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  1. What happens if you got refractive surgery a few years ago, but now your vision acuity has decreased again? Can you still go to your FC1? Too many video games...
  2. Do you know the other Reserve boards for the 2021 calendar year?
  3. It would make sense for your FC1 to have to be completed in order to submit for the NGB/ Reserve Board, because what if you DQ for something during your FC1?
  4. Do you have to have your FC1 finished before you can submit?
  5. For the reserve peeps, or anyone with the knowledge, what steps are taken after your FC1 gets stamped, all the way to OTS? I do know something about a reserve board you must apply too, but I'm wondering what paperwork/timeline looks like
  6. Does anyone have a list and/or stats of the recent reserve board results? Just curious how many got selected this time around
  7. Have you gone to do your FC1 yet? If so, what was the timeline?
  8. Where did you get this info from regarding the 96 AFRC slots?
  9. How long can you expect your FC1 to be scheduled after you finish MEPS? It looks like from previous posts, 4-5 months seems to be the average. Not sure if I should text my recruiter fo updates every week or so just to make sure stuff is getting done. Going the sponsored reserves route, not sure if the MEPS to FC1 process differs with the ANG.
  10. When your in-between ots and upt, are you on full time orders or can you go back to your civilian job?
  11. I'm still waiting on Hawaii, Jacksonville F15s, DC F16s, and interview results for the Long Island HH60s. Hear anything about these?
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