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  1. Gazmo


    Damn... sorry about the shit show. Another thing I thought of. If she pulls the, I'm not going to work and live off alimony/child support while her newfound fling supports her ass, have the court impute income on her. Especially if she has a real estate license.
  2. Old thread, but noone answered this and I have the exact same question so.... giving this a bump.
  3. Gazmo


    Florida is a two party consent state, which means you can't record someone without their consent, contrary to Federal Law. She can't legally record you and use it against you in a court of law and vice versa. There are exceptions, however, in extreme cases involving domestic violence and child/sexual abuse.
  4. Gazmo


    Sorry to hear it. All very good advice on this thread. Never underestimate the power these b$tches have in the legal system and what they will do when they get desperate. Be one step ahead of her and be just be glad she will not be able to touch your airline retirement, which could literally be worth millions when you are 60. Also, don't rebound into a new relationship too soon, especially while you are separated. She can use that against you when it comes to child custody if you are living with a new fling. Most importantly, know that everything happens for a reason, which may be hard to understand now, but sometime down the line you'll look back on this as a good thing.
  5. Gazmo

    The new airline thread

    Living in base on SCR with any of the larger companies is going to net you a pretty good QOL no matter what equipment you're on, especially if you can settle in 30-60 min away from the airport.
  6. As with anything in the AF, talking with your feet usually works best.
  7. Gazmo

    The new airline thread

    The mil gig kept people alive during the rough times, but it's a different ARC than it was 15-20 years ago. A lot of the dudes who had their bacon saved when they were furloughed after 9/11 were from the good old days when the Guard and Reserves were a flying club and we only went to places like Guam, Pisa, Cypress, Curacao.... you know, the real "rough" ones. Those were the times you could have fun and get a little stupid without it ending up on FaceBook a day later because one of your brown-nosing unit mates wanted to play buddyf#cker. Those were the days when straw after straw after straw breaking the camel's back didn't exist. Most of those dudes have since retired. Those are the ones, some of them at least, who managed to walk away with an AD retirement, an ART retirement AAAAAAAAAAAND walked right back into decent seniority and a $200,000 per year job. I know at least a half dozen guys like this from the lost decade who did very well for themselves while guys like me waited for a full time job at the unit. Timing is everything. I am in "ghost mode" now. I go to the unit a few times a month, get my shit done to stay off the bad boy lists, but for the most part, I try to spend very little time there. I think it's a case of senioritis, but with first year pay at $90+ an hour these days, fortunately I don't need the extra cash... just a few more good year's worth of points.
  8. Gazmo

    The new airline thread

    She is absolutely insane.
  9. So they give the technicians a raise and now they're going to convert technician positions to AGR's. You can't make this shit up...
  10. Gazmo

    The new airline thread

    Exactly. It took me two hours just to do two predeployment CBT's on ADLS the other day that should have taken about 30 minutes because of network issues. Our computer networks have become our weakest link in getting $hit done around the squadron. Whatever. It all pays the same. I'm just count'n the days.
  11. Gazmo

    The new airline thread

    I am an O-4 nearing the 16.5 yr mark in the old retirement system with 4,500+ points toward a guard retirement and I am on first year pay with one of the Big 3, so for me, it is worth doing another 3.5 to get to 20. However, once I get into the 2nd year pay, I'll be looking for a nonflying job in the ANG or Reserves, maybe even points only.
  12. Gazmo

    The new airline thread

    Maybe it varies with different companies. BCBS with AA is a little over $200 a month for a family, comparable to Tricare RS (I am using TRS because copays are less). Between medical, dental, vision, life insurance, accident insurance and a dental savings plan, I don't pay more than $265 per month in benefits excluding union dues, which are 1% or 1.5% during negotiations.
  13. In my eyes, those that will reap the benefits of the new ART pay tables will be those building time for the majors, those who never wanted to be an airline pilot and/or those who were furloughed almost two decades ago and at the crossroads, decided to make a career out of being an ART. However, the majority of the ART youth right now in the 1LT to senior Captain range are being bit by the commercial aviation bug every time a guy like me walks into the Sq with a smile on my face knowing that after my double AFTP, I get to go home and sit on short call reserve for weeks on end without getting tapped for work and don't have to deal with the daily grind of bullshit I don't miss one bit, even if I am making almost $100,000 per year less than I could be as an ART right now. With Capt upgrades at most of the majors plummeting to the 4-6 year mark, $300,000+ per year is within reach very quickly if you want the responsibility.
  14. Picture how even more F'd the ARC would be right now if if all of our people had some coin in their Blended Retirement and knew they'd still collect a check at 60 if they left at 10, 12, 15 years of service. There is a reason I am still here with 17 yrs of service and it ain't because it's loads of fun anymore.
  15. I can't see how they could enforce an ART contract. They just can't do it. We went through this with the ANG pilot ART bonuses. The bonus payouts are biweekly and the OPM says that if an ART resigns while on a biweekly paid retention bonus, the ART just keeps what he/she got and rides off into the sunset with no strings attached. Bonus paybacks are not enforcable unless they are paid lumpsum up front, which is what they should have did if they were using their heads, but they didn't and ARTs have stayed on bonuses until they walk out the door when the airlines called. Post UPT/FTU ANG seasoning for heavies is 250 days now. 250 days of Title 32 AD, which can be split up in chunks to accomodate deployment rotations. Going from AD orders to GS-11 or even 12 as a 1LT on orders in some parts of the country is going to be a paycut when you look at take-home pay. I was in the unit today after being out for over a month since this change was made and it was confirmed that ARTs on previously signed retention bonuses (10-25%) will still be on bonuses above and being these new payscales. I would have been making $177k as an ART plus $40-50k or more in milpay. Not too shabby. Would that have made me stay if this had been inacted a year ago? No. With 2nd year pay at most of the majors hovering around $150k and Captain upgrades projected to be possible at the 4-5 year mark ($250-300k), the math doesn't add up. Of course this house of cards could all come toppling down as it has done in the past.