their FERS pot now instead of .8%). With that and the fact that the longevity of a pilot in an ART job generally being quite low, you're better off forgetting about it and cashing out your FERS pot when you separate the program.
  8. New pay tables are great. Pilot bonus is in addition to locality. You're looking at $120-150k /yr from Step 1 - 7. They'd be real stupid to try to go the other way on the tables due to COVID. This little road bump in airline hiring isn't going to last very long. By the time we know it, it'll be in full swing again.
  9. I think when we see the international market open back up travel going to explode. When it comes to the big three a lot of the domestic travel are connections to International locations. Parking hundreds of widebodies is what's killing us. This isn't just people leaving the states and coming back but people coming into the states and going back to whatever country they live in. That's huge. This isn't because everyone's afraid to travel it's because governments have shut the travel down. Now we all know things aren't going to open back up as quickly as they were shut down so yeah it's going to take a while, but I think if a lot of countries decided tomorrow that they were going to open everything back up again we'd see travel shoot up tremendously because people are ready to get back to normal life. There are a lot of young people out there who couldn't give a rats ass about COVID and are ready to travel. Not saying that's smart btw... As far as business travel goes, yeah maybe some of it won't come back I'm sure there's enough of you who have been teleworking over the past 6 months to be annoyed with it already. I know I am. I've been after unit on days during this pandemic trying teleworks and it just isn't like doing it in person. For a lot of people the benefits of business travel are what attracts them to whatever job they do. Granted a lot of people probably don't like traveling for their job and being away from their family but for others they probably love to travel and would rather be doing that instead of sitting in front of a laptop looking at a 14 inch screen teleworking. With 3 billion people watching Youtube and porn, the internet and teleworking technology isn't exactly perfect all of the time.
  10. In the grand scheme of things even though no one really cares that you got commendables there is value in documenting commendables and downgrades when it comes to tracking trends. Remember these things get sent to your MAJCOM in your SEB minutes. We should be adjusting our training tables appropriately to address common weak areas and we can't really do that without documentation. So if you're in evaluator, please don't think you're just blowing smoke up someone's ass for giving them a commendable and don't think that just debriefing a downgrade is doing everyone Justice. At the end of the day an airline isn't going to give two s***'s about someone getting a downgrade for a substandard tanker rendezvous. I know many people who have gotten hired with airlines with a Q-3 in their FEF (maybe not at Delta).
  11. For the most part, noone cares. However, there may be a time in your career where you may apply to a job where they will actually read through your FEF (Guard/Reserve unit). So keep being a good pilot. It may help you one day.
  12. It's all gonna come back folks. Doom and gloom gets the best of us, but air travel is coming back and I think it will come back strong. This was definitely a pretty big and unexpected speedbump that will probably cause Big Blue to get cocky again, but the hiring wave will return. Maybe not this year, but it won't be a 9/11 type event where some of us waited over a decade to get hired by a Legacy. People are done with this $hit. They're ready to get out and go to Disney World. Airfare is cheaper than ever. As long as we can fend off a second wave of COVID in the Fall, we'll push into the winter with a vaccine on the horizon.
  13. 64" used to be the standing height requirement without a waiver. I forget what the min sitting height was. There were also butt-to-knee and armspan measurements taken on me at Brooks at the time and apparently they took those from people that didn't meet the height requirements. Wright-Patt was working on an anthropometrics database at the time, which could basically spit out which aircraft you could fly based on your measurements. Most of the fighters were "marginal" for me, but the T-38 was "red", which of course prevented me from getting to any of the fighters. Oddly enough, all of the heavies were green. Again, this was for being .3" too short on standing height (63.7"). I met the sitting height requirement.
  14. You serious Clark? Wow... I went through hell trying to get a height waiver 17 some odd years ago. This was after I passed my FC1, got commissioned and then DQ'd at Brooks for being .3" too short on my standing height. Got the waiver, but it took 4 months and wound up getting Heavy-tracked from Day 1. So... you can be 4'10" and go to UPT?
  15. Ugh. Looks like they recognized power loss and tried to get some altitude.
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